New Joburg By-laws probably only in 2018

The draft new by-law that was published for public comment in May of this year will only be promulgated in 2018 to coincide with the calendar year. Currently, the draft by-law is under consideration in light of the numerous objections that were received.

The draft by-laws created a strong reaction from the industry where various role-players raised multiple objections including some provisions that are regarded as unconstitutional. These objections were all lodged with the City and they are currently under consideration.

Launching the City of Johannesburg’s monthly clean-up campaign, A re Sebetseng, the Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba said the municipality will start to enforce stronger by-laws.

“I was struck by the amount of illegal advertising, dumping, and drilling that was taking place in the area,” Mashaba said.

Once this process of considering the objections is finalized, the draft by-laws must be resubmitted to a full council meeting for its final approval. This is not expected before October of this year with its effective date probably 1 January 2018.

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