Bonga Sibisi appointed Broll Account Manager for Mall Ads

Bonga Sibisi has been appointed Mall Ads™ Account Manager for the Broll portfolio, managing the NON-GLA Broll team across the country. Sibisi comes with a strong agency background, having cut his teeth in brand consulting, corporate communications and entrepreneurial ventures. These skills were honed during his time at Intergroup Brand Consulting, PR Worx and Blue Moon Corporate Communications, where he also gained a wide understanding of various industries, brands, products and insights into consumer purchasing psychology.

Sibisi brings his strategic brand consulting experience and advertising know-how to Mall Ads™, two areas of expertise that are critical for understanding how best to position brand and messaging to ensure that a campaign moves shoppers from prospect to purchase.

Part of Sibisi’s role is to ensure that the teams on the ground meet targets. His is also responsible for building and maintaining solid relationships with stakeholders.

“Creating maximum impact for clients is what it’s about. I believe OOH is the future as people are really spending less time on traditional media that is easy to ignore. OOH is in your face and can often not be ignored. OOH in the mall environment offers really good opportunities to engage with target audiences in captive spaces. I look forward to the challenges and developments in this exciting environment,” says Sibisi.

For more information on how Mall Ads™ can increase sales for your brand and product, contact Bonga Sibisi on 0861 776 826 or or go to

Primedia Outdoor becomes official member company of Proudly SA

The largest wholly South-African-owned outdoor advertising media specialist continues its endeavours of patriotism as Primedia Outdoor officially becomes a member company of Proudly South African in efforts to contribute to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa.
The leading “buy local” initiative was established in 2001 out of socio-economic necessity to address job creation and the resultant poverty reduction. In essence, Primedia Outdoor rallies behind the advocacy work of Proudly South African and both share a vision to see a progressive South Africa.

Commenting on the membership, Peter Lindstrom, Sales and Marketing Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, “We are truly delighted to join forces with Proudly South African and our membership will serve as a key forum from which to continue propagating and influencing buying local. Primedia Outdoor’s unwavering commitment to deliver cutting-edge OOH advertising and using our capacity to drive positive change in our society rightly complements Proudly South African’s mandate.”

To support the upliftment of local brands, three well-deserving SMMEs collectively won a staggering R175,000 worth of outdoor media exposure courtesy of Primedia Outdoor at the Buy Local Summit & Expo 2018 held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The first prize champion of the competition was Touch Net, a business-to-business service focused company specialising in MPLS and WAN Connectivity Solutions for corporate clients and SME’s, who walked away with R100,000 worth of outdoor advertising. In second and third place was Soccer Rugby Sports Game (Pty) Ltd, an independent NPO which invented a new combination of soccer and rugby sporting codes and Moshiga Risk Solutions, a Pretoria-based establishment specialising in carpentry, rubbish removal, paving and construction, who won R50,000 and R25,000, respectively.

“In trying to think differently about how to extract added value from our media relationship, we proposed the idea to Primedia Outdoor of providing smaller businesses with the massive platform and exposure that is outdoor advertising. We thank them for coming on board with this initiative and for providing these one companies with such an exciting opportunity as an extension of our own advertising package around the Buy Local Summit & Expo”, says Eustace Mashimbye, CEO Proudly South African. He added, “It will be a huge thrill for these enterprises to see their companies up on those billboards and I’m sure, like us, they are extremely grateful for Primedia Outdoor’s support.”

This year’s conference programmes were again split into two days. Day 1 was a workshop hosted by Leanne Manas entirely devoted to entrepreneurs and SMMEs and it looked at supplier development programs and how they offer an entry to market for small enterprises. Day 2 mainly focused on the business of local procurement and there was an exhibition held with over 200 companies in attendance promoting and showcasing local products and services.

Speaking on the impact of the affair, Mr. Siyabonga Zungu, Brand Manager of Proudly SA, said, “We are creating a solid platform for all our members to exhibit to over 1000 visitors with our main focus being localisation and the resolute promotion of dialogue amongst local institutions. For visitors to the summit, it is an opportunity to learn about the work of Proudly South African, the benefits of membership and how to leverage buying local.”

Through its membership with Proudly South African, Primedia Outdoor has demonstrated the will to back this much-needed campaign and its capacity to address the inevitabilities of buying local. Primedia Outdoor is also aware of the need to constantly encourage the nation to make personal and organisational contributions to economic growth of South Africa and in this regard, affirmed its readiness to act in close cooperation with all members towards the furtherance of Proudly South African objectives.

Tractor Outdoor builds Cape Town’s largest and first ARA-compliant digital sign

Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce that they have added their largest digital screen to their digital network. The site is also the first and only digital site in Cape Town that is ARA-compliant with Heineken being the first advertiser to include this into their media strategy.
“We are extremely excited with the addition of this site which is part of the strategic digital growth, awaiting the arrival of this new edition had everyone licking their lips with it going out to market. It was an easy decision to stick with a product and brand that we trust such as Prismaflex. Their technical crew, together with our amazing operations team installed and erected the screen with no hassles. We are extremely proud of the work Tractor is doing at the moment and we look forward to expanding even more. This is our largest digital site for now with some extremely fantastic stuff in the pipeline,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

This 4m x 8m screen is located on Durban Road, Tygervalley, and leads directly towards the N1 highway. The location is prime with OMC data reflecting that it is one of the busiest roads in the Cape Town metro. Key POI in this upper LSM area includes Tygervalley Shopping Centre and the Bellville Velodrome.

“We have been one of first media owners in the country to install ‘P8’ (8mm) screens which is currently one of the highest and most vivid screen specifications available for outdoor use in the country, so we have been very aggressive in seeking out key, iconic and strategic locations,” says Simon Wall, Managing Director at Tractor Outdoor.

New Joburg By-laws to be promulgated on 31 May 2018

The Full Council of the Johannesburg Metro has finally adopted the revised by-laws for outdoor advertising despite numerous objections by the industry especially those related to the imposition of penalty rates and retrospective criminalization of property owners. Promulgation is expected on 31 May 2018.

The following amendments have been effected to the final draft as a result of comments received:

  • Advertising Precincts will be identified in terms of an Advertising Signage Framework. This Framework would be similar to the City’s Spatial Development Framework but only applicable to outdoor advertising and it will follow the approval of this By-law. It will also have to go through a public participation process so that all relevant stake holders can make representations in terms thereof. This Framework will also have to be approved by Council prior to it being put in operation. Some work on such a Framework has already been done by JPC.


  • Although the tariff of charges in terms of this By-law is not determined in the By-law, it follows the approval of the By-law and such tariffs need to be published in the Provincial Gazette for public information. The tariffs need to be amended to reflect an administrative application fee when an application is submitted and then an approval fee based on the size of the advertising sign only payable after approval. Currently it is the other way around and it is regarded as unfair for applicants to be paying these exorbitant fees upfront without any guarantee that the application will be approved.


  • The By-law does now make specific provision for a pre-approval process in terms of which a proposal will go through a pre-assessment procedure to, inter alia, determine what relevant documentation needs to be submitted as part of a formal application and to give an indication whether the proposal would find support should a formal application be submitted.


  • Advertising signs will now be subject to a building plan approval process as well as these structures fall within the definition of a “building” for purposes of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 103 of 1977 (NBRA). The Building Control Officer (BCO) has in terms of section 13 of the NBRA the authority to exempt some of these advertising signs as “minor building work” due to the size and nature of the sign and such exempted signs would then not be subject to a building plan process. Larger signs such a large Gantries and what is deemed to be “Super Billboards” will, however, not be exempted and will be subject to a building plan approval process.


  • Such advertising signs exempted by the BCO as minor building work will then also not be subject to a building line relaxation process in terms of the COJ Municipal Planning By-law, 2016. For larger signs not so exempted, a building line relaxation application, if applicable, will have to be submitted for approval prior to such sign being approved and erected under this By-law.


  • The By-law has now been amended so that written reasons must be provided in the same notice notifying parties of the decision. In the past it was a separate process and reasons had to be specifically requested by a particular party in writing and then the City would provide such reasons in writing. There is no need for it to be a separate process and it can be done as one process to make the process more expedient and efficient.


  • The By-law has also been amended in that no third-party static advertising sign may be erected within 50 metres at traffic controlled intersections measured from the nearest traffic signal/sign. For LED/digital/electronic advertising signs, the distance is 100 metres. In the past it was measured from the centre of an intersection but this was deemed to be inadequate as some intersections are so big that when you measure 50 metres from the centre of the intersection, you find yourself still within the intersection (for example the Empire/Jan Smuts intersection).


  • Provision has been made that illuminated advertising signs (which includes LED/digital electronic signs) must now comply with a certain candela per m..


  • No specific provision has been included in this By-law to regulate Cell phone and other antennae on advertising structures. In terms of the Link Africa Constitutional court judgment, a section 22 license holder in terms of the Electronic Communications Act, 36 of 2005, may enter upon any private and/or public land without the land owner’s consent to exercise the rights it has under such license. It only needs to notify such land owner and such rights must be exercised with due care, respect and diligence.


  • The comment that imprisonment of 20 years and a fine calculated in terms of the Adjustment of Fines Act similar to such years of imprisonment is excessive has been accepted and it has been reduced to a fine and imprisonment conducive to 10 years.


  • The By-law has been amended to allow for larger signs than what is prescribed in partial- and minimum controlled areas at the sole discretion of the City but only on good cause shown.


  • The By-law now also makes provision that if an advertising sign is displayed illegally on private property, then a rates penalty may be imposed in terms of the City’s Rates Policy. This Rates Penalty in terms of the Rates Policy read with the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004, has been tested in the Courts and has been found to be lawful. Thus, all of the objections submitted arguing against it are therefore unfounded.


  • The By-law makes provision that all applications as well as appeals will be dealt with on written submissions only. The argument that parties are entitled to a formal oral hearing holds no water as nobody has an absolute right to be heard formally in an oral hearing. The Courts have clearly expressed themselves on this issue and has confirmed that a party is also “heard” when written submissions are considered only. This is also in line with the provisions of PAJA which also makes provision for a “hearing” based on written submissions only.


  • The By-law now makes provision that advertising signs which are deemed to be erected on Council property or property that vests in the City without the prior approval of the City may be removed by the City without the necessity to obtain a court order as long as prior notice is given. The argument that this constitutes “self-help” does not hold water as long as a fair and transparent process is followed including fair and reasonable notice prior to such sign being removed. This again is in line with the provisions of PAJA.


  • The By-law also makes provision that if any sign whether on Council property or on property that vests in the City or on private property has become dangerous and poses a threat to life and/or property for whatever reason; it may be removed immediately without notice and without a court order.

Top OOH names to speak at FEPE Congress

Out of Home world’s top managers and personalities to share their knowledge at FEPE International Sorrento Congress

Many of the top names in Out of Home worldwide are speaking at the forthcoming FEPE International Congress in Sorrento to be held on June 6-8.

Posterscope’s outgoing global CEO Annie Rickard will deliver a keynote on the evolution of the Out of Home specialist agency while Ocean Outdoor CEO Tim Bleakley will host a three handed presentation to describe how an important London landmark, the iconic Piccadilly Lights, has been reborn through the application of digital technology.

Brendon Cook, CEO of Australia’s oOh! Media will outline some of the challenges posed by the online world and will call to the OOH industry not to devalue the medium by following an “impression only” approach.

Primesight CEO Naren Patel and Justin Cochrane from Clear Channel UK will join a panel to discuss how OOH can support its value proposition and Ströer Group Co-CEO Christian Schmalzl will discuss the live issue of automation in the OOH industry with Talon Outdoor founder and CEO Eric Newnham, moderated by journalist and industry commentator Dominic Mills.

Delegates to the Congress will also be given an overview of the Italian marketplace by Fabrizio Du Chene de Vere, Direttore Operativo presso IGPDecaux, a 37-year veteran of the Italian Out of Home industry.

Further speakers and a full Congress programme will be announced shortly.

FEPE Executive director Bob Wootton says:“FEPE Congresses look at the big issues impacting the global OOH industry and also offer delegates valuable insights into the business of navigating such a rapidly-changing world. With some of the industry’s most capable operators sharing their knowledge and the secrets of their success, Sorrento should educate and inform as well as inspire.”

For further information: contact Richard Saturley

Golf Ads™ implements campaign for Garmin Approach S60

Golf Ads™ recently implemented a campaign for the launch of the new Garmin golf watch – the Approach S60 – making innovative use of the traditional clocks on the golf course. The creative was adapted to include the golf clock face into the design and engaged with golfers in a non-intrusive fashion every time they approached the medium. 
Taking frequency of play and high dwell-time into account, the campaign targeted an affluent market directly interested in golf accessories and wearable technology. Creatively, it illustrated the virtue of tailoring creative to fit seamlessly and relevantly with a consumer touchpoint; driving engagement and recall, and creating desire for the product.  
Johan Scholtz, spokesperson for Golf Ads™ says: “The golf course offers an environment that is free of advertising clutter, making it ideal for brands that want to launch a new product without having to compete for attention. Furthermore, brands are not restricted in terms of which formats to use, in fact the environment is ideal for multiplatform campaigns that reach both golfers and non-golfers alike.”

Primedia Outdoor extends branding opportunities in the heart of Harare

In continuous efforts to develop new media opportunities for marketers, Primedia Outdoor has recently erected five innovative Prime Towers on the main highways leading into and out of the CBD of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare has a major population of 1.56 million people – making it the most populous city in Zimbabwe with a diversity of economic activities (World Population Review, 2018). Along with increasing urbanisation, these Prime Towers are perfectly located to extend the opportunity to reach large numbers of consumers and audiences on the move.

To reach the highest traffic of consumers, these enormous 4 sided sites are located within the commercial hubs of the city. Encircled by retailers, restaurants, banks, car dealerships and informal markets, these sites play an essential role in the path to purchase. The dominance offered by Prime Towers carry the capacity to entrench brand presence on the major arterials and are free to passers-by with an increased frequency of consumer exposure.

In essence, these five panels are separately sited in Rainbow Towers (paired), Simon Mazorodze(paired), Dieppe Road(paired), Msasa and Borrowdale to act as brand sentries covering the main entrances and exits to the CBD.

“As Primedia Outdoor, we have decided to bring an advertising format that has never been used before in Zimbabwe to give marketers a new platform to communicate and tell a story. Most importantly, we have placed some of these spectacular towers in pairs to dominate the intersections and create innovation in the market. These structures have a wide appeal and you can communicate a variety of products and services on them”, said Naeem Karbelkar, the GM for Primedia Outdoor in Zimbabwe.


13 Billboards Call Out How Much Money Politicians Got From The NRA

On the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School mass shooting in Littleton, Colorado, billboards posted on roadsides across the country let local residents know how much money their lawmakers have accepted from the National Rifle Association.

On Friday, grassroots gun reform group Survivors Empowered launched a campaign called “30 Billboards Outside Cowardly Incumbents,” inspired by the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” The group bought ad space on 13 billboards in nine states, from California to Iowa to Alabama, and are fundraising for 17 more. Each sign lists the name of a local member of Congress and how much money they’ve received from the gun lobby group.

The campaign is meant to highlight the influence of the gun lobby on lawmakers and put pressure on members of Congress to cut ties with the NRA and pass gun control legislation.

The NRA spends millions each year on lobbying and campaigns in an effort to get pro-gun lawmakers elected and gun control legislation blocked. In 2016, the NRA invested $30 million in Trump’s presidential campaign and at least $20 million in GOP Senate campaigns, according to an audit obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Many Americans really don’t understand how the NRA works and controls politicians. People ask how come they won’t stand up and do something. Well, because the NRA is in their pockets,” said Survivors Empowered founder Sandy Phillips, whose 24-year-old daughter was killed in the 2012 mass shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

“We’re not afraid of the NRA,” she added. “What can they take from us? They’ve already taken our daughter.”

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Nour Raad back to the team!

Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce the return of Nour Raad to their Cape Town branch.

“With over eight years’ experience in the OOH sector and having worked for Tractor previously, we are extremely proud to have someone like Nour back at Tractor. We know that he will contribute tremendously to the development team, especially when considering what is in the pipeline,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Nour was employed as Western Cape Sales Manager at Havaianas for the last two years. Prior to that he gained significant OOH experience from his time as a Development Executive at Primedia.

He has built great relationships over his time in the media field and has comprehensive experience in working with property owners, landlords and councils. His overall thorough knowledge of OOH and development will be vital to the team going forward and he will fit right in with the Tractor family