Diesel Jeans partners with TLC Media

Diesel Jeans (Diesel) has briefed TLC Media (TLC) with the task to run a one month campaign, in various environments, for the launch of the brand’s new jeans – ‘JoggJeans’.

“The campaign communicates the many ways one can escape a bad date in relevant environments, reinforcing the Diesel collection of jeans that are ‘so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them’, even at top speed,” says Greg Bruwer, TLC’s managing director.

‘Bad Date Survival Tips’ were placed as decals on change room mirrors in selected Edgars stores and the washrooms of selected shopping malls. The tips offered advice on ways to escape from an ‘awkward’ date.

In order to target a wide range of people, the campaign was extended into spaces beyond the Diesel stores and selected shopping malls.

TLC presented Diesel’s ‘Bad Date Survival Tips’ to people in spaces where dates happen, like in restaurants and bars through mirror decals and backlit mirror frames.

Twenty Planet Fitness Gyms provided additional outlets to the campaign through the use of A4 frames. Gym-goers were presented with a either a ‘Survival Tip’ or the ‘or just run in Diesel JoggJeans’ call to action line.

“This was a fun and well-executed campaign for Diesel ‘JoggJeans’,” concludes Bruwer. “It just confirms that washroom advertising can be fashionable and entertaining at the same time.”

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