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South African National Blood Service tries the Oasis Digital Network

Oasis Digital Networks is delighted to have been given an opportunity to run a trial campaign for SANBS and WPBTS in December on its footprint. The negotiation and development of the creative was handled by SANBS’s advertising agency, DDB South Africa.

The DDB SA team came up with a campaign that runs on the idea of showing beautiful life-changing moments that were made possible by various blood donors.

The message was a concise and simple way to show how making the smallest effort to donate blood could have quite a significant result for the recipient. It beautifully tapped into the emotions of not only the people who had benefited from blood donations, but also showed immense gratitude towards the blood donors who save lives.

We are confident SANBS and WPBTS will see the ROI instantly and include us in their media plans going forward in 2018!

The campaign was negotiated by Sarah Chingosho, Business Unit Director | DDB SA directly with Reinhardt Hanel CEO of Oasis Digital Networks.

M-Net collaborates with Retroviral and JCDecaux to transform a billboard into a reality show

To promote entries for the upcoming Survivor South Africa Season 6 in 2018, and to generate extra attention and excitement among viewers for the premier, M-Net channel 101 on DStv and Retroviral, an online communications agency based in Johannesburg, teamed up with JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa to create an attention-grabbing version of the popular reality television show on a high visibility JCDecaux billboard.
About Survivor South Africa
Survivor South Africa is a South African reality game show based on the popular international Survivor format, which has been described as “the greatest game on Earth”. The show features a group of strangers who are marooned in an isolated location where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The castaways compete in various challenges to win rewards, or immunity from elimination.
The castaways are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted-off by their fellow competitors until only one remains, who is given the title of “Sole Survivor”, and awarded the grand prize of R1 Million. 
About the campaign
M-Net and Retroviral, with the help of JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa have embarked on a three-day long campaign in the form of the “Survivor billboard”, which features eight contestants surviving on the billboard in an endurance test, and competing in both physical and mental challenges over three days.
The Survivor campaign will run from 22 November until 24 November. The main objective of the campaign is to drive the South African public to enter and compete in the actual reality show next year.
In addition, the campaign is expected to generate excitement and anticipation for Survivor South Africa Season 6, which will premiere in 2018 on M-Net.
The contestants will be given two challenges to complete each day, and at the end of each day two contestants will have been voted off the billboard by their fellow competitors. The contestants that were voted off will return on the third day to vote for the winner. The winning contestant will win a guaranteed place as a castaway in Survivor South Africa Season 6.
M-Net and Retroviral chose JCDecaux as their Out-of-Home Advertising Solutions partner to help in executing such an ambitious campaign.
As the urban population continues to grow, and people spend more time outside of their homes, M-Net wanted to use a channel with a unique capability to offer real-life interaction, and an opportunity to establish a dialogue with its target audience.
Lelanie Butler, Head of Future and Content said: “The objective from the client’s brief was to bring the popular reality series into reality by using traditional forms of advertising. Incorporating elements of the realty show into the mix, provides a powerful new dimension that will deliver a high level of engagement.
We want to deliver a truly unique outdoor campaign that will bring all aspects of Survivor to life for everyone, with a truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experience that can be enjoyed by all.”
As JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa, we aim to create custom, unique and truly memorable campaigns which offer real-life interaction between audiences and advertisers – building lasting consumer-brand relationships regardless of any challenges we may encounter.
Approvals from City Parks, Johannesburg Metro Police Department, City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg Roads Agency were key to this project happening. We had to make sure the ledge on which the contestants stand on is the optimal size – not too easy, but not too dangerous. Planning the scenarios was an incredibly lengthy process. We had to get everything reviewed and signed off by lawyers, insurers and medical professionals, ensuring that we are covered for every eventuality”.
Mike Sharman, founder of Retroviral said: “We wanted to execute an outdoor campaign that would bring Survivor to life and give people the chance to experience the reality show for themselves and be part of the excitement. The activation covers experiential, media, radio, digital, publicity and is a critical part of our campaign. And we are very excited and happy with the work done by JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa”
Justin Jacobie Head of Marketing M-Net said: “On behalf of M-Net, we are incredibly happy with the campaign execution by JCDecaux. We have worked with JCDecaux for a very long time and we know and trust that they have all the expertise and skills to make an unbelievable project like this come to life”.

JCDecaux launches first to market game changing technologies for digital OOH in sub-Saharan Africa

With society moving into the electronic age, more people are communicating in cyberspace not only to access more information, but also to create a reality of their own. There is a revolution occurring in virtually every corner of the world today, especially in the media delivery.

The increasing rate of urbanisation and consumer connectivity, continues to be largely responsible for shifting media consumption habits, necessitating not only the innovative approaches to campaign planning but also media buying offerings.

The advent of new media and communication technologies have brought about a profound transformation in the way people communicate, share knowledge and information. These new technologies offer vast new opportunities for public participation and engagement, and have the potential to expand media use even better.

The change has been rapid as digital technologies remove the barriers associated to the traditional media. The format, location, distance, and time are key considerations in the transfer of content.

JCDecaux introduces a real-time planning and buying factor that can accommodate immediacy associated definitions, such as ‘On-Demand’ and ‘In-the-Moment’, and therefore moving media synergies to new heights in the complex media world.

The current Roadside Digital offering has been Out-of-Homes solution to more agile demands of today’s marketers, offering various audience solutions coupled with day-part and even weather triggered activity and communications. It has pioneered Digital Out-Of-Home buying in Africa and continues to lead the way in dynamic content delivery, surpassing competitor offerings.

Day part, Audience, Drive time and Relevancy lays the foundation of our sound and successful offering. Followed by JCDecaux’s introduction of Dynamic Smart Content, delivering a creative message according to weather, geo-location, RSS feeds and social media.

While elements such as real-time creative optimisation and a level of contextual relevance is already being implemented, JCDecaux is evolving in a way that allows us to offer ‘On Demand’ and ‘In-the Moment’ marketing and media solutions.

The launch of the Roadside Digital Plus offers improved Planning and buying agility (time and location), Saliency, Targetability, Synergies and Synchronisations (particularly those that can leverage other day-part targeted channels and contextual communications).

The Roadside Digital Plus offers more options including those that cater to retail, weekends, festive season, Back – to-school and many more.

Lelanie Butler, Head of Digital said: “The advancement of technology and its ability to personalise and encourage interactive behaviour is redefining Out-of-Home’s Advertisings role.

Like TV and Radio, Digital Out-of-Home offers clients the opportunity to plan & manage media exposure by Day, Time channel and Locations, thus allowing for specific placements that reduce wastage, the ability to leverage tactical messaging and ultimately building more cost-effective synergies with other media”. 

SAB offers small business free advertising space on billboard

Local entrepreneurs are being given a unique platform during Global Entrepreneurship Month to showcase and promote, at no cost to them, their businesses on an electronic street billboard constructed by the South African Breweries (SAB).

SAB is offering small and medium businesses (SMME’s) free advertising on the billboard beginning 10 November until early December 2017. The entrepreneur’s business name, business service description and contact details will be featured on the billboard and looped over the duration, providing the opportunity to increase visibility of their business and business opportunities.

The billboard, constructed using 3 360 light bulbs at a cost of more than R1.2-million, will be visible when driving down Jan Smuts Avenue, towards Johannesburg, one of Johannesburg’s most traffic-dense areas. The billboard has the potential to be seen by approximately 5 500 people per day and more than 1.3-million people per month.

Measuring 3 metre by 12 metres, the billboard will feature over 5000 entrepreneur’s businesses, the vast majority being SMME’s, many of which have never had the opportunity to advertise their business on this scale.

“SAB has been actively involved in encouraging entrepreneurship in South Africa and supporting small to medium businesses, particularly youth owned businesses, for more than 20 years. Through our interaction with entrepreneurs and a multitude of experts in the area of entrepreneurship, we have a good handle on the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how to help overcome these.

“One of these challenges is the ability to raise awareness of their business and being able to market it adequately when, more often than not, they are financially constrained. The SAB Entrepreneurship billboard offers these businesses advertising at a scale they would not ordinarily have the resources to achieve by themselves at their current level of operation,” says Andrea Quaye, Vice President Marketing, SAB and AB InBev Africa.

The billboard is part of SAB’s commitment to backing local entrepreneurs and creating 10 000 jobs in South African over five years by 2022. This will be achieved using the SAB Entrepreneurship Programme encompassing four entrepreneurship programmes – SAB KickStart, SAB Foundation, SAB Accelerator and SAB Thrive, as well as support for emerging farmers – providing business development support to SMMEs at various stages of the entrepreneurship lifecycle.

“SAB is investing heavily, both from a financial and a human resource point of view, to offer a comprehensive and holistic package of entrepreneurship support to develop small businesses from ideation to growth, transforming the supply chain, as well as investing in the potential of entrepreneurs in the broader community.

“The billboard clearly demonstrates our commitment to backing entrepreneurs in South Africa 100%, whether they are part of our Entrepreneurship programmes or not. We are offering the platform to any registered SMME who believes it could benefit their business,” says Quaye.

Billboard Facts:

  • 3 360 globes used across the billboard.
  • Special LED bulbs manufactured specifically for the application in order for the use of modern LED technology to make control and power consumption feasible over so many lightbulbs.
  • Each bulb is encased in its own box to avoid light spill.
  • Billboard has been modified to look like the billboards from the 1920s.
  • Construction took 4 weeks.

Outdoor Network expands its network with new solar-powered Lanseria site

As a growing airport that is strategically important to Gauteng, Lanseria International Airportprovides an ideal location to showcase premium-quality brands to an ever-increasing number of passengers (and a large number of VIPs). The airport recently introduced a SLOW lounge for its more discerning upper LSM passengers and is currently in the process of constructing a new multi-storey parkade.

In much the same vein as the airport’s growth trend, Outdoor Network is augmenting its network and holding in high demand locations and through a variety of new platforms nationally. The airport precinct provides for the latest site in Outdoor Network’s arsenal of key locations with the installation of a gantry along Ashenti Road at the entrance to the airport. This development follows closely on the recent roll-out of its innovative roadside digital rotating billboard network.

Keeping with the commitment to not only innovate but do so with respect for the environment, the 4,5m x 18m double-sided gantry lighting system is solar powered. This ‘green’ initiative now forms part of all current and planned new site developments.

With the ability to engage a highly sought-after consumer base into and out of the airport, the site is ideal for brands targeting a high LSM target audience. Lanseria boasts a very high proportion of LSM 10 commuters (73%) of which 60% earn more than R25k per month according to recent research conducted by Millward Brown. The most commonly found passenger at the airport is a 40-year-old male who travels for business and whose personal income exceeds R60k a month.

“Lanseria International is a key location for brands wanting to reach well-heeled consumers, and the addition of the new gantry will provide marketers with a solution that suits not only their objective, but their budget too,” says Patrick de Robillard, Head of Sales Billboards at Outdoor Network.

Tractor Outdoor sponsors Reach For A Dream Foundation

Tractor Outdoor has partnered with the Reach For A Dream Foundation to assist its Aircraft Raffle campaign by contributing billboard space to promote the initiative.

The campaign aim is to give people the opportunity to make a difference while helping children’s dreams come true, by raffling a brand new Jabiru aircraft and a pilot’s licence. The proceeds will go to Reach For A Dream who fulfil the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who are fighting life-threatening illnesses. “It was decided that this would be a perfect fit to make use of our CSI budget to provide billboard space to Reach For A Dream in order to help make a difference in children’s lives today” says Bruce Jefferies, Eastern Cape Director for Tractor Outdoor.

The billboard is located on Mount Road, in Port Elizabeth and can be seen by the public until the 1st December when the draw will be taking place live on Facebook.

Face First Media dominating KZN’s highway presence

As generally expected, South Africa’s “Big 4” media owners (JCDecaux, Primedia, Outdoor Network and Ad Outpost) largely dominate the metropolitan highway network by owning close to 45% of the highway sites. In a largely dispersed and sprawling urban landscape, with increasing distances between origins and destinations, it is not surprising that highway movement represents such a central part of the daily commuter patterns of our cities. Moreover, as people repeatedly travel the same routes, the Big 4’s presence have remained in place as an anchoring component of their respective holdings.

However, in the age of innovation and specialization we are increasingly seeing disrupter’s like Uber entering the economic scene and changing the value networks by displacing market leading firms, offerings and alliances. This phenomenon first described in Clayton Christensen’s 1997 book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, has also found its way to the Out-of-Home Industry with the digitalization of signs and the introduction of mega sign typologies beginning to disrupt long standing patterns and ascendancies.

Yet, this disruption is not limited to these trends only. A largely unnoticed adjustment has been observed in the latest State of Out of Home Report (August 2017), with the “Big 4” media owners’ domination being disrupted by Face [First] Media now confirmed as the media owner with the largest highway billboard holding in KZN. “Since starting the business 5 years ago, I have set my vision on becoming a leading media owner in the province”, says Stevan Wilken, Face First Media’s CEO. These metrics reiterates that a focused strategy and consistent application has the ability to rearrange established hierarchies in favor of a more flexible and responsive approach sometimes more apparent in mid-size companies.

“While we continue along this dynamic growth path, this new ascendancy offers us a momentary tactical leverage point to augment our value offering and solidify our position in the third largest market for Out-of-Home spent in South Africa”, Stevan further elaborates. These changes clearly indicate that the Out-of-Home market is set to see more innovation, disruption and hegemonies as media owners begin to enter the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

DA considers legal action after Prasa takes down SAA billboard

Picture: ANA Reporter

Johannesburg – The Democratic Alliance (DA) has cried foul against the Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa), accusing it on Tuesday of fighting battles on behalf of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) after the rail agency took down the party’s billboard at Park Station in Johannesburg.

On Monday, DA leader Mmusi Maimane, unveiled a billboard at Park Station which highlights accumulative financial losses made by embattled South African Airways (SAA) over the years.

Maimane said government must stop bailing out the airline, blaming the ANC for the airline’s losses as it had squandered at least R35 billion in bailouts and government guarantees since 1999.

A scuffle ensued between DA followers, Prasa management and police on Monday, at Park Station during the unveiling of the billboard, with the rail agency saying the DA had not obtained permission to erect it and gather during its unveiling.

DA national spokesperson, Refiloe Nt’sekhe, said that they were considering legal action against Prasa for removing the billboard.

Nt’sekhe said Prasa had deployed extra security personnel to move the DA activists from the public area under the billboard, and became forceful and disrespectful when they tried to explain the process the party had followed with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).

“The DA learnt late yesterday that our billboard, which highlights the ANC-led government’s misuse and abuse of the people’s money, has been removed due to pressure from Prasa,” Nt’sekhe said.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

: Leader @MmusiMaimane has unveiled a billboard to highlight the extent to which the ANC has undermined the poor and the jobless.

“We are therefore considering legal action against Prasa who we believe acted outside of their jurisdiction and authority by ordering that the billboard be removed.”

Prasa, who owns the land outside Park Station where the billboard was erected, rents advertising space to third parties.

“To now claim that we needed to seek permission from them for the billboard to be erected, despite the billboard not being owned by them, is opportunistic,”  Nt’sekhe said.

“Also, we were granted permission from the JMPD for our event and signed a contract with the billboard owner to rent the space.”

Prasa was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.

Nt’sekhe said that the ANC had been “deeply shaken by truth” told by the DA billboard and had used Prasa as a soldier in their war of hiding the truth from millions of South Africans who pass through Park Station on a daily basis.

– African News Agency (ANA)



Outdoor Network’s new LED digital billboard captivates Pretoria

Garstfontein Road, Tshwane, is the latest recipient of one of Outdoor Network’s state-of-the art 3×6 LED digital rotating billboards. Positioned at the heart of one of the business centres of the city of Tshwane, it is just a stone’s throw from newly renovated Menlyn Mall, which is one of the largest malls in Africa and soon to become the city’s first green mixed-use precinct. 

The billboard is expected to reach close onto 4% of the total Tshwane population, an audience of over 90 000 consumers. With a frequency rate of 8, the site is set to deliver in excess of 665 000 impacts monthly. (ROAD, 2015)

The eye-catching LED billboard is perfectly positioned to allow brands, particularly those targeting women, to reach consumers within the highly sought after LSM 7-10 segments where approximately 84% of the audience are positioned economically. (ROAD, 2015) With a high proportion of business owners, diplomats and students included in the mix, the site is ideal for brand owners wishing to expose their offering to these target markets. 

The expected development of residential apartments, five-star hotels, conference facilities and a casino will only increase the number of consumers flocking to an already vibrant area. Large volumes of motorists pass through this high-traffic location, enabling advertisers to speak to affluent consumers on their daily commute to and from home, work, school, university and shopping. The highly visible 3×6 rotating billboard is the ideal platform for showcasing brands, products and services, particularly in view of the area’s ‘work-play’ urban lifestyle. 

The features and unique innovative design of the 3×6 rotating digital billboard are not restricted to simply exposing advertising, but rather doing so via a highly captivating, modern and premium platform. The billboard offers advertisers the ability to expose brand messaging to consumers on both their morning and afternoon commute with true dayparting via campaigns tailored specifically to the needs of brands.  

Media agencies and multinational brand advertisers will find this highly desirable signature location ideal for their campaigns – Menlyn Park boasts more than 500 tenants, including a large base of international brands and flagship anchor stores such as Checkers Hyper, Food Lovers Market, New World Discount Stores and Pick n Pay, and the area is considered one of Pretoria’s fastest-growing regions – surrounding suburbs close to Menlyn, such as Garsfontein, Menlo Park, Alphen Park, Newlands, Constantia Park and Ashlea Gardens, are all in high demand. 

Part of a larger national strategy, these digital billboards form part of Outdoor Network’s plan to roll out highly visible large format and 3×6 digital billboards in key high demand locations across South Africa.   

Says Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager at Outdoor Network: “Digital OOH is continually exploring new avenues of innovation in creativity, delivery, and opportunity. The benefits are numerous, particularly when integrated with mobile, video, social media engagement and more.  It’s an exciting space, and we’re looking forward to offering advertisers new and effective marketing opportunities as we roll out the network across the country.

Coca-Cola back in the Mass Market

Coca-Cola has been re-establishing its OOH presence in the metro township and rural arena on an impressive scale this year. A national holding has been built up and promotes the brand’s iconic nature to strengthen Coca-Cola’s connection with South Africa’s LSM B & C consumers. This article takes a closer look at what Coca-Cola has been doing right on mass market OOH in 2017.

“Coca-Cola is effectively harnessing the power of those stalwart mass market OOH media types that have traditionally delivered excellent value”, says Peter Lindstrom, Executive: Sales, Marketing, and Marketing Services at Primedia Outdoor. “An informed decision to invest in cost effective mass market media types is giving the brand maximum bang for its buck.”

The FMCG business has always been and still remains a volume-driven industry, and experienced marketers will guard market share jealously in a challenging economic climate. Hard-pressed consumers cannot afford to waste money on products that are pitched as being almost as good as the real McCoy, but end up not making the grade. Hence the importance of brand stature to reassure consumers that they are investing their hard-earned cash wisely.

Judging by the data, Coca-Cola has taken a “back-to-basics” angle with its OOH strategy and its grassroots approach on the OOH front shows that it takes the mass market segment seriously. The latest Outdoor Auditors’ report confirms that Coca-Cola enjoys a substantial presence across LSM B & C markets and according to the figures, Coca-Cola features as the leading soft drinks advertiser on OOH in South Africa. 

“Not only has Coca-Cola always been a key and strategic player in the OOH market, but we have seen a substantial shift in dominance from our previous audit” says Erik Warburg, Director Outdoor Auditors.

“Coca-Cola is an iconic brand and it deserves the status of category leader in the soft drinks market segment”, according to Jacques Olivier of OTS Media, the independent OOH specialist responsible for Coca-Cola’s OOH campaign. “Working on a brand of this stature is a big responsibility, and naturally requires that the best solutions are found to achieve the communications objectives.”

“Given prevailing market conditions, every media owner out there is fighting for a slice of the advertising budget. Marketers are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to OOH media options, and good value can be found if you know what to look for,” says Olivier.

Obtaining best value has been a central consideration not only for Coca-Cola, but also for brands such as Sprite and Fanta that needed to communicate effectively despite tighter budgetary parameters.

“Fanta’s usage of smaller formats like Store Fascias and Consumer Ads has given the brand a truly national footprint at a very reasonable investment level. In fact, Fanta now has 100% share of voice on our store fascia holding comprising several hundred sites. This lets Fanta dominate at the consumer coalface and close to point of purchase”, Lindstrom says.

So what would the right OOH opportunities be to effectively reach the mass market? Olivier believes it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff “because a number of media owners may think they have a good proposition for delivering a mass market audience but often the value for money relationship simply isn’t there.”

“Probably the single most important aspect in determining value is having an intimate knowledge of the marketplace. This is a skill that is becoming a lost art on agency side because there is simply no substitute for hitting the road and selecting sites from behind the steering wheel, and not many OOH media planners nowadays follow this approach,” Olivier added.

Lindstrom is bullish about the prospects of the traditional OOH mass market media types, despite the growth of digital OOH. “High construction costs may hamper large-scale new development of traditional mass market billboards, but Primedia already has a vast existing holding that offers advertisers a comprehensive national footprint and this puts us firmly ahead of new market entrants.”

“Campaign outdoor isn’t always perceived as a sexy medium by marketers and digital is certainly a growth area within OOH. But traditional static billboards remain a reliable workhorse that delivers unbeatable value time and again. It’s a testimony to the intrinsic value of these formats when I see a brand like Coca-Cola embracing this medium again and making it work for them”, says Lindstrom.