Three Billboards Outside Ebbing

The first movie with a billboard as a main character has been released. This movie will have a profound influence on the perception of billboards. The great Frances McDormand plays a grieving mother who’s fed up with the lack of momentum on her daughter’s murder case. So she rents three billboards outside the town, criticizing the local police.

Specifically, she calls out the popular chief of police, played by the also-great Woody Harrelson. One thing leads to another and pretty soon there’s more violence and all kinds of property destruction as the whole town starts picking sides. McDonagh’s trademark dialogue, caustic and filthy and as funny as it is shocking, is on full display here and the cast appears to be having a great time chewing on it.

It’s been five years since the last Martin McDonagh film and if the trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is any indication, his next movie is worth the wait. The acclaimed Irish playwright turned filmmaker, whose work has always been a profanity-laced bitter cocktail of tragedy and comedy, has turned his lens toward Middle America for a story of small town folks making a series of increasingly poor decisions. Things escalate quickly in McDonagh’s stories and this movie looks hysterical and sad and unnerving. In other words, it looks like a Martin McDonagh movie.

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