BarTalk India to unveil real-time social display network

BarTalk India, a revolutionary digital innovation, is out to let the millennials take their love ‘story’ to a world beyond their smartphones this Valentine’s Day. BarTalk’s operations were first unveiled with the successful Don’t Drink & Drive initiative in association with Delhi Police.

BarTalk India, is a Millennial Display Network driven by user generated content, connected real-time across the most trending bars in Delhi. It is the first real-time social display network that weaves millennials lifestyles into an ecosystem which redefines how one socialises, shares, connects and influences. With influencer marketing at its peak, It also opens a new world to brands which enables them to connect with millennials and weave their brand story like never before through its automated display platform.

Spread across the most trending bars of Delhi-NCR, BarTalk’s innovative digital canvas lets people know their ‘story’ is important and worth sharing with an audience larger than their immediate social circle.

As BarTalk India opens its platform to the public on Valentine’s Day on February 14, its Founder & CEO Gautam Bhirani, said: “People are important and so are their stories. BarTalk India is a millennial display network driven by user-generated content. It’s a canvas where people and their stories meet.”

“Today, socialising has become an inescapable phenomenon. Wednesday is the new Saturday. To be out and seen is a lifestyle today, and this trend has given birth to a new generation; The Digital Diners. From culinary paparazzi, trending selfies and group pictures — people create content and share it all the time to be liked, admired and influence peers.

“BarTalk India helps you take that experience to a world bigger and beyond cellphones. It will redefine how you socialise where these valuable stories can influence your social circle.

“Personalisation is a key ingredient when connecting with the millennials, who like it when they are made to feel special. That is exactly what BarTalk does – We make people feel special and it couldn’t have been a better day to launch our platform when thousands of couples would be out and celebrating with their special ones. And for the ones who are single, you never know how a good selfie at our partner bar can bring up a total surprise for you.”

Umang Tiwari, Founder, Big Fish Ventures, said, “BarTalk is a great innovation in the F&B space and a wonderful way to connect to our customers. Our outlets are flooded with youngsters who love to click and share. From this breakthrough in digital innovation our customers this Valentine’s Day will get a platform at our outlets which will make their special stories at our bar even more memorable by seeing it live on large digital displays.”

Priyank Sukhija, Managing Director, First Fiddle Restaurants, said, “Valentine’s Day is special for everyone who is in love and thus gets super special for as at First Fiddle restaurants. To make this day even more special, BarTalk India opens its platform for all of you with a live Valentine’s Day Wall across all our outlets.”

Rahul Singh, Managing Director, The Beer Cafe said, “BarTalk is a very thoughtfully constructed display network that taps a restaurant’s ecosystem really well. It is a conduit which is capable of connecting us with our customers in a delightful manner. It acts as a catalyst in our effort of building a responsible community culture.”

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