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World Out of Home Organization (WOO) partners with OAAA and Geopath at New York Digital Signage Week

The World Out of Home Organization (formerly FEPE International) will be hosting a networking presentation with partners the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and research body Geopath in NYC in an opening session for New York Digital Signage Week on October 14.

The event will be held at the Renaissance hotel in Times Square, the heartland of US Out of Home advertising with its giant billboards.

This exclusive invitation-only occasion is the first joint event held by the three associations and follows FEPE’s highly successful Congress in Dubai in May 2019, where it was announced that FEPE is rebranding as the World Out of Home Organization.

WOO President Tom Goddard will be announcing further details of the next WOO Congress, to be held in Toronto (June 3 – 5, 2020) and updating on other activities on WOO’s agenda. 

Two important elements of the WOO Congress are the Associations meeting, in which WOO invites the heads of national OOH associations around the world to a summit meeting, and a new global research panel, chaired by Geopath President Kym Frank.

She will update the NYC guests on Geopath activities and the OAAA will use this opportunity to introduce the new OAAA President & CEO, Anna Bager to the industry, in succession to Nancy Fletcher.

WOO President Goddard says: “We believe that closer collaboration between all associations is crucial to the future growth of the industry and we welcome this opportunity to partner with our close friends in the USA to help forge closer ties between the USA and the global WOO membership.

“We also look forward to welcoming Anna, the new OAAA President and CEO, and to working with the OAAA to build an even brighter future for Out of Home.”

World Out of Home Organisation confirms Toronto for inaugural Congress

The World Out of Home Organisation (formerly FEPE International) has confirmed Toronto in Canada as the venue for its 2020 Congress. The Congress will be held from June 3 – 5. 

WOO represents Out of Home media owners, specialist agencies and suppliers worldwide. Toronto will be the latest in a sequence stemming back to 1959, as FEPE. The 2019 Congress in Dubai attracted a record 450-plus delegates from all parts of the world, including the biggest representations to date from South America, China and India.

Toronto will be the first time Congress has returned to North America since being held in Montreal in the 90s.

WOO President Tom Goddard says: “Dubai in 2019 was a step change for the organisation, not just because much-loved FEPE became WOO to reflect its global stature.

“We had more delegates than ever and feedback from the Congress showed clearly that delegates valued the presentations as well as the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the world.

“Congress is unique among international media events in bringing all sides of the industry together and pulling in the same direction for the good of the medium. We expect Toronto to be another big step forward for the Out of Home industry.”

Industry Pioneer Mike Tyquin Celebrates 60th Anniversary In The Industry

FEPE International announces 2019 Awards winners

International Out of Home Association FEPE International has announced the winners of its 2019 Awards, presented at its annual Congress in Dubai on May 2.

 Creative Awards

 These are awarded in two categories: Classic and Digital.

 The Classic Award goes to Mexican beer brand Corona for its UK campaign for World Oceans Day,  a “Wave of Waste” sculpture at London’s Old Street Roundabout. Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Vizeum and Posterscope  organised a special build on Primesight’s Domination site.

 The Digital Award goes jointly to Clear Channel Sweden for its Stockholm Out of Home Project and the Open University Netherlands for its Platform College tour.

 Working with Prime Weber Shandwick, Clear Channel’s screens delivered real time messages for Stockholm’s homeless, advising them of their nearest emergency shelters. 

The Open University ran a rail platform campaign, through agency ZIGT and Exterion Media Netherlands, which was displayed to travellers ten minutes before their train arrived.

 FEPE International Executive Director John Ellery says: “These campaigns demonstrate the wide range of benefits Classic and Digital OOH bring to advertisers. The Corona campaign brilliantly highlights a key social issue in a powerful and dramatic way while the Out of Home and Platform campaigns illustrate the flexibility and dynamism of modern Digital OOH. 

The Runners-up in the Classic category were McDonald’s Canada in second place, with its Follow the Arches campaign, and Australia’s Outdoor Media Association in third place with a bold corporate promotion based on neurological science inviting Australian consumers to “Look Up.” 

Runner-up in the Digital category was Ocean Outdoor with its Armistice Centenary campaign for Westminster Council in London.

The FEPE Technical Innovation Award goes to Ocean Outdoor for its campaign Sky Rescue: the Ocean’s biggest threat, which triumphed after Congress delegates viewed presentations by three shortlisted entries and then voted for the winner. Ocean’s DOOH screens encouraged audiences walking past to identify the most menacing danger lurking in the oceans.

The runners-up were Exterion Media, for its transformation of London’s rail advertising estate including the live construction Crossrail environment, and Primedia Outdoor in South Africa, for its Road and Social Wall campaign.

 The FEPE International Leadership Award goes to Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor. Ocean Outdoor successfully re-listed on the London stock exchange and made a number of important acquisitions as well as pioneering advances in DOOH technology.

 The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Randy Otto, the pioneering President of Pattison Outdoor Advertising Inc., Canada’s leading independent Out of home company. As well as building Pattison into Canada’s largest Out of Home media group, he has made an enormous contribution to the development of the medium in Canada.

 The Rising Star Award for Out of Home executives under 30 goes to Victoria Hirst, Senior International Marketing Manager of blowUP media UK, who has played an integral role in the annual increasing success of blowUP media over the past seven years.

Executive director Elllery says: “We are fortunate in Out of Home to play host to many outstanding individuals and Tim Bleakley, Randy Otto and Victoria Hirst exemplify this in their different ways.

“Technical Innovation is vital to the progress of the worldwide industry and all three of our finalists in this category show that the industry’s development is in capable hands.” 


Primedia Outdoor nominated for the FEPE International Technology and Innovation Award

Primedia Outdoor was nominated as one of the top three out-of-home media owners for the Technology and Innovation Award at FEPE International’s 60th Anniversary Congress, which took place in Dubai from 1 to 3 May 2019, with the theme of this year’s congress being ‘The Fame Game’. The FEPE International Congress is an essential event for the global out-of-home industry, recognising key players and technical developments changing the out-of-home landscape.
The three contenders, Exterion Media, Ocean Outdoor and Primedia Outdoor, were given the opportunity to present their technical innovation and for the first time this year, the winner of the FEPE International Technology and Innovation Award was chosen by delegates attending the annual congress.
Showcasing their ‘Immediate Integration of Other Media Platforms with DOOH’, Primedia Outdoor is at the forefront of harnessing new technologies and reimagining how marketers can effectively engage audiences through their latest technical innovative product offering, Social Wall and Radio-to-Road:

  • The Social Wall offering demonstrates the synergy of social media and digital out-of-home as an ideal pairing for an interactive and engaging multi-channel campaign, whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms to be displayed onto Primedia Outdoor’s digital out-of-home assets. This fully automated digital technical innovation serves to prove the immediacy and interactive capability of digital out-of-home.
  • Radio-to-Road, in collaboration with Primedia Broadcasting, is a first-to-market innovation. This offering is a powerful multi-channel solution that synchronises audio and visual channel to enhance the impact of advertising communication, by delivering both an audio and a visual advert for the same campaign, simultaneously. The synchronised process is fully automated through Primedia’s highly advanced media management system.

“It is an incredible achievement to have been selected as one of the top three nominees for this year’s Technical and Innovation Award,” said Dave Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of Primedia Outdoor.

“It serves to confirm that Primedia Outdoor is on par with global standards for technical innovation. We continuously strive to push boundaries to deliver engaging and memorable out-of-home campaigns, fuelled by technology,” he added.

Primedia Outdoor wishes to congratulate Ocean Outdoor for being selected as the winner of the Technology and Innovation Award at the 2019 FEPE International Annual Congress. Ocean Outdoor was voted the winner for their ‘Ocean Rescue’ technical innovation. Furthermore, we would like to thank FEPE International for the opportunity to showcase our initiatives at the 60th FEPE Annual Congress.

FEPE International to rebrand as World Out of Home Organization

FEPE International, the global organisation representing Out of Home media owners, national associations, specialist agencies and suppliers to the industry, is to rebrand as the World Out of Home Organization.


The move, to reflect the changed nature of the Association from a European-based entity to a genuinely global body, was announced at FEPE International’s 60th Annual congress in Dubai on May 1-3.


FEPE International President Tom Goddard says: “It’s fitting that this change is announced at our 60th Annual Congress, a record-breaking event with over 400 delegates from across the world, held outside Europe.

“Moving on from FEPE is like saying goodbye to a much-loved old friend but Out of Home is a truly global and rapidly-changing industry in 2019 and moving from FEPE to the World Out of Home Organization reflects these seismic changes.”


FEPE (Federation European Publicite Exterieur) was founded in Paris by French outdoor pioneer Jacques Dauphin 60 years ago and initially comprised the national outdoor advertising federations of France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands. It now has members (including many national associations) from the US, UK, Australia, Latin America, India and China.


The new name, logo and other related visual materials were developed with the help of UK brand consultancy Heavenly.


Heavenly CEO Richard Sunderland says: “Heavenly was engaged to help modernise the FEPE brand, ensuring it better reflected the unprecedented level of innovation that is now transforming the Out of Home sector.


“The name itself had become an acronym that not many could decode, even among the membership, and one that did not truly reflect the international role the organization now plays.”


FEPE International will transform to the World of Out Home Organization over the coming months.

People love Instagramming billboards–and it’s great for advertisers

It just takes one. One billboard, in one city, with a message can travel the globe in an instant. Remember Deadpool‘s Valentine’s Day magic? 20th Century Fox made a single gag billboard positioning the superhero action flick as a romantic love story, and it went around the world as soon as star Ryan Reynolds posted it to Instagram.

Back in April, Spotify turned one New York City subway stop into a worldwide art exhibition when it transformed the Broadway-Lafayette station into a David Bowie tribute, tying into the David Bowie Is exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum.

According to Spotify, it reached more 50 million people on social channels–with no paid amplification.

Both are examples of the influence Instagram is having on both the placement and creative strategy of outdoor advertising.

As digital advertising’s path to prominence began a decade ago, more traditional ad forms like TV, radio, print, and outdoor saw their cultural relevance deflate, both in attention and the shift in ad budget allocation. But as they realized that our attention wasn’t stuck to one device or another, but constantly moving between media, brand and ad began to more effectively create work that complements itself across different platforms. With social media’s meteoric rise, the opportunity to use outdoor space to attract not only eyeballs but active engagement–like posting photos of billboards, posters, wall murals, digital installations, and more–became clear.


A comprehensive compilation of best practices for digital out of home (DOOH) media has been published by five leading industry trade groups. DOOH Best Practices is a collaborative joint venture between the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA), Digital Signage Federation (DSF), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Geopath, and Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Half of the project funding was provided by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE).

The organizations collaborated for over a year to produce a definitive set of best practices to serve as a guide and reference for the advertising community. Input from all groups was compiled and curated by THE rAVe Agency, a creative agency chosen for its extensive experience in the digital signage and audiovisual market as well as in B2B advertising and marketing.

The five trade organizations had previously provided best practices for DOOH independently but recognizing the need for consistency across the DOOH ecosystem. The groups came together to work on the uniform guidance being released today which not only encompasses material from the different organizations’ earlier efforts, but also includes recommendations that they developed collectively.

Gary Kayye, founder of THE rAVe Agency and assistant professor at the University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism, said, “The DOOH market has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, but there’s still so much potential for more. It’s critical that all the players in the market be using the same language, and have technology that’s interoperable, which will make it easier for advertisers and agencies who want to buy ads on a large-scale basis find, buy and utilize available DOOH ad inventory more easily. This project is the result of five organizations in the DOOH and digital signage markets, with thousands of member companies, putting their resources together in an unprecedented way for the good of the entire industry.”

FEPE International announces 2019 Awards – Nominations now open

Nominations are now open for FEPE International’s 5th Annual Awards to be presented at its Annual congress in Dubai from May 1-3. The Awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner on May 2.   .

2019 will see the second year of FEPE’s Rising Star Awards for someone under 30 who has made an outstanding contribution to the Out of Home industry. Nominated individuals should be directly employed in the OOH industry, working for a media owner, specialist or technology company.

The inaugural Rising Star Awards went to Tess Phillips of Australia’s OMA and Stephanie Gutnik of Broadsign.

As in previous years there will be Awards for Lifetime Achievement, Leadership and outstanding Creative Achievement. The latter are divided into two categories: Classic and Digital.

The Classic award went to music streaming company Spotify for its US campaign featuring a number of alternative playlists, produced in-house. The Digital award went to Japan National Tourism Organisation for a campaign from Enjin Tokyo who worked with Clear Channel France to show the full potential of the digital Out of Home medium, realised with flair and technical ingenuity.

In 2018 the Lifetime Achievement Award went to the late Dennis Sullivan, who played a leading role in the formation of the UK’s first specialist OOH planning and buying specialist Portland Outdoor.

The Leadership Award went to Naren Patel, CEO of UK OOH owner Primesight, for his outstanding work over many years in helping to lead the OOH industry into a new and exciting future while the Technical Achievement Award was won by Daktronics for its outstanding work on London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights digital display.

FEPE International Executive Director John Ellery says: “The FEPE International Awards are now established as the blue riband for the international Out of Home industry and we are expecting more nominations than ever for 2019.

“Our aim is always to celebrate the best of Out of Home: the leaders who have made the industry the global force it is today and the very best creative work in both Classic and Digital.

“They are the corner stone of our annual Gala event (on May 2 in 2019) and play an important part in bringing the worldwide OOH industry together.”

Nominations can be made by any FEPE Member or recognised National OOH Association. Closing Date for all Nominations is March 1st 2019. For a nominations form go to  For further details contact Richard Saturley


The Digital Out-of-Home Industry Is Reaching a Programmatic Tipping Point, Execs Say

Digital advertising is bleeding into the physical world in more ways than ever before, but nascent out-of-home ad technology still has a ways to go before it reaches it’s true potential.

Digital advertising is bleeding into the physical world in more ways than ever before, but nascent out-of-home ad technology still has a ways to go before it reaches it’s true potential.

That was the sense among marketers, startup execs and old-guard OOH media vendors at the Digital Place Based Advertising Association’s Video Everywhere Summit this week, among displays touting emotion-tracking facial recognition tech, targeted billboards and other emerging tech that is transforming the space.

Emarketer estimates that digital currently accounts for about 23 percent of all OOH spending, but its share is projected to continue growing steadily in the next few years. While automation of the sales process is still in its infancy, the portion of that money that goes to OOH media sold programmatically is also expected to inch upward.

But as that happens, the industry will have to grapple with how to standardize attribution metrics, consolidate disparate marketplaces and grapple with consumer privacy concerns, industry professionals say.

Adweek spoke with five digital OOH execs about their predictions for the space in the next few years.

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The Digital Out-of-Home Industry Is Reaching a Programmatic Tipping Point, Execs Say