Transit Ads awarded rights to Johannesburg’s Rea Vaya

Transit Ads™,  has been awarded the exclusive advertising rights to the Rea Vaya Rapid Transit System (BRT) 1B in Johannesburg, along specific routes. In addition to a comprehensive, national and impactful portfolio of branding opportunities, Transit Ads now offers advertisers another highly valuable engagement point, increasing audience reach by 1,7 million every month.

Shamy Naidu Executive; Transit Ads™ believes that the exclusive rights will have a significant impact on reach and ROI. “Transit Ads™ already has exclusive media rights to the MyCiTi buses in Cape Town and now, with the addition of the rights to the BRT in Johannesburg, we can offer a wider footprint and another key engagement point that is extremely impactful, highly visible and offers excellent daily frequency.”

“One of the key elements to ensuring that advertising investment receives excellent return in terms of awareness, assimilation and response to call to action is to consistently bring new opportunities to the table. Opportunities that are in line with, and take advantage of, consumer growth, urbanization, infrastructure development and socio-economic shifts. With the addition of Rea Vaya into our extensive portfolio, we are doing exactly that,” continues Naidu.

Rea Vaya transports 80 000 commuters per day and this number is continuously growing in line with the expansion on the network. Rea Vaya is the backbone to the Corridor developments, and the blue, red and white buses have become a familiar part of the Johannesburg landscape.

“The Rea Vaya IRT system and its bus fleet are world class and the ability for brands to reach consumers via these moving billboards even more so. The exclusive rights allow us to provide unmatched opportunities for brands to communicate their message on premium media space. In terms of advertising in a high traffic, high consumer density environment, the exposure and the ability to cut through clutter is incomparable,” concludes Naidu.

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