Primedia Outdoor supports Sakhumzi Restaurant’s new rebrand campaign

Sakhumzi Restaurant’s rebranding campaign will dominate the streets of Johannesburg with billboards courtesy of Primedia Outdoor.

Sakhumzi Maqubela, CEO of Sakhumzi Restaurant, says, “Our restaurant is more than just a restaurant. It is a community builder, and our brand has to reflect that. We pride ourselves in mentoring aspiring chefs by providing them with a platform at the restaurant to further expand their skills.”

He adds, “Having media powerhouses like Primedia Outdoor to support our mandate helps us to enrich our brand presence and connect with people outside Soweto.”

Since its inception in 2001, Sakhumzi Restaurant’s popularity has grown to become a pitstop for tourists and locals looking to experience authentic South African food and entertainment.

Situated in Vilakazi Street, the venue can cater for up to 2 000 guests for functions such as corporate events, birthday parties, team building, launches and year-end events, to name a few.

The restaurant has created over 700 jobs in Soweto and aims to provide mentorship to neighbouring businesses. The long-term objective of Maqubela and his team is to change the perception that Soweto is a high crime area.

Jorja Wilkins, marketing executive of Primedia Outdoor, says, “Primedia Outdoor is committed to accelerating community upliftment in our society. It is of importance that community initiatives and campaigns are exposed to the public with the intention of building awareness and visibility.”


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