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Another DA billboard vandalised

Another billboard, another controversy. A second DA billboard has been vandalised in Johannesburg, just hours after being erected. The billboard said: “The ANC has killed the lights affecting 57 million South Africans!”

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen unveiled the billboard on Sunday on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge in downtown Johannesburg, hot on the heels of a week of load-shedding by Eskom, taking aim at the ruling party’s mismanagement of the electricity utility.

But by Monday morning it had been largely destroyed.

Steenhuisen tweeted on Monday: “Can’t keep the lights burning so burn billboards instead? Obviously the truth hurts, the billboard will be up again shortly to keep reminding our citizens that we don’t have an Eskom problem, we have an ANC problem!”

Steenhuisen said on Sunday that the ANC had left Eskom besieged with “corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and debt”.

“The previous management teams at Eskom have plundered the crippled state-owned entity through pre-paid coal contracts, nepotism, inflated supply contracts and exorbitant consultancy fees with the likes of Mckinsey, Trillian and Tegeta. Furthermore, Eskom executives have consistently rewarded themselves with massive bonuses and salaries. These actions have hollowed out the entity and left it in financial ruin.”

Steenhuisen believed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s proposal to unbundle Eskom into a holding company, with three separate business entities to be owned entirely by the holding company, would fail because each of the three entities would have the same holding board.

Transit Ads awarded rights to Johannesburg’s Rea Vaya

Transit Ads™,  has been awarded the exclusive advertising rights to the Rea Vaya Rapid Transit System (BRT) 1B in Johannesburg, along specific routes. In addition to a comprehensive, national and impactful portfolio of branding opportunities, Transit Ads now offers advertisers another highly valuable engagement point, increasing audience reach by 1,7 million every month.

Shamy Naidu Executive; Transit Ads™ believes that the exclusive rights will have a significant impact on reach and ROI. “Transit Ads™ already has exclusive media rights to the MyCiTi buses in Cape Town and now, with the addition of the rights to the BRT in Johannesburg, we can offer a wider footprint and another key engagement point that is extremely impactful, highly visible and offers excellent daily frequency.”

“One of the key elements to ensuring that advertising investment receives excellent return in terms of awareness, assimilation and response to call to action is to consistently bring new opportunities to the table. Opportunities that are in line with, and take advantage of, consumer growth, urbanization, infrastructure development and socio-economic shifts. With the addition of Rea Vaya into our extensive portfolio, we are doing exactly that,” continues Naidu.

Rea Vaya transports 80 000 commuters per day and this number is continuously growing in line with the expansion on the network. Rea Vaya is the backbone to the Corridor developments, and the blue, red and white buses have become a familiar part of the Johannesburg landscape.

“The Rea Vaya IRT system and its bus fleet are world class and the ability for brands to reach consumers via these moving billboards even more so. The exclusive rights allow us to provide unmatched opportunities for brands to communicate their message on premium media space. In terms of advertising in a high traffic, high consumer density environment, the exposure and the ability to cut through clutter is incomparable,” concludes Naidu.

Alliance Media a BIG winner at the MOST awards 2018

The South African Media Awards, (MOST Awards) celebrated its 10thyear this year and with their decade of hard work, comes the event’s stripes in solidifying the event as the Media Industry’s respected benchmark of excellence.

Alliance Media won first place in two categories; Best Out Of Home (OOH) Media Owner in South Africaand Best Media Owner in Africa.

The Out Of Home category is the biggest category at the awards; this year there were 25 Out Of Home companies competing for the MOST Awards title of Best Out Of Home Media Owner.

Sandra Gordon, founder of the MOST Awards wrote the following about Alliance Media winning the Best Out Of Home Media Owner award.

The Alliance Media team was rated especially higher against the criterion “Sales Service Delivery”. One voter explained: “Alliance Media provides us with the best value and service in the business.” Another said: “Alliance Media is a strong and innovative OOH company and has an incredibly passionate team which is evident in their work.” A third added: “Alliance Media has great people who are concerned about their clients’ brands and they keep up with the ever-changing environment. Their coverage around Africa is unmatched and they have local offices making speed to market even faster.”

Winning theBest Media Owner in Africaaward for the second-year running has shown consistency of service and understanding of the OOH landscape in Africa by Alliance Media.

“We are proud of our achievement and thank our incredible teams in 23 African countries and our amazing clients who have made us Africa’s leader in Billboard & Airport Advertising” says Greg Benatar, the Group Sales and Marketing Director at Alliance Media.

Recognised as the Pan-African leader in Outdoor and Airport advertising, Alliance Media has the widest coverage on the African continent with 25,000 sites in 23 countries, with over 20 years’ experience. Alliance Media has been awarded “Best Outdoor Advertising Company” in multiple markets for the past 10 consecutive years.

Primedia Outdoor and DG Murray Trust team up to inspire early childhood development

In support of DG Murray Trust’s commitments to develop South Africa’s potential, Primedia Outdoor has recently joint forces with the Western Cape-based foundation on a six-month campaign to generate a stronger demand for quality early learning and nutrition for young children.

“Children are the source of human capital. If we want to change the education system, grow the economy and create jobs, we must invest in young children”, says Dr. David Harrison, CEO of DG Murray Trust (DGMT). “In fact, for every Rand invested in quality early childhood development, South Africa will get at least R10 back, but with a quarter of our children nutritionally stunted and poorly equipped for school, we are shooting ourselves in the foot for the next 20 years at least”, he added.

As part of this landmark collaboration, a total of 705 high-impact advertising panels along highways, main arterials and taxi ranks will feature key messaging from Nal’ibali, Grow Great and SmartStart – three innovative programmes focused on early learning, nutrition support andmonitoring quality early learning services, respectively. Starting from September 2018, this charitable campaign will run across all nine provinces with a massive audience projection of 40 million people, targeting mainly parents and caregivers.

Commenting on the relevance of billboard campaigns for such large-scale community projects, Peter Lindstrom, Sales and Marketing Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, “Outdoor advertising has proven to be a powerful medium for reaching a captive audience with an exclusive message and promoting public conversations that are subject-matter specific. It therefore made a complete sense for Primedia Outdoor to back the foundation’s agenda in encouraging action to positively change children’s lives and this aligns perfectly with our brand values”.

This partnership is purely built on the grounds of proposing future-forward direction to ensure children have the best start in life and that they are able to unlock their maximum potentials by all means. In true reality, such strategic investment creates significant possibilities to be the engine of public innovation and nurture a progressive society.

About DG Murray Trust

 The DG Murray Trust (DGMT) is a South African foundation built on endowments from Douglas George Murray and his wife, Eleanor. The Foundation is the holder of a portfolio of widely diversified assets, which reduces the risks in funding the achievement of philanthropic and nation-building objectives. The DG Murray Trust currently distributes about R150-million per year. DGMT’s ultimate goal is to create an ethical and enabling environment where human needs and aspirations are met; where every person is given the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, for both personal benefit and for that of the wider community. 

JCDecaux’s Blue Creative Solutions: Taking OOH way beyond the billboard

It’s no small task for marketing campaigns to stand out and have a lasting effect, they need to stimulate minds, entertain and evoke emotion. JCDecaux’s Blue Creative Solutions department, is well equipped with the technical savvy and creative know-how to exceed client expectations with memorable campaigns that use the latest in digital technologies to enhance, dazzle and delight the consumers brand experience.

Three recent campaigns that have consumers talking include the Survivor’s “live reality show” billboard, Samsung’s spectacular Ultra Music Festival and Jameson’s Connects brand immersion events. All of which have shattered the parameters of the billboard taking OOH into an entirely new realm.

Jameson’s Interactive Cube

JCDecaux created Jameson’s now-famous Interact Cube for events in Zambia, Mozambique and Botswana, as part of the whiskey brand’s Jameson Connects 2018. On entering the cube, music, lights and lasers are activated and confetti canons fired sporadically, to instantly engulf partyers in a hip-hop wonderland that casts them as the star of a celebrity lifestyle.

The cube’s four walls, floor and ceiling were all mirrored to create infinite reflections and could accommodate a hip-hop party of 15. A camera captured all the in-cube action, which was then displayed on screens surrounding the main stage and snippets were shared on social media.

Jameson’s brief was to create unique experiences that would resonate with its target audience. Apart from the Interact Cube, media walls for photo opportunities, rustic wooden lettering, a play area with chess, local traditional games, basketball stands, and board game spaces were created. Perfect for people to play, engage and connect.

The Samsung Ultra Music Festival

Keeping with the party theme, the Blue Creative Solutions department assisted in creating a key branding and an experiential activation for the Samsung Ultra South Africa event in Johannesburg and Cape Town. With events targeting young, affluent and influential consumers, who generally have high standards when it comes to WOW experiences.

It was essential that the live events to bring a seamless Samsung branding experience to the party goers. In response, JCDecaux came up with epic, multi-touch point activations using cutting-edge tech that exceeded the norms of current festival experiences. LED signage was created for the main stage, a Samsung chill lounge, an LED media wall, an LED tunnel entrance. There were even promoters dressed as butterflies with inflatable wings, fluttering around.

Survivor South Africa

To create a campaign that would generate interest for the revival of the popular reality show after a five-year hiatus in South Africa, Retroviral and M-Net approached Blue Creative Solutions to combine the best in traditional media reach with an addictive offering of real-time social media.

To combine the best in traditional media reach with the addictive offering of real-time live social media. M-Net made a Wild Card Entry available for 8 brave radio listeners across South Africa to compete for by living on a billboard for three days, competing the challenges and voting in Tribal Council eliminations.

When two contestants remained, those voted out as the jury returned to cast their vote for the person they would be sending into the actual show as the Wild Card Entry.

This adapted format of the Survivor experience was brought to life, live on the most impactful urban jungle billboards in Johannesburg – turning its application on its head! All challenges and Tribal Councils were streamed live on social media and featured on participating radio stations.

Every nuance of the show was recreated on the billboard to ensure that both new and die-hard fans would love the campaign.

In the just three days that the campaign took place, the Survivor South Africa Facebook page gained 2000 new followers, 98 000 people were reached in traffic across the country and altogether 2.87-million people were reached in 48 hours.



How SBE helped change the Absa brand, in 10 days.

While there’s been much debate about Absa bank’s new logo, the actual task of rolling out the bank’s vision across hundreds of OOH sites had print solutions companies and their partners burning oil day and night. Solethu Brand Engineers (SBE) gives some insights into what it takes to help change a brand in 10 days.

“A project of this magnitude is split over various service providers,” says MD, Robyn Fischer. “Our part was to supply PVC, mesh and other materials for a rollout to a variety of sites in Gauteng and surrounding areas.”

Ink, hours and caffeine

One of the Absa OOH pieces

The story unfolds…

To successfully project manage] the flow of various artworks from agencies to the creation of the final products (ready for installation) one requires significant experience and capabilities – not only in the available type of facility, machinery and materials but, also and most critically, scalability and skill set of people-power to see it through.

“The Absa job required nearly 10 days of round-the-clock work from the SBE team,” says Fischer. “In producing billboards and other iconic OOH sites we used significant volumes of ink, 30 rugby fields of material, over 4 000 production hours and burned through countless cups of coffee – the job required all hands on deck without affecting our other projects . . .

I am thankful to the SBE team and our partners for helping us successfully complete all work over this time.”

Getting things done

With its new logo and brand rollout, Absa is hoping to express a new identity as an entrepreneurial, digitally-led bank with deep knowledge of African markets (with global scalability) . . . with Africanacity their “bespoke” word that “embodies the distinctly African ability to always find a way to get things done.”

“We echo that sentiment,” says Fischer. “From SBEs perspective we’ve always considered ourselves a company that innovates by nature and delivers on-point – whatever (and wherever) it is needed.

Big or small we aim to provide our clients with the same type of service and drive to deliver a fulfilling, superior, customer experience.

It was exciting (and challenging) working on the Absa bank OOH rollout project – certainly we hope our efforts in some way mirrors their message that, ‘while we are a continent with immense challenges, we are also one with tremendous tenacity, soul and a sense of togetherness.’”

SBE is a BBBEE Level 2 company specialising in digital print and branding innovations.

Transit.TV delivers incremental reach to TV campaigns

Shamendran Naidu, Executive: Transit Ads™, shares key research insights into how and why digital television network Transit.TV delivers highly effective, incremental reach when bundled with terrestrial TV campaigns.

As marketers, we know that TV viewing is no longer limited to the living room. Today’s viewers watch what they want, when they want across multiple devices and screens. In this respect there is no doubt that television viewing has become fragmented and this is posing a challenge for brands and agencies. So how do you maintain reach and continue to influence viewers? We conducted a research study with Kantar Millward Brown Media Research™ and the results confirmed what we already knew – reach and influence is incrementally augmented when marketing campaigns include both terrestrial television and Transit.TV™. Because the campaigns reach the right audience at the right time and when they are in the right frame of mind, there is far less wastage and brands receive a much higher level of ROI.

Let’s take a step back and outline the background. Our view is that linear broadcast TV will remain the centre of gravity for the video ecosystem in the foreseeable future, across nearly all audiences. However, we also expect to see viewing diversifying out from this centre as devices, distribution and consumption are enabled by current and emerging technologies that support video.

The most effective video advertising strategies will be those that have a unified and holistic approach to the video ecosystem, as opposed to those that only activate via silo-solutions, and only solve one part of the equation. With fragmented audiences presented with a variety of advertising assimilation options, marketers need to ensure that campaigns strategically engage with audiences in ways that are very effective.

For this reason, Transit Ads™ commissioned Kantar Millward Brown Media Research™ to analyse and showcase how Transit.TV™ video complements heavyweight TV campaigns. As part of the research we worked with key category leading brands to shed light on Transit.TV™s role in complementing TV and driving cost-effective incremental reach.

A variety of campaigns, with a core focus on the LSM B market, across various sectors – FMCG, retailer, financial institution, QSR – with different TV investment strategies were chosen for the study.

The results showed that all the campaigns experienced high levels of incremental reach when Transit.TV™ was used in conjunction with TV.

Regardless of the length of the TV campaign, or the Rate Card TV investment, or the TV planning strategy; Transit.TV™ was able to deliver incremental reach above TV in every case. The incremental reach ranged from 8% to a staggering 50%, proving that Transit.TV™ offers media planners a way to connect with audiences who cannot be reached on TV alone. Campaigns which achieved a TV reach of 70%+ and included Transit.TV™, all benefitted from double (or triple) campaign frequency, due to high overlaps in exposure.

Furthermore, GRP delivery for Transit.TV™ channels was impressive, given the level of investment. Brands that wish to target core LSM B commuters, can expect GRP delivery anywhere from 900 to 2000 GRPS (depending on the packages and timeframe chosen).

The power of out of home advertising is to constantly remind consumers of a brand message. With Transit.TV™, an array of opportunities exists for advertisers wanting to penetrate a highly sought-after, economically active market segment.


Tractor Outdoor sponsors Project Dignity for their Subz Pads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor have recently partnered with NGO Project Dignity to assist with their Subz Pads Initiative (washable sanitary pads and panties for underprivileged girls) by contributing advertising space on Tractor’s digital network to promote the campaign.

“We give hope to young girls and empower them; giving them an opportunity to feel free, to participate in daily activities and not to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Close to four million girls aged between 10-19 years in South Africa miss a week of school every month and it’s affecting their education. The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education by providing them with Subz Pads,” says Sue Barnes, Director at Project Dignity.

The Subz Pads are manufactured by Subz (Pty) and are distributed through Project Dignity. They have been producing these packs and distributing them to schoolgirls all over South Africa. “We feel very honoured in being part of such an uplifting initiative that gives back to the underprivileged. Sue and her team are doing an amazing job by changing these girls’ lives for the better, and one cannot forget that these girls play a vital role in the future of our economy and are the future of our country. The donation of just one pack could last a girl her entire high school career and allow her to not be embarrassed or worried so that she can attend school,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Subz Pads are sustainable and could last a girl between three to five years. They also do not contain any gels or chemicals and are therefore allergy-free and eco-friendly.

For more information about Subz Pads and how you can make a difference, contact Sue Barnes at Project Dignity by emailing or visit

Diesel Jeans partners with TLC Media

Diesel Jeans (Diesel) has briefed TLC Media (TLC) with the task to run a one month campaign, in various environments, for the launch of the brand’s new jeans – ‘JoggJeans’.

“The campaign communicates the many ways one can escape a bad date in relevant environments, reinforcing the Diesel collection of jeans that are ‘so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them’, even at top speed,” says Greg Bruwer, TLC’s managing director.

‘Bad Date Survival Tips’ were placed as decals on change room mirrors in selected Edgars stores and the washrooms of selected shopping malls. The tips offered advice on ways to escape from an ‘awkward’ date.

In order to target a wide range of people, the campaign was extended into spaces beyond the Diesel stores and selected shopping malls.

TLC presented Diesel’s ‘Bad Date Survival Tips’ to people in spaces where dates happen, like in restaurants and bars through mirror decals and backlit mirror frames.

Twenty Planet Fitness Gyms provided additional outlets to the campaign through the use of A4 frames. Gym-goers were presented with a either a ‘Survival Tip’ or the ‘or just run in Diesel JoggJeans’ call to action line.

“This was a fun and well-executed campaign for Diesel ‘JoggJeans’,” concludes Bruwer. “It just confirms that washroom advertising can be fashionable and entertaining at the same time.”