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What are activations without ROI?

Peter KohlÖffel of ProActive™ unpacks the importance of measuring activations, in terms of return on investment across all elements – growth in sales, growth in customer base, brand assimilation, brand affiliation and response to call to action.

Let me begin by stating a fact: If your activations agency has never provided a report that measures the success of a campaign, you as a marketer and as a brand ambassador are wasting your time. Yes, this may seem a little harsh, but what is an activations campaign, or any campaign for that matter, without a measurable and measured outcome?It is important to consider what you expect from an activations campaign at the outset, and that you have partnered with the right activations agency that can successfully meet, and even surpass, these expectations and objectives. Do you want to achieve awareness, grow a loyal customer base, trial a new product or new variant or pack size thereof, or make hard sales? Knowing this is an excellent starting point, since it will define objectives, which in turn will define strategy.

For example, discounting and bundling to drive a short-term sales spike may be great as a once-off tactic, but if you want to change shopping habits and convert consumers, a different approach may be necessary – and your ROI horizon will look quite different. The benefit of activations is that this type of marketing puts your product in danger of being sold.

Which is exactly what a marketer wants.  An activations campaign ensures that the product is visible to the right market in the right place and at the right time. However, this does not happen by magic – a very strategic, calculated campaign will ensure a successful outcome. An outcome that can be measured. And this is why there should be no activation campaign without a measurable and measured ROI – the two go hand in hand. The desired outcome should fuel the strategy and vice versa.

So if your activations agency does not have the know-how, capacity or technology to measure your activations campaigns, run! Find yourself an agency that is equipped with the infrastructure, skill level and knowledge to bring your brand the success that is deserves.

The Benefit of Measuring ROI in Real-Time
ROI (and ROO or Return on Objectives) should no longer be measured only when a campaign is over, but in real-time, while the campaign is being implemented. This allows for elements to be tweaked – be it to coincide with a specific event, to allow for better consumer engagement, to increase touchpoints or to tweak any other unforeseen variable within the campaign as a whole. We are all comfortable with the fact that digital campaigns can be altered in real time in order to better achieve objectives.  Activations can, and should, be treated in the same manner. This puts the brand in a better position and at far greater risk of being sold, seen and engaged with. Which is exactly what we want.

With budget cuts and reallocation, marketing budgets have increasingly been placed under scrutiny, and rightly so because brands want to achieve the best outcome possible from their marketing campaigns. It seems even more urgent during economically tough times and brands want to be sure that the money they invest will generate profits.

And this is where activations stand the test of time and the test of economic downturns and pass with flying colours. If implemented correctly and strategically, activations can have real, tangible results. Excellent results, at that. These results can be achieved many times over with the right strategy and relevant response to consumer needs and purchasing habits.

Repeat Business
An initial, once-off activations campaign can boost profits, launch a new product or grow brand love.
But if you want to achieve long-term growth for your brand, with consistent results, a longer campaign is needed. Which brings me back to my initial question: what is activations without ROI?
As every marketer worth their weight in salt knows, it is difficult to achieve consistent ROI or ROO without consistently being in the consumer’s face, or on one or many of their various screens or in their newspaper.

Unlike other marketing platforms, activations keep ROI and ROO buoyant by being in the consumer’s face and close to point of purchase. It is wise to remember that marketing is an investment rather than an expense, especially now when our economy is in turmoil, and that partnering with an agency that can take your brand activation to a world-class level will ensure that your brand not only successfully survives, but prospers.

Mall Ads™ appointed non-GLA partner service provider for SA Corporate Real Estate Fund

Provantage Media Group (PMG) is proud to announce that MallAds™, one of its subsidiaries, has been selected to partner with SA Corporate Real Estate Fund to fulfil the role of non-gross lettable area (non-GLA) service provider. SA Corporate has contracted Broll to manage the property portfolio of the JSE-listed fund, which was the third-best performing property stock in 2016.

Alternate or non – GLA spaces are fast becoming top revenue generators for property developers and mall managers. As a media owner with a proven track record in unlocking advertising opportunities within the broader landlord environment as well as the non-GLA environment, Mall Ads™ was the logical choice to partner with SA Corporate..

Carmen Collison, Retail Asset Manager at SA Corporate, says: “Focusing our non-GLA efforts with partners that can drive growth in this area is paramount. As with anything, a focused approach ensures that we are able to understand the operational dynamics, revenue streams and where the growth opportunities lie within this space. The non-GLA scope is diverse and cuts across all areas of our core business. It is refreshing to partner with a team that sees beyond the traditional scope of non-GLA and we look forward to pioneering new concepts and initiatives that will see our revenue growing in this area.”

Mzukisi Deliwe, deputy CEO of PMG, believes the five-year contract will bear significant fruit: “PMG has a credible track record of managing property owners’ rights and associated revenues, having won media rights from PRASA, ACSA, Vukile and Anaprop. Our award-winning team is looking forward to extending its know-how and skill set into the commercial and landlord space, where we will focus on innovating and extracting maximum revenue from the available assets.”

“When considering proposals, Mall Ads™ was found to be the only potential service provider that presented beyond mall media and could fully comprehend the scope of non-GLA revenue generation within the retail property environment,” says Andile Rapiya, Broll National Marketing Manager, S A Corporate Portfolio..

Deliwe says Mall Ads™ aims to unlock business opportunities across the group and create additional value for property owners. “It is refreshing to be working with an award-winning property owner and a management company that are keen to innovate the approach to non-GLA management as one of collaboration and teamwork,” he says.

Deliwe further stated, “We are excited and honoured to be working with SA Corporate and Broll. Our aim is to look beyond media sales, with an emphasis on value-added services and digital IT infrastructure. We intend to focus on growth strategies that will provide holistic solutions for landlords and property owners, extracting maximum revenue from their assets through innovation while creating fresh, exciting new content platforms for blue-chip brands and traders alike.”

RTMC books with Oasis Digital Networks for Transport Month

We are delighted to have RTMC as a client for the first time on our forecourt digital network. This footprint is clearly suited to reach their target motoring audience!

RTMC provided us with very attractive creative content which certainly works well on the digital screens. Three animated creative executions were supplied focussing on Don’t Drink & Drive, Don’t Text Whilst Driving and Speed Kills. As the motorists have ample dwell time, the animated content can really get to work. We look forward to growing our relationship with this client going forward as we are sure they will enjoy an excellent return on their investment in the future. This campaign awas associated with Transport Month and thus our focus will be to see what we can do for the upcoming festive season.

ProActive™ Campaign drives positive engagement for Halls

Being in the right place at the right time forms the cornerstone for the kind of experiential marketing strategy that ensures campaign success. This was an integral part of a campaign recently implemented by ProActive™ for Halls. Strategized by Saatchi and Saatchi, the creative concept pushed the brand message “Own the Moment”, with a focus on the Red Cherry and Fruit Burst flavours.

ProActive™ implemented the strategy, which included Shoppa Shows and Queue Stunts, in selected high consumer traffic areas, outside Home Affairs offices, at taxi ranks and at shopping malls.

The campaign’s strategic objectives were to generate brand awareness, provide the opportunity for consumers to try the products and also maximise sales, all of which were successfully met.  Over 700 units were sold during the campaign. Furthermore, the overall feeling amongst consumers was that they ‘love’ the new and improved look of Halls.

PANDORA Jewellery charms golfers with Golf Ads

PANDORA Jewellery has implemented a four-month campaign with Golf Ads™, targeting an upper-income level audience that is captive and in a relaxed frame of mind and thus open to messaging and call to action.

The golf environment is ideal for advertising jewellery, particularly high quality, hand-finished jewellery as it allows the brand to reach and engage exactly the right target audience. Research shows that consumers who frequent the golf course and the golf club are predominantly male with an 80/20 male to female split, with 39% of golfers being under the age of 35 and a further 37% between the ages of 36 and 50. They also tip the scale as super wealthy, with 37% earning in excess of R50k per month and more than a third earning over R100k a month.

With the Golf Ads™ campaign, PANDORA is taking advantage of the lead up to the Festive Season. The brand is focusing on men, as a pillar of the campaign, because PANDORA research shows that globally, over 50% of the purchases are done by men. “PANDORA Jewellery is an aspirational brand and the wives of golfers appreciate the careful selection and thought process that goes into buying the gift. Particularly as golfers tend to spend much of their time on the golf course”, explains Peter KohlÖffel of Golf Ads™.

The PANDORA Universe of Jewellery includes a wide range of bracelets, over 700 charms to choose from, earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants. The jewellery is made from high-quality materials and offers hand-finished and contemporary jewellery. The creative showcases the brand’s iconic charm bracelet and is visible on numerous traditional clocks across a number of golf courses throughout South Africa. The traditional clocks are positioned in key areas of the golf course, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

For media strategists, planners and buyers looking for a specialist platform that captures the attention of well-heeled, financially-fit consumers in a relaxed environment, where they are open to engagement with brands, Golf Ads™ has the perfect solution.

ProActive™ Shoppa Shows continue to drive sales for MTN

ProActive™ implemented another ‘MTN Shoppa Show’ campaign, this time in Limpopo, North West, and Gauteng provinces.

The aim of the ‘MTN Shoppa Shows’ is to continue to increase brand awareness and to familiarise and educate consumers about products offered by the cell phone network.

The overall campaign success relies on a number of elements, including ProActive™’s creative solutions, which aim to be in line with brand objectives; the operational infrastructure, which executes on a national and continental scale; and brand ambassadors, who are selected and trained. Furthermore, the ‘MTN Shoppa Shows’ are implemented in high consumer traffic areas, including taxi ranks and shopping malls.

The ‘MTN Shoppa Shows’ draw crowds, providing ProActive™ brand ambassadors and MTN sales agents with the opportunity to promote the MTN network and drive sales of airtime and data. The activations aim to provide a positive brand experience for consumers in order to maximise brand loyalty and affiliation.

ProActive™ can activate brands in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

12 Footprint Marketing Awards for Primedia Unlimited Malls

The Footprint Marketing Awards recognises and celebrates excellence in Shopping Centre Marketing throughout the country. Established by the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), exceptional innovation and creative achievements through marketing campaigns are acknowledged. This year, Primedia Unlimited Malls (PU Malls) were awarded 12 of these prestigious awards.

Continuing their consistent success rate and esteemed presence in the industry, PU Malls won a total of 12 Footprint awards; four bronze, seven silver and one gold. Having recently undergone a re-brand and re-structure, the company have clearly shown commitment to their promise of creating smarter malls through this recognition.

Receiving undisputed success across multiple categories including: advertising, public relations, visual merchandising, sales promotions and events and centre productivity; the group once again outshone competitors with their integrated and unmatched service offering.

Danie van Aswegen, PU Malls Chief Commercial Officer, credits these achievements to his colleagues and business partners. “We are honoured and extremely proud of our people who always challenge the boundaries and deliver new and exciting campaigns. These awards are testament to our teams’ solid relationships with our clients and business partners. Thank you to the PU Malls team for achieving and excelling in this year’s Footprint Awards and continuing to deliver the high standard of service to our clients.”

Michelle Shelley, Marketing Manager at Gateway shares, “Gateway’s Out the Box campaign, which brought new interest to many hidden gems in the mall, was inspired by the idea of “magazine pages” coming to life as a showcase of the latest trends, hottest seasonal colours and must have products, alongside honest reviews of these up to date items. The overall aim and focus of this campaign was to showcase retailers in a unique and Out the Box way that created opportunity for stores to increase their overall awareness and profitability.  The glass box was used as a retail gallery where Gateway played match-maker between on-trend brands, consistently keeping interest with shoppers as the contents of the box reinvented itself throughout the campaign.”

Adding to their marketing success, the PU Malls team were also awarded the best exhibitor for a large corporate stand at the 2017 SACSC Annual Congress. “Our stand was a reflection of our current business offering, with a focus on integration, engagement and innovation; we purposefully built the stand for delegates to be entertained and educated through an unmatched shopper experience, showing just how we are creating smarter malls. Several of our new products were showcased on stand including Cam Track, Smart Track and Smart Lead which are shopper centric solutions that deliver value to shoppers and retailers in the form of targeted objectives that measurables. We are thrilled with the win and excited to execute these products in the mall environment,” enthuses van Aswegen.

ProActive™ in-store campaign drives sales for Joekels’ Tea Brands

Joekels Tea Packers recently partnered with ProActive™ to drive sales and grow awareness of its Teeco and Laager tea brands. ProActive™ rolled out a successful in-store sampling and promotions campaign for the brands within 10 Shoprite supermarkets located across the Western Cape.

The campaign was rolled out as a one-day trial, as part of a winter product drive. ProActive™ brand ambassadors offered consumers in the grocery store environment the opportunity to build a personal relationship with the tea brands. Consumers were happy to receive the free samples of Teeco and Laager, particularly because the campaign was strategically implemented on a cold day in the Western Cape. The sampling drive provided the perfect opportunity for consumers to compare the Laager and Teeco teas to other brands they were familiar with.

The campaign objectives were to create brand awareness, provide the opportunity for consumers to try the products and also maximise sales. All of which were successfully met. Over 700 tea packs were sold during the one-day activation with the overall feeling amongst consumers being that Laager and Teeco tea is affordable and offers great value for money.

Golf TV introduces new Golf Equipment Segment

Golf Ads™ is proud to announce the launch of a brand new promotional segment on Golf TV™ – the Golf Equipment Segment. The segment is specifically designed to showcase golfing equipment, which is extremely relevant to the golfing audience.

The Equipment Segment is a new feature on the digital television network, which flights in golf club houses nationwide. The new feature offers product news space to golf equipment brands that want to showcase product to an audience that is relevant, discerning and, because of the environment, captive.

Golf TV™ has become synonymous with content that is niche, informative, entertaining and completely relevant to the golfing community.  The channel airs to an audience of 500 000 viewers every month, providing excellent exposure and assimilation for brands advertising on it. It is for this reason in particular that the new equipment segment will appeal to brands that want to showcase their range of products exclusively and directly to this target audience.

Golf Ads’™ Golf Equipment Segment includes advertising space where brands are not limited to a single product, but may use the platform to showcase various items related to golf including golf clubs, golf balls, clothing and other related elements.

Golf TV™’s Golf Equipment Segment is the ideal space to showcase your brand to an audience that is characteristically attentive to golfing merchandise. For more information on how your brand can benefit from exposure on the golf course, contact Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or or go to