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Face First Media enters the DOOH arena with its first Digital LED sign at the King Shaka International Airport

Face First Media has just completed the installation of its first Digital LED sign that would officially go live the beginning of May 2019. “This gateway sign was tactically chosen as preeminent launching pad of our planned digital footprint in South Africa. The sign is strategically placed at the main entrance to the King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) and exhumes a sense of gravitas that would offer our clients superior digital exposure, Stevan Wilken, Face First Media’s Managing Director enthusiastically explains.”


Perhaps not surprising as KSIA was recently announced as South Africa’s fastest growing airport. As reported in the Kwazulu-Natal Daily News of 19 January 2019, the soaring international numbers, together with strong domestic passenger growth of more than 6% for 2018, saw KSIA retaining its position as South Africa’s fastest growing major airport for a second year. Almost 5.9 million domestic and international passengers were handled during 2018, of which 372,543 were passengers flying on international routes. As reported, the new non-stop service between London’s Heathrow International Airport and Durban, introduced by British Airways in October 2018, appears to have been the key driver for the double digit growth in international passengers.


“We believe the critical mass of this fast growing transportation hub offers the perfect springboard to introduce digital media into the broader KZN market. There is endless opportunity for creativity, localisation and relevance which is not always possible with static displays. As the technology becomes more immersed in the next few years we could expect it to become even more impressive when paired with other modern technologies such as facial or number plate recognition that could start showcasing the dynamic matching of content to demographics”, Stevan pointedly emphasises. “Perhaps by integrating weather data, these digital signs could host campaigns that change content depending on whether it’s sunny or raining”.


“We are excited to be part of a leading group of media owners pioneering the phasing in of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in South Africa. At a time when traditional advertising is often seen as a nuisance, the introduction of DOOH becomes an even more attractive proposition. Contrary to at-home or online advertising, there is no way for the targeted audience to skip the ad, use an ad-blocker, or change the contents of the screen. We believe the new Gateway Digital LED Sign at the King Shaka International Airport is more likely to be noticed and will ensure that media campaigns get its full playthrough and persuasive punch”, Stevan Wilken concludes.


Airport Ads and Global Out of Home Media Support ACI Africa General Assembly

Airport Ads® in association with Global Out of Home Media recently played a key sponsorship role in the Airports Council International Africa’s 27th Annual General Assembly, Regional Conference and Exhibition, which took place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire from the 13thto the 19thof October.

Airports Council International (ACI) is the only global trade representative of the world’s airports and represents their interests with governments and international organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, develops standards, policies and recommended practices for airports, and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the world.

The theme of this year’s ACI Africa event was Challenges of safety and security in African airports, issues and perspectives” and it was attended by regional and global leaders from the airport industry, government officials and regulators, who were all on hand to discuss African airport safety and security, while exploring innovative solutions and addressing the upcoming challenges of aviation in the region.

With this in mind, the purpose of the joint sponsorship was to strengthen ties with its various partners and to forge new relationships, with the purpose of ultimately servicing the growing needs of airports across the African continent.

Airport Ads® – a division of the Provantage Media Group – is South Africa’s leading airport advertising concessionaire and believes it can play a strategic role in driving the growth of non-aeronautical revenue (NAR) for Africa’s airport operators.

Airport Ads® delivers effective advertising solutions at 23 airports across Africa, together with PMG’s Global Out of Home Media division, which operates over 2,100 strategically positioned sites in key markets on the continent.At the forefront of digital airport advertising, Airport Ads® has over 1,600 digital screens delivering a mix of news and brand messaging on Airport.TV, a place-based digital network of screens located in high dwell zones that adds value to the passenger experience and journey. This is bolstered by Airport Ads’® large format Visionet digital billboards.

As the businesses expand their operations across Africa, there has been huge interest from several of the largest airports on the continent in the service, knowledge and skill Airport Ads® can deliver on the NAR front.

PMG was represented in Abidjan by Deputy CEO Mzi Deliwe, who is also the head of Airport Ads®, and Sylvain Rouch, GM at Global Out Of Home Media. Deliwe delivered the keynote speech at the event’s gala dinner – which was attended by a number of dignitaries – during which he was able to touch on key trends and insights, and the value of NAR to airport concessioners.

All around the world, airports rely on non-aeronautical revenue such as retail concessions, advertising, car parking, property and real estate to maintain their facilities and provide high quality service.

The average revenue derived from NAR is in the region of 40% globally and overall it’s a US$63.5bn industry. This is an important revenue stream that adds immediate value to the bottom line for airport operators, but Africa’s airports are lagging behind. On the continent, less than 20% of airports’ revenues generated is commercial.

Analysts forecast that the global airport NAR market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.95% through to 2021, which means that Africa’s airports have a huge opportunity to transform and unlock the potential available from this revenue stream.

The businesses’ continued initiatives aimed at supporting current offerings and growing their overall African airports footprint ensures that operators and brands alike are provided with the best possible advertising revenue streams and solutions continent wide.

British Airways converses with Consumers via Airport Ads’ Visionet

British Airways is showcasing it’s unique offering via Airport Ads’® highly visible Visionet™ digital billboard at King Shaka International Airport.

The large-format Visionet™ digital billboard is located in the bustling domestic departures area at King Shaka International Airport, offering prime real estate for advertisers wanting to communicate with a highly desirable upper LSM market.

With close to half a million passengers passing through the airport each month, the digital billboard offers the perfect platform for the advertising of luxury brands, services and products that would be of interest to the leisure and business traveller market.

In line with global trends, advertising in the airport environment has become a key element within the marketing mix aimed at the upper income bracket.  And, concurrent with other OOH environments, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has become increasingly popular within airport precincts. The global trend towards making use of this highly effective advertising medium points to its relevance and immediacy. It reaches travellers poised to engage with, and purchase, products and services that are significant to their lifestyle.

ABSA branding dominates with Airport Ads

Airport Ads® recently implemented an OOH advertising campaign for ABSA that provided the brand with the unique advantage of dominating key zones within South Africa’s busiest airport – OR Tambo International in Johannesburg. The ABSA messaging targeted consumers within high footfall areas with long dwell times, and thus reaped the benefits of an all-encompassing, top of mind awareness campaign in a captive environment that was not cluttered by other brands.

The campaign was concurrently implemented at King Shaka and Cape Town International airports. As a sponsor of the Mining Indaba, ABSA wanted to take the opportunity to engage with consumers travelling to and from Cape Town for the event, and did so with excellent results.

In terms of visibility, in excess of 5,4 million passengers move through King Shaka, approximately 20 million pass through OR Tambo and more than 7 million go through Cape Town international annually, this is over and above consumers who enter the airports to meet and greet or to use other services such as banking, retail and, in Johannesburg, the Gautrain. The audience is captive, experiencing high dwell times which in turn delivers high recall for a brand, and even more so if the brand dominates in a particular zone.

Furthermore, in the airport environment, every media platform provided by Airport Ads® has been strategically selected or located using Environment Media Mapping (EMM) to maximize brand engagement and exposure. As such, the ABSA messaging was unmissable.

Airport Ads® delivers high traffic volumes, captive audiences, upper LSM consumers, high impact signage and digital solutions to advertisers. These benefits provide an ideal environment for brands seeking to attract targeted consumers within high dwell time zones through integrated marketing campaigns.


Provantage Media Group’s Airport Ads launches Visionet at Lanseria

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is becoming increasingly popular within airport environments – according to Airport World magazine, it now accounts for between 20% and 40% of sales at large international airportsi. The global trend towards making use of this highly effective advertising medium points to its relevance and immediacy – and luxury brands are particularly excited by the possibility of reaching travellers poised to shop in the ‘third space’ that airports have become.

With this global trend in mind, Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, unveiled three high-definition Visionet™ digital billboards at Lanseria International Airport on 1 September. As a growing airport that is strategically important to Gauteng – it is in the process of constructing a multi-storey parkade and has introduced a SLOW lounge for more discerning upper LSM passengers (73% of Lanseria commuters are in LSM 10, and 60% earn more than R25,000 per month, according to research conducted by Millward Brown). Lanseria is therefore the perfect place to showcase premium-quality brands to an ever-increasing number of passengers (and a large number of VIPs). The average age of passengers in this airport is 39 and travellers are as likely to be flying for business as for leisure. Most are male (51%) and are frequent flyers (61%); 89% are household decision-makers, with the most commonly found passenger a 40-year-old male who travels for business and whose personal income exceeds R60k a month.

The billboards are situated in the main concourse on the bulkhead between escalators leading to and from the upper food court; above the entrance/exit doors near the car rental section; and above the entrance/exit doors at the drop-off/pick-up area and are all in sync. They target all arriving and departing passengers as well as all visitors to the airport terminal building (166,667 people a month).

The first large-format Visionet™ digital billboard was launched at King Shaka International Airport in 2014 and more billboards will be rolled out in key high-density nodes in order to speak to upper LSM leisure and business travellers. The enormous LED billboards are among the largest indoor screens in an airport environment in South Africa.

Mzukisi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of Provantage Media Group, comments: “The innovative, state-of-the-art billboards will enhance the airport environment, providing an opportunity for brands to reach the right target market. Visionet™ consolidates our position as a leader in DOOH in southern Africa – we are already market leaders with our digital place-based networks™ and TRANSIT.TV™. We are excited to have rolled out more large-format screens in a prime location, namely a second international airport.”

OOH flies high in airports as passenger numbers increase

Air travel is booming. The number of trips taken by plane somewhere in the world could increase to around 13 billion by 2030 and demand for air travel has doubled every 15 years this century, according to Global Construction Review magazine. The global industry is expected to grow by an average of 4.7% a year, which means a huge increase in passenger numbers. All this suggests that airports are changing in a way that works in the marketer’s favour – who wouldn’t want to reach a burgeoning market of largely affluent business and leisure travellers, some of whom are the SADC region’s key decision-makers?

In addition, not everyone visiting an airport is a passenger. Airports are now destination brands in their own right, with food and retail outlets bolstering their non-flying revenues, and for every passenger in transit a further 2.5 people accompany them to airports.

Although Africa’s aviation market accounts for only 3% of global passenger traffic, this still equates to millions of passengers every year. South Africa’s OR Tambo International takes the prize for most passengers –20 million passengers a year – while Cairo International Airport in Egypt has the second-highest number of passengers and services over 65 international airlines. Other countries in the African top 10 include Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya.

The latest figures from Airports Company South Africa indicate that there has been a year-on-year increase in the number of passenger numbers, with the exception of the 2013/14 fiscal year. According to 2016/17 figures, 39 877 142 passengers passed through ACSA’s airports, up from 38 643 284 in 2015/16.

South Africa’s busiest airport, O. R. Tambo, exceeded 20 million passengers in the 2015/16 period and is expected to improve upon that figure for the 2016/2017 period; meanwhile, Cape Town International Airport is to be commended on exceeding one million passengers for the first time in a single month in December last year. The airport clocked up an impressive 10 211 390 passengers from June 2016 to May 2017.

What this will mean for airports is an ever-increasing investment in infrastructure – many airports are expanding to accommodate a growing number of travellers. Lanseria is in the process of building a multi-storey parking facility – part of its proposed upgrade, which includes a renovated passenger terminal and improved road access to the airport itself.  Cape Town International Airport is expected to upgrade its runway and taxiways to the tune  of approximately R3.18bn and O. R. Tambo International Airport is set to construct ‘remote apron stands’ that will house larger aircraft and provide space for passengers who need to be bussed from the aircraft.

As already world-class airports expand to accommodate more passengers, so an increasing number of upper-LSM consumers will pass through their doors – many of whom stay for a number of hours (airports are known for their high dwell times). Advertisers could find their brands at the centre of these ‘aerotropolises’, which are known for their retail and entertainment services as much as their ability to get passengers from Point A to Point B.

A study conducted by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority has shown that travellers are receptive to brand messaging in the airport environment – 85% of passengers claimed to enjoy airport advertising, while 85% were open to finding out about new products and services through these channels. In addition, 73% of air travellers said they took time to read advertisements.

With its ability to reach targeted audiences in 13 airports (12 in South Africa and also Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia), Airport Ads® is well placed to assist brands wishing to reach consumers. It enjoys access to all ACSA-owned airports in South Africa, and exclusive rights at Lanseria, Kruger and Polokwane International Airports.

When marketing and brand managers are ready to expose their brands to the right target markets, Airport Ads can deliver the exposure, revenue and ROI desired.