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Primedia Outdoor scores a Level 1 BBBEE Rating

A recent audit by Honeycomb revealed that Primedia Outdoor has been rated as a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor, the highest level attainable on the BBBEE Scorecard. It also achieved a 135% BBBEE Procurement Recognition Level. 
With black ownership standing at 37.4% and 19.5% black women ownership, Primedia Outdoor scored an overall ownership total of 25. Ownership refers to the effective ownership of the company by African people particularly when it relates to their voting rights and economic interests in a company. 
But as Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor points out: “We take our BBBEE credentials extremely seriously. For Primedia Outdoor transformation is not just about ticking a particular box, we’ve made a concerted effort to improve our scores across all of the BBBEE elements. 
The BBBEE scorecard is made up of seven elements namely: Ownership, Management Control, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development as well as Responsible Social Marketing and Communication.
Primedia Outdoor scored 14.74 for Management Control , which measures the effective control by black people in terms of participation on the board and in top management positions.
“We’ve done well in terms of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development, scoring 35.63 for the initiatives we have to assist and accelerate the sustainable development of other companies,” said Roberts.
Meanwhile, Primedia Outdoor scored 17 for skills development, which looks at training programmes that have been implemented to improve the competency of previously disadvantaged employees and unemployed learners.
“The audit has been valuable in terms of identifying which areas we are doing well in and which areas we need to apply more effort,” said Roberts. 

OMC ROAD update reveals Out of Home is in a space of its own and growing

The proliferation of various types of location data and new technologies has moved the Out of Home (OOH) industry into a space where new opportunities are prevailing. OOH is now a well measured media channel. 

This development, and other key aspects, can be attributed to the successful application of the OMC Roadside Outdoor Audience Data (ROAD) measurement system. An update of the measurement was announced in Durban on Tuesday at the Square Boutique Hotel and Spa in Umhlanga Rocks. Another announcement took place in Cape Town yesterday at the One and Only Hotel, Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront where key industry leaders attended. Media strategy expert, Trish Guilford, MD of Tradigital Consulting led the presentations and highlighted the importance of the ROAD measurement system and its impact on the OOH industry to date. One more announcement will take place in Johannesburg on the 5th December in Sandton.

“In the past, OOH was considered hard to plan, buy and measure; all that has changed now. The investment OMC members have made in the new measurement system is going to pave the way for making planning easier, smarter, and more targeted. The tools we are providing to the industry are easier to use than the legacy platforms and by using the data we have available, we are able to measure OOH advertising exposure,” says Trish.

The anticipated ROAD measurement update revealed that OOH is a strong medium for connecting and engaging, anywhere and everywhere by 97% of South Africans who leave home every day. Along with insightful facts and figures, the speakers also unpacked important aspects that supplement the ROAD currency.

Speaker Insights

Ruchelle Mouton, Marketing Intelligence Manager at Primedia Outdoor, who was part of the line-up of speakers dissected the methodology and pointed out that the ratings system was designed to provide OOH with credible metrics that are necessary to effectively compete with other measured media. This was achieved through an innovative and sophisticated research program specifically designed to measure audiences who are likely to see advertising on OOH ads across the country. Her presentation included Big Data, consumer travel patterns, satellite imagery, trip modelling and visibility calculations.

Sana Fourie, Currencies, Statistics and Field Quality at Ask Afrika, spoke about how the OMC team has overcome challenges of a new and unique methodology in South Africa over the past three years, and how efficiencies and quality control were put in place to deliver a high quality product to the industry.

Lauren Shapiro, Managing Partner at Kuper Research provided insights and benchmarks. The 2015/16 ROAD measured 30,633 respondents and several factors are taken into account in the fusion of demographics and trip data.  “The most important change is the increase in the rolled sample size which has allowed for more robust data and the diverse number of routes travelled when modelling the data.”

How South Africans travel, transport used, destinations and time spent travelling plus a weekday in the life of different LSMs and weekend outings provided useful insights.

Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager at Outdoor Network, emphasised the benefits ROAD offers to planners, strategists and advertisers. “What I have seen and experienced working with the software and audience data is a huge appetite for information, numbers and insights. It’s an exciting space to be in and a dynamic conversation to have. Out of home is clearly evolving with new audience data, insights and planning opportunities.”

Upcoming event details:

The final event in Johannesburg will take place on the 5th December 2017 from 08h00 – 11h00 at The Venue Greenpark, 3 Lower Road, Corner West Rd South 20th floor, Morningside, Sandton.

To RSVP to any of the events, please send an email to [email protected] indicating which event you would like to attend.

Primedia Outdoor brings smiles to children in need of reconstructive surgery

Primedia Outdoor is helping to bring smiles to the faces of South African children in need of reconstructive surgery through a donation of R350 000 worth of outdoor advertising to the Smile Foundation. 
The donation will allow the Smile Foundation to run an educational Rank TV OOH campaign to reach out to the parents of children in need of reconstructive surgery. 
Over the past 17 years the Smile Foundation has helped more than 2500 children and has grown from being active in only one academic hospital in Gauteng to operating from 11 academic hospitals across five provinces. 
Said Hedley Lewis, CEO for the Smile Foundation, “Our mission is to positively transform children’s lives by assisting as many children as possible in need of reconstructive surgery. 
“Our strategy with this campaign is to create awareness within the communities and encourage parents / guardians to step forward and contact us so that we can assist them. We are trying to reach out to people who are not on medical aid, people who need our help. RANKTV is an incredible medium for reaching the masses and creating much needed awareness.” 
Rank TV is a South African outdoor commuter channel with large LED (and LCD) screens situated in over 12 sites, nationally. With a viewership of around 2 million a month and programming aimed specifically at the day-to-day public commuter, the platform operates as a channel for the people, through vibrant local content that is relevant to a specific community.
“We are delighted to be able to help the Smile Foundation to reach members of the community who might not know that this kind of assistance is available to them,” said Dave Roberts, CEO at Primedia Outdoor. “RANK TV is an incredibly powerful medium to get a message across in communities and we feel positive that the Smile Foundation will achieve their aim with this campaign.”

Chris Masters joins Guerrilla IMC

Out of Home media specialist Guerrilla-IMC has announced that Chris Masters has joined the war against average in the Out of Home space. After recently celebrating their 10th birthday, Guerrilla have a stated renewed focus on growth, with the addition of Masters central to this cause.

Chris was one of the famed ‘Conti Boys’, who put Continental Outdoor on the map over the last decade. After the acquisition and subsequent rebranding to JC Decaux, Chris remained at the forefront of business development at the new entity.

Known for his solution and strategic focused selling as well as his highly entrepreneurial approach, Masters eventually left JC after achieving record breaking sales, to find something that was in his own words, “Less corporate, where the major growth curve was in the future, and was something I could personally help realise.”

The Guerrilla IMC team and Chris had looked at working together in a number of guises over the years but the timing always seemed to be off. Now the stars have aligned and Masters joins a team focused on the development of an 8000 ATM screen holding and reinventing the construction and digital media industry.

Outdoor Network growth results in new appointments nationally

Leading billboard and street furniture media owner Outdoor Network has recently bolstered its staff complement to keep delivering world class service levels to its existing and new client base.

Since the merger with Provantage Media Group was announced in 2016, there have been a significant number of changes within the Outdoor Network business, including the rollout of large format and 3×6 digital LED billboards in key strategic locations across the country.  The growth in the business has further necessitated the move to new offices in both Cape Town and Durban.

“With a view to meeting the requirements that come with exponential business growth, Outdoor Network has invested not only in media assets, but human capital too. We’ve brought talent on-board across key disciplines such as production, development and sales. Areas that are critical to ensuring the provision of superior service offerings,” says Dumisani Malembe, Development Director at Outdoor Network.

Key personnel have been employed and have joined the already strong teams in the company’s Billboards and Street Network divisions.  Street Network has added three members to the team based in Johannesburg, and one in Durban.  In the Johannesburg Billboards division, two new sales positions have been created and filled, with account management, production and administration further benefitting from the new intake.

“Sales and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar famously stated – ‘You don’t build a business, you build people… and then people build the business’.  Outdoor Network is built on the strength of its people, and the strength of its media assets. It’s about the right people at the right place at the right time. We welcome the new staff members, and wish them well in their new positions,” concludes Malembe.

Andrew Cooper joins Relativ Media

After 21 years at Primedia Broadcasting, Andrew Cooper has joined the Relativ Media team to broaden his experience in the media and advertising field.


“I learnt a great deal during my tenure at Primedia, climbing through the sales ranks, building relationships with agencies and clients alike and I’m looking forward to growing those skills and relationships with the assistance of the team at Relative Media,” says Andrew.  


“The Out of Home space is an entirely different ballgame to radio so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and growing my knowledge base with a very experienced and fantastic group of people. I took up this challenge because Brett Tucker and the team struck me as an extremely innovative business where the answer is never ‘no’. I’m really excited to see what the next few years hold.”


Relative Media MD Brett Tucker adds: “The team and I extend a huge welcome to Andrew, who is already proving to be a fantastic addition to the team. We’re very fortunate to be in a position where we can welcome new staff and to see our two year old business growing as steadily as it is. 


We’ve been working hard to introduce various media offerings to our clients in the outdoor, digital out-of-home, mall, airport, and ambient space, including non-traditional offerings like student residence ownership, the Neighbourgoods Market, Spaza point of sale initiatives, the Putco bus network and a very exciting bike sharing platform that has just been launched, with more to come,” says Brett. “Our philosophy has always been about disrupting the out of home industry and that’s precisely the plan of action in the immediate future.” 

Primedia Outdoor grows food gardens for KZN and Gauteng communities

In recognition of Arbour Month, Primedia Outdoor extends its long-term food garden partnership with NGO Food & Trees for Africa. In joined forces, the aim of this initiative is to grow and maintain food gardens across the country which serve as a true source of nutritious food to support the school feeding schemes.

As part of Primedia Outdoor’s investment in education, their main intention is to support learning through nourishment of the body and the mind, to make a real difference in learners’ day to day lives. Offering learners nourishing food throughout the day, ensures that the general well-being and academic performance of learners are enhanced.

Since 2011, Primedia Outdoor has actively been involved in establishing vegetable gardens at schools and has already invested in six vegetable gardens at schools and youth centres in various parts of South Africa. Together with Food & Trees for Africa, further investment has been made in two more gardens for the Siyamnaka Youth Centre in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal and Balebogeng Primary School in Mamelodi, Gauteng.

The Siyamnaka Youth Centre garden started in March, is flourishing under the committed care of the community. The garden is on its way to becoming a continuous source of nutritious vegetables for the community with its first harvest planned for November this year.

Started in June this year, the garden at Balebogeng’s Primary School has already produced a winter crop for harvesting. During the first week of September, in continuation of nurturing the garden, Primedia Outdoor staff and the garden’s guardians ̶ Grade 7 learners, educators and groundsman ̶ transplanted fresh spinach, beetroot, tomato and various herbs for the summer crop, adding to the healthy harvest already in use for the school’s feeding scheme.

Balebogeng Primary School’s headmistress Grace Mkhize was delighted with the wholesome harvest and said: “A number of our learners come from the informal settlement and many arrive at school without even having had a meal.”  “The vegetable garden will help to augment daily school meals with nutritious vegetables”, said Mkhize.

Food & Trees for Africa’s Sylvester Nzimande also offered an insightful workshop that covered soil preparation, seed sowing, transplanting and harvesting techniques. As part of the initiative Food & Trees for Africa offers biweekly training and support, effectively transferring permaculture skills to the community to maintain the gardens as long-term sources of nutrition. Primedia Outdoor staff is committed to the ongoing development of the gardens and visit regularly to lend a hand and keep tabs on their progress.

“Education continues to be a key driver of our CSI projects,” said Peter Lindstrom Sales and Marketing Executive at Primedia Outdoor. “We have realised that in order for children to concentrate fully on schoolwork, nutrition is key. Our core focus is on empowering the school’s feeding scheme through food gardens to ensure the optimal physical and mental functioning of learners. Often, the food learners receive during school breaks serve as the only nutritious meal they have for that day, making this initiative ever more important in promoting the long-term well-being and learning potential of these children.”


Curator of World Economic Forum Johannesburg Global Shapers Hub – Khethi Ngwenya Represents his Hub in Geneva Switzerland

Khethi Ngwenya is the Managing Director and Founder of SchoolMedia as well as the curator of the Johannesburg Global Shapers Hub. Global Shapers is a network of hubs across the world led and developed by young people driving dialogue, action and change.  Hubs are city-based teams of shapers, united by common values, inclusion, collaboration and shared decision making.  Together, shapers create projects and positive change for their communities.
Ngwenya recently represented his hub at this year’s annual curators meeting which took place in Geneva Switzerland from the 8th to the 11th September.  This annual meeting brings together the curators globally in order to equip them with new skills for impact.  Ngwenya is one of the five South African curators that attended the meeting in Geneva Switzerland.  This event is aimed at uniting some of the smartest, innovative and most dynamic young people in the world. 
This prestigious event was opened by Professor Klaus – the Founder of the World Economic Forum.  (The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world – is the international organisation for the public-private co-operation.
Ngwenya says that the highlight of his trip was meeting young, driven individuals from different parts of the world and hearing about similar challenges that we are facing in South Africa.  He found that the Nigerian hub was the most inspirational hub as it recruits global shapers according to what is needed.  He also found it interesting that the Denmark hub raises money in order to organise outings and camps for children.  “Some families cannot afford to take their children on holiday so this is a wonderful initiative – something that South Africa needs to start investing in,” says Ngwenya.
Ngwenya believes that being part of the Global Shapers Community is important for the youth because they are given an opportunity to offer youth led initiatives and solutions for change in their communities.  “This is a platform where the young people are central to responding to issues such as poverty, climate change and building inclusive communities.  The youth are our future leaders and it’s vital for them to become involved in making the world a better place,” concludes Ngwenya.

MMAP Wins at MOST Awards 2017- The Champion of the SMME’s

MMAP, has been announced the winner of the Media Sales Consultants at the MOST Awards 2017, for the second year running.

The annual MOST Awards, now in its ninth year, took place last night (14 September 2017) at The Wanderers Club, Illovo in Johannesburg. While the crowd of media industry leaders certainly enjoyed the opportunity to network, it was the chance to acknowledge top media owners, and media agencies as well as find common ground on which to build better relationships and a progressive future for the media industry in South Africa.

In response to the rise in companies acting as media sales consultants, the Media Sales Consultancy Award was introduced last year. Having been announced the inaugural winner in 2016, MMAP was excited to accept this years’ award in a category that is predicted to become highly-coveted due to increased opportunities in the evolving media landscape.

Says Michele Munro, founder and Managing Director of MMAP, “The team and I are ecstatic to have won the Media Sales Consultants Award two years in a row. It is such an honour to win again this year and is a true testament to our key principles, service delivery, turnaround times and knowledge of own, and clients’ brands. I have an amazing team that I would like to thank for their contribution and hard work through the year, without them this would not have become a reality”

As an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media sales company consisting of six staff members, MMAP focuses on delivering integrated outdoor solutions to media agencies and clients by promoting inventory on behalf of multiple OOH media owners, particularly the SMME’s, to media agencies and clients. Since their inception in 2005, MMAP has consistently provided excellent service and consequently won multiple MOST awards, including Media Sales Consultant Winner (2016), Media Owner Winner OOH (2015), Media Owner OOH Award Runner Up (2013), and Media Owner Lamb Award (2012).

Munro concluded, “I would also like to thank our media owner SMME’s that we represent, the media agencies and clients who have given us their vote of confidence . MMAP will remain committed and passionate about growing opportunities for smaller media owners and building an SMME ecosystem.”

The MediaShop to host OOH workshop for SMMEs

As part of The MediaShop’s ongoing engagements with media owners and partners, the agency is hosting an Out of Home (OOH) workshop on Thursday 7 September at the Bryanston Country Club.

Specifically, the purpose of this workshop is to interact with SMMEs within the Out of Home sector to discuss the state of the OOH landscape and give advice to media owners on how to better interact with the agency and hopefully grow their business in the process.

“We want to continuously find better ways of working with various media owners and specifically SMME’s. We hope that this workshop will give insights on the critical ingredients of success within this sector, and also share our views on where we see the future of OOH,” says Johannesburg’s MD Kgaugelo Maphai.

“We will have speakers from The MediaShop, a client, and Michele Munro and her team from MMAP addressing the audience to cover various aspects relating to OOH.”

Craig Wallis, Business Unit Manager and Head of Outdoor at The MediaShop adds: “We will begin with an introduction of our internal OOH team and offer insights into the processes that need to be followed within TMS, examples of great campaigns, spotting great sites and what we expect from our media owner partners.”

The Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC)/ROAD/Quantum studies will also be touched on as well as what SMMEs as a collective can do to motivate advertisers to book with them.

“We’re looking forward to this engagement with OOH SMMEs, and we’re confident that at the end of our session, the media owners will have a much clearer picture on what it takes to work with us and to move their businesses forward,” says Kgaugelo.