Netflix has figured out that cord cutting is an opportunity for OOH advertising

Kym Frank, Geopath President, reminded by the recent Netflix/Regency rumors, addresses the relevance to the overwhelming and growing withdrawal from monthly cable or satellite services. Commonly called Cord Cutting, Ms. Frank discusses the cord cutting phenomenon and the prospect created for OOH.

Chances are you know someone who has already canceled their subscription to cable or satellite television – a “Cord Cutter.” Or maybe someone who has drastically cut back on their subscription – a “Cord Shaver.” Or maybe you know someone who simply never subscribed to cable or satellite television to begin with – a “Cord Never.” Or maybe you have already done one of these yourself.
The popularity of subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the rise of smart TVs, and the ability to stream just about everything online – combined with increasing costs for cable and satellite created a bit of a perfect storm. As monthly cable/satellite subscription fees have increased over the years, a growing number of consumers are questioning the value proposition.
The statistical evidence is overwhelming.

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