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CoJ And Industry Reaches Temporary Agreement On By-Laws

The City of Joburg and the Industry, represented by SAPOA and OHMSA, have reached an agreement to suspend the enforcement of the 2018 by-laws until a court case challenging various aspects of the by-laws has been heard by the Johannesburg High Court. This agreement was made an order of court by Deputy Judge President Majapelo of the High Court on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

The by-laws were adopted in March this year by CoJ. The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and OHMSA joined by Abland, a property owner and Jinja Outdoor issued urgent court papers challenging the adoption of the 2018 By-laws.

In the court papers which is over 500 pages long, it is contended that:

  • there was no proper public participation process done by CoJ as it ignored important objections raised by the industry;
  • certain provisions of the By-laws are unconstitutional as it infringes certain rights contained in the Bill of Right enshrined in the Constitution;
  • No approval of the Minister of Trade and Industry, as required by the National Building Regulations, was obtained prior to the promulgation.

The City agreed to suspend the enforcement of the 2018 by-laws until the case is heard. The case will be heard on 15 and 16 October 2018.

The legal challenge is based on the following:

  • The promulgation of the by-laws will immediately and retrospectively criminalize hundreds of private property owners with unapproved advertising signs on their property. This will happen without them having the opportunity of arranging their affairs to try and comply with the new by-laws. It should also be considered that the same sanction does not hit the city itself who also, by its own admission, has hundreds of unapproved billboards on its property.
  • The city, as a commercial role-player in the outdoor advertising arena, is conflicted between its regulatory function and its commercial interests, therefore the regulatory control should be divested to an impartial decision-making body and not to an official.
  • The enforcement measurements, which are severe, can be imposed arbitrarily by the officials playing the role of investigative, prosecutorial, adjudicative, and sheriff’s functionaries. This is anemic to the rule of law.
  • Furthermore, the inclusion of the National Building Regulations Act of 1977 in the by-laws will require, in terms of Section 28(9) of the said Act, that the Minister of Trade and Industry must approve these by-laws and the absence of such an approval will render the by-laws void.

CoJ till has yet to file its answering papers which is due in July 2018.


Tractor Outdoor sponsors Project Dignity for their Subzpads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor have recently partnered with NGO Project Dignity to assist with their Subzpads Initiative (disposable sanitary pads and panties for underprivileged girls) by contributing advertising space on Tractor’sdigital networkto promote the campaign.

“We give hope to young girls and empower them; giving them an opportunity to feel free, to participate in daily activities and not to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Close to 4 million girls aged between 10-19 years in South Africa miss a week of school every month and it’s affecting their education. The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their educationby providing them with Subzpads.’’ Says Sue Barnes, Director at Project Dignity.

The Subzpadsare manufactured by Subz (Pty) and are distributed through Project Dignity. They have been producing these packs and distributing them to schoolgirls all over South Africa. “We feel very honoured in being part of such an uplifting initiative that gives back to the underprivileged. Sue and her team are doing an amazing job by changing these girls’ lives for the better, and one cannot forget that these girls play a vital role in the future of our economy and are the future of our country. The donation of just one pack could last a girl her entire high school career and allow her to not be embarrassed or worried so that she can attend school.” Says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Subzpads are sustainable and could last a girl between 3 to 5 years, they also do not contain any gels or chemicals and are therefore allergy free and eco-friendly.

Relativ Media introduces largest digital screen in Africa’s richest mile

Relativ Media has introduced a giant fully HD Polaroid digital screen on the corner of Alice Lane and 5th Street, Sandton, Johannesburg.

The 7m x 13.7m digital screen is strategically elevated to maximise the line of sight for passengers and motorists and is largely aimed at the upper LSM and SEM sectors.

The new digital screen is one of eight screens available to Relativ Media clients, with other screens situated in key locations around the country.

Relativ celebrated the introduction of its new digital screen at the Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar, where guests enjoyed an evening to mark the unveiling of the innovative out of home digital screen.

Margaret Ashwin from Media Max said that the digital screen was “very exciting and fantastic to see.” Norman Gibson from MTN said that the digital screen was “the first of its kind, creating the feeling of New York right here in South Africa.”

Michael Christoforos from Relativ Media said: “We are extremely thrilled with the way in which this incredible screen has turned out. It’s a fantastic addition to our inventory and a truly iconic site in JHB.”

For the project, Relativ Media worked with HD Media, Paragon Architects and Redefine Properties with Christoforos adding that “the relationships forged during this process and the opportunity to work with such collaborative and forward thinking entities, made a project such as this every media owners dream.”

Tractor Outdoor builds Cape Town’s largest and first ARA-compliant digital sign

Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce that they have added their largest digital screen to their digital network. The site is also the first and only digital site in Cape Town that is ARA-compliant with Heineken being the first advertiser to include this into their media strategy.
“We are extremely excited with the addition of this site which is part of the strategic digital growth, awaiting the arrival of this new edition had everyone licking their lips with it going out to market. It was an easy decision to stick with a product and brand that we trust such as Prismaflex. Their technical crew, together with our amazing operations team installed and erected the screen with no hassles. We are extremely proud of the work Tractor is doing at the moment and we look forward to expanding even more. This is our largest digital site for now with some extremely fantastic stuff in the pipeline,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

This 4m x 8m screen is located on Durban Road, Tygervalley, and leads directly towards the N1 highway. The location is prime with OMC data reflecting that it is one of the busiest roads in the Cape Town metro. Key POI in this upper LSM area includes Tygervalley Shopping Centre and the Bellville Velodrome.

“We have been one of first media owners in the country to install ‘P8’ (8mm) screens which is currently one of the highest and most vivid screen specifications available for outdoor use in the country, so we have been very aggressive in seeking out key, iconic and strategic locations,” says Simon Wall, Managing Director at Tractor Outdoor.

13 Billboards Call Out How Much Money Politicians Got From The NRA

On the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School mass shooting in Littleton, Colorado, billboards posted on roadsides across the country let local residents know how much money their lawmakers have accepted from the National Rifle Association.

On Friday, grassroots gun reform group Survivors Empowered launched a campaign called “30 Billboards Outside Cowardly Incumbents,” inspired by the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” The group bought ad space on 13 billboards in nine states, from California to Iowa to Alabama, and are fundraising for 17 more. Each sign lists the name of a local member of Congress and how much money they’ve received from the gun lobby group.

The campaign is meant to highlight the influence of the gun lobby on lawmakers and put pressure on members of Congress to cut ties with the NRA and pass gun control legislation.

The NRA spends millions each year on lobbying and campaigns in an effort to get pro-gun lawmakers elected and gun control legislation blocked. In 2016, the NRA invested $30 million in Trump’s presidential campaign and at least $20 million in GOP Senate campaigns, according to an audit obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Many Americans really don’t understand how the NRA works and controls politicians. People ask how come they won’t stand up and do something. Well, because the NRA is in their pockets,” said Survivors Empowered founder Sandy Phillips, whose 24-year-old daughter was killed in the 2012 mass shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

“We’re not afraid of the NRA,” she added. “What can they take from us? They’ve already taken our daughter.”

Outdoor Network turn heads with new Digital billboard

Outdoor Network has unveiled its 3x6m rotating digital billboard at the intersection of Hendrik Verwoerd and John Vorster Drives in Centurion, Tshwane.  The roadside digital billboard forms part of Outdoor Network’s expanding national digital network rollout. The launch further enhances the ability of advertisers, at the flick of a switch, to implement a national digital Out of Home campaign across the entire network, with immediacy and great flexibility in terms of creative execution.

The network sees brands being offered a range of strategically positioned, digital sites delivering high-impact, high-recall advertising within geographically targeted environments.  Out of Home provides super-high-frequency, with significant exposure to traffic, which is enhanced in this case by the innovative technology where the billboard structure rotates, aligned to traffic flow and density, to maximise visibility and exposure for advertisers.

Strategically positioned, the LED billboard is expected to reach an audience of over 100 000 consumers. With a frequency rate of 12, the site will deliver more than 1.1m impacts every month (ROAD, 2016C). An ideal site for advertisers looking to communicate with targeted upper income consumers from across Gauteng and beyond.

With twenty-percent of the households in Centurion earning in excess of R600k annually, it is no surprise that the approximately 236,000 residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to retail and leisure options.  Centurion Mall, Mall@Reds, Centurion Lifestyle Centre and a host of upmarket motor vehicle dealers among others are all situated within the area.

As a result of its ideal geographical position for business and leisure, it is a regular destination point for many consumers, business people and casual visitors. Centurion’s host of corporate offices, business premises, retail outlets and regular major cricket matches attract a large number of non-residents virtually non-stop. Many of these visitors inevitably pass through the area surrounding the key mall and business destinations at the intersection of the N1 Freeway and Centurion Mall precinct where the new digital billboard is positioned.

Says Patrick de Robillard, Outdoor Network’s Head of Sales, Billboards: “The effectiveness of Out of Home is well documented, and now research is available that shows that Digital Out of Home delivers even greater impact and recall.  We’re excited about the launch of our 3×6 rotating digital billboard in the Centurion area as it positioned in the heart of one the most economically active and dynamic areas within Gauteng.”

Builders Warehouse books Oasis Digital Platform

Oasis is delighted to have its first booking from the Massmart group on its digital platform, with the booking we received from Builders Warehouse.

The bright yellow and clean creative is showing up beautifully on our digital screens and with a Builders bound to be close to our sites, we expect them to achieve great results. As we offer free creative changes, we expect the client to start using the medium for short tactical promotions as and when these happen.

The booking was negotiated by Tasneem Martin of Oasis Digital Networks.

Tractor Outdoor installs first-ever real-time drought analytics on their Cape Town digital network

Released by AUX Studio in January, TapOff is a free mobile app that not only provides Capetonians with real-time updates on the city’s water consumption, but inspires them to make positive changes that will have a lasting impact.

The app goes even further to encourage participation, gamifying water-saving with suburb leaderboards where residents can display their consumption figures. With water levels dropping it has become imperative to continue motivating Capetonians to save water on a daily basis. This is why Tractor Outdoor decided to partner with AUX Studio to get the message out there as widely as possible.

“We are committed to raising awareness around the devastating drought which is currently crippling the Western Cape. Trevor and Roy at AUX Studio have built an incredible app which updates itself real-time from the City of Cape Town’s drought data, and we have optimised our digital screens so that as and when this information is updated it is fed instantaneously across our network, ensuring that Cape Town’s residents are kept up to date with all the relevant information pertaining to the current crisis we find ourselves in,” says Simon Wall, managing director at Tractor Outdoor.

TapOff’s public API feature allows the digital screens to make a clear emotional connection with Capetonians about the current overall water consumption, putting the city’s progress quite literally front and centre serving as a constant reminder to keep up with our water-saving efforts.

Download the TapOff app at or contact Tractor Outdoor on 0869990226 for more information.

Increase in mall foot traffic drives consumer-brand engagement

While mall occupancy levels and foot traffic have decreased in some malls, other malls have experienced excellent growth over the six months to December. So what does this mean for brands? Brands need to be where the consumers are and what better place than the mall environment. John Faia: GM of Mall Ads™ unpacks the status quo.

South Africa has a strong mall culture. You only need to look around to notice exciting new malls cropping up all over. In recent months we have seen the extension of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, the opening of Menlyn Maine in Pretoria East and recent redevelopment of EastPoint shopping centre.

While the trading densities of some malls are under increased pressure, particularly those faced with new competition, many centres reported a spike in sales in November on the back of successful Black Friday campaigns and inflation-beating dividend growth for their December reporting periods. Trends in the mall environment are showing that consumers are chasing sales and specials, in my opinion more now than ever before. What this reinforces is that consumers respond extremely well to advertising. And part of what makes them buy one product over another is the advertising that speaks to them inside the mall environment. It is here that they are in a purchasing frame of mind. They’ve taken the time and the effort to get to the mall, now they want to spend the money that’s in their wallet.

Furthermore, everything about a mall is conducive to spending and feeling good while doing it. There is usually a taxi rank in the mall precinct or nearby, there is a safe place to park your car, inside it is secure, clean and the air-conditioning provides a welcome respite from the summer heat. Consumers are receptive to brand messaging, because they want to take advantage of the sale or desire the novelty of something new, hip and on-trend, be it a new flavoured water or sports shoe.

Malls are the perfect environment for brands to start or continue a conversation with the consumer. It is here, close to point of purchase, where brands either lose, keep or win consumers. And in order to keep already loyal consumers and win over new ones, your brand and your messaging needs to be in their face. Out of Home is the last window of opportunity to engage consumers on the path to purchase, that’s the bottom line.

So while some malls are experiencing difficult trading conditions, people in South Africa are still visiting malls, they’re still shopping and they’re still spending. Take, for example, convenience centres that cater to daily shopping needs. Many of these shoppers are dependent on social grants and are usually debt-free. They haven’t experienced the same pressure on disposable income as middle and higher-income consumers, so their spending patterns stay the same. The record numbers over December at Umlazi Mega City owned by SA Corporate Real Estate Fund (and managed by Broll) is testament to this. Furthermore, the recent non-GLA agreement between SA Corporate Real Estate Fund and Mall Ads™ shows that landlords are focusing on alternative income opportunities.

So how does a brand stand out in a mall environment and grab a larger portion of shopper spend? By advertising. Simple. What becomes more complex is creating a campaign that is slick, fits seamlessly with the mindset of the target consumer and is memorable. Mall advertising is not what it used to be and a larger portion of marketing budget needs to sit within mall advertising for a campaign to translate to sales. Consumers are more savvy, more critical and expect a lot more from brands. They also want novelty and innovation. They want to have fun and have an emotional connection with a brand. This is where Mall Ads™ is able to provide bespoke solutions.

The long term reality is that the consumer base is growing, in Africa and by default South Africa, and one of the key driving factors is continued urbanisation levels. According to the PwC Retail in Africa 2017 report, the continent is the most rapidly urbanising region in the world, with urbanisation levels set to increase to 56% in 2030 from 35% in 2010. If we look specifically at the South African context, the report shows that Johannesburg is set to grow by 45% over the same period, to a total of 11,5m people.

This can only be good for retailers and malls in general. More foot traffic, more spend and more opportunity for brands to touch consumers.

Martell Cognac breaks new ground with striking OOH advert on Africa’s largest animated LED lightbox display site

The Martell Cognac brand recently unveiled the largest animated LED lightbox display site in Africa. This is the first time that this animation technique has been used on a billboard of this size, on this continent

“In a cluttered and hotly-contested outdoor environment, only brands that are brave enough to stand out from the crowd will be seen, heard and remembered,” says Martell Cognac brand manager Etienne Cassuto.

“Martell’s positioning line is ‘Be Curious’. The brand celebrates and inspires those who have the courage to be curious, take the unconventional path and make new discoveries. With all of our communication, we strive to bring this positioning to life, which is why we pushed our creative agency to create something new, something different, something memorable,” he adds.

Situated along Corlett Drive in Melrose, Johannesburg, the billboard stands at 9.4m tall and measures 9.4m across. In an aim to create the illusion of movement and animation, 5 125 individual LEDs lie behind the billboard.

“What this billboard does is bridge the gap between static print and digital animation. This was essentially our brief,” Cassuto says.

Created by a process called Color Alchemy, by a company of the same name, this technique combines a multi-layered print technology with full-colour spectrum lighting to achieve a range of visual effects.

“Martell is proud to be part of a naturally curious team that brings innovation to life, that pushes boundaries and defies the conventional in order to create the extraordinary,” concludes Cassuto.