Face First Media enters the DOOH arena with its first Digital LED sign at the King Shaka International Airport

Face First Media has just completed the installation of its first Digital LED sign that would officially go live the beginning of May 2019. “This gateway sign was tactically chosen as preeminent launching pad of our planned digital footprint in South Africa. The sign is strategically placed at the main entrance to the King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) and exhumes a sense of gravitas that would offer our clients superior digital exposure, Stevan Wilken, Face First Media’s Managing Director enthusiastically explains.”


Perhaps not surprising as KSIA was recently announced as South Africa’s fastest growing airport. As reported in the Kwazulu-Natal Daily News of 19 January 2019, the soaring international numbers, together with strong domestic passenger growth of more than 6% for 2018, saw KSIA retaining its position as South Africa’s fastest growing major airport for a second year. Almost 5.9 million domestic and international passengers were handled during 2018, of which 372,543 were passengers flying on international routes. As reported, the new non-stop service between London’s Heathrow International Airport and Durban, introduced by British Airways in October 2018, appears to have been the key driver for the double digit growth in international passengers.


“We believe the critical mass of this fast growing transportation hub offers the perfect springboard to introduce digital media into the broader KZN market. There is endless opportunity for creativity, localisation and relevance which is not always possible with static displays. As the technology becomes more immersed in the next few years we could expect it to become even more impressive when paired with other modern technologies such as facial or number plate recognition that could start showcasing the dynamic matching of content to demographics”, Stevan pointedly emphasises. “Perhaps by integrating weather data, these digital signs could host campaigns that change content depending on whether it’s sunny or raining”.


“We are excited to be part of a leading group of media owners pioneering the phasing in of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in South Africa. At a time when traditional advertising is often seen as a nuisance, the introduction of DOOH becomes an even more attractive proposition. Contrary to at-home or online advertising, there is no way for the targeted audience to skip the ad, use an ad-blocker, or change the contents of the screen. We believe the new Gateway Digital LED Sign at the King Shaka International Airport is more likely to be noticed and will ensure that media campaigns get its full playthrough and persuasive punch”, Stevan Wilken concludes.


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