JC Decaux Australia takes part in first global out of home safety campaign

JC Decaux Australia is taking part in a global out of home safety campaign, which will promote simple and universal messages to save lives on roads.

The announcement:

JCDecaux Australia will be one of 70 countries to feature the first worldwide out-of-home campaign on road safety. Developed in Paris in partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and JCDecaux, the campaign is supported by famous ambassadors to promote simple and universal messages to save lives on roads.

Every day, 3,500 people die in car crashes worldwide, which means 1.25 million people every year. A particularly alarming situation for 15-29 year-olds, for whom traffic related fatalities are the first cause of mortality. If the global trend continues, by 2030 car crashes could become the first cause of mortality worldwide with nearly 2 million deaths a year.

Featuring the hastag #3500LIVES, the out-of-home campaign aims to raise awareness and prompt all road users to adopt simple, easily applicable and efficient rules.

The campaign promotes 10 “Golden Rules�* embodied by 13 famous ambassadors including:

athletes Yohan Blake, Haile Gebrselassie, Antoine Griezmann, Vanessa Low, Rafael Nadal and Wayde van Niekerk;
drivers Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Marc Marquez and Nico Rosberg;
artists Pharrell Williams and Michelle Yeoh, and;
politicians including Anne Hidalgo.
All ambassadors have donated their time to defend this cause personally and voluntarily. Those messages will also be endorsed by international institutions like the International Olympic Committee. The FIA and IOC have signed a formal agreement to promote the campaign messages across their shared platforms and ahead of sporting events.

Using the theme “Sign up, stay safe, save lives�, the campaign underlines the role that each and everyone can play to make roads safer for all users. Members of the public are also invited to sign a ten point manifesto, which calls on all governments to make road safety a priority and introduce effective legislation on key risk factors on the road.

In Australia the campaign appears across the JCDecaux out-of-home network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“Australia is no different when it comes to road safety and the devastating impact road accidents cause with 1,209 fatalities in 2015^. Our global campaign will seek to support and amplify any Australian road safety campaigns to spread the message and raise awareness of road rules,� JCDecaux Australia CEO Steve O’Connor said.

JCDecaux Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO Jean-Charles Decaux said: “Outdoor advertising is at the core of all sorts of mobility and we are thrilled and proud to contribute to spread these messages around the world through the impact of our locations. This commitment is also aligned with our company’s social responsibility policy and all the JCDecaux employees, who work on a daily basis to improve urban life quality, are delighted to get involved in the promotion of this cause of public interest: road safety for citizens around the world.�

The partnership between the FIA – which represents 245 sport and mobility clubs around the world – and JCDecaux – which offers its advertising displays all around the world to ensure significant visibility – makes this an unprecedented campaign.

“I encourage everyone to promote and share the campaign’s key messages and sign our manifesto for government action. Too many people lose their lives unnecessarily in road crashes daily,� said FIA President Jean Todt. “We are proud to have worked together with JCDecaux on this campaign, and also with 13 fantastic ambassadors, each of which is a role model, especially for young people, the group worst affected by road crashes.�

Translated in 30 languages, the campaign #3500LIVES will appear in 30 cities worldwide and will be rolled out in more than 70 countries by the end of 2017. It is estimated that on the launch the campaign will be seen 1 billion times.

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