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Primedia Outdoor scores a Level 1 BBBEE Rating

A recent audit by Honeycomb revealed that Primedia Outdoor has been rated as a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor, the highest level attainable on the BBBEE Scorecard. It also achieved a 135% BBBEE Procurement Recognition Level. 
With black ownership standing at 37.4% and 19.5% black women ownership, Primedia Outdoor scored an overall ownership total of 25. Ownership refers to the effective ownership of the company by African people particularly when it relates to their voting rights and economic interests in a company. 
But as Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor points out: “We take our BBBEE credentials extremely seriously. For Primedia Outdoor transformation is not just about ticking a particular box, we’ve made a concerted effort to improve our scores across all of the BBBEE elements. 
The BBBEE scorecard is made up of seven elements namely: Ownership, Management Control, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development as well as Responsible Social Marketing and Communication.
Primedia Outdoor scored 14.74 for Management Control , which measures the effective control by black people in terms of participation on the board and in top management positions.
“We’ve done well in terms of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development, scoring 35.63 for the initiatives we have to assist and accelerate the sustainable development of other companies,” said Roberts.
Meanwhile, Primedia Outdoor scored 17 for skills development, which looks at training programmes that have been implemented to improve the competency of previously disadvantaged employees and unemployed learners.
“The audit has been valuable in terms of identifying which areas we are doing well in and which areas we need to apply more effort,” said Roberts. 

Four advertising scholarships available

Primedia Outdoor and the AAA School of Advertising are offering four students, from disadvantaged backgrounds, scholarships for full time study (up to three years) commencing in 2018, at the AAA School of Advertising.


Students will be able to apply for either a BA in Marketing Communication or BA in Creative Brand Communication degrees. The partnership also means that staff members of Primedia Outdoor can upskill or refresh their talents by attending short courses that range from analytical and financial decision making to creativity and problem solving.

“We are passionate about education,” says Peter Lindstrom, executive: sales and marketing at Primedia Outdoor. “This is why we are proud to partner with the AAA, which has an excellent reputation for turning out graduates who are smart, capable and industry ready.

Deliver real world skills

“In the past, we focused our CSI on providing school bags and stationery to selected schools, but have shifted our focus to increase the sustainability of our efforts, which now include food gardening and our partnership with AAA.”

Executive dean and head of the AAA, Professor Krishna Govender adds, “We pride ourselves in providing students with degrees and diploma courses that deliver real world skills. This partnership further entrenches the AAA as the place where future industry leaders are born. It also cements our involvement with the broader marketing and communications industry, not only through formal programmes but also through active and effective industry involvement. We look forward to welcoming the successful bursary recipients to our school.”

Applications for the bursaries open in September. For more information, email bursary@aaaschool.ac.za or call +27 (0) 11 781 2772.