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Primedia Outdoor illuminates the streets of Namibia

With an Adlites footprint across four African markets, Primedia Outdoor recently installed self-contained solar technology onto 204 double-sided directional signs in various residential and business centers in and around Windhoek, Namibia’s capital city. This installation allows for uninterrupted internal illumination, ensuring the advertisers’ message is always visible.

With an estimated population of 463 800 (City Population), Windhoek is Namibia’s administrative, commercial and industrial center positioned well to benefit from international trade. Strategically located at key intersections in the city, these double-sided directional signs are ideal for but not limited to small businesses, fast foods, banks, retailers, fuel stations and car dealerships to drive customers in store.

This solar system is designed for extreme weather and environmental conditions, delivering 1000 lumens, 9 hours illumination and three days battery stand-by. Having retained the advertising contract in September 2018, the new solar powered Adlites are environmentally friendly as they do not use electricity but only solar energy panels that are affixed to the top of the structure. 

“Directional signage has proven to be effective for both motorists and pedestrians in locating facilities and local businesses. Our commitment to installing these solar-powered panels provide cost-effective media platforms for brands to deliver proximity messaging, while at the same time offering extended branding opportunities 24-hours a day”, said Tamara van Eeckhoven, Chief Operating Officer of Primedia Outdoor Rest-of-Africa.

Primedia Outdoor’s Adlites holding in Namibia speaks to its solid commitment to deliver on strategic and effective product locations in order to reach audiences at the right time and place in key markets. With a combined total of over 5 000 directional Adlites, Primedia Outdoor is able to deliver a cost effective and action based media solution in South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia and now Namibia.


Primedia Outdoor unveils its powerful new video wall in Lagos

In their continued drive to bring the best branding opportunities to the Rest-of-Africa, Primedia Outdoor has recently unveiled a new 3m x 12m LED video wall in Ikeja City Mall, the largest shopping mall in Lagos, Nigeria.

Surrounded by over a 100 stores and restaurants, this landscape LED video wall offers a powerful communication platform, allowing unlimited creative executions to boost key campaign messages to the shoppers in the mall. Located in the Shoprite concourse of the mall, this high-definition LED video wall has the opportunity to reach approximately 670 000 shoppers on a monthly basis (Hyprop Investments).

The Ikeja City Mall is a significant consumer hub for the area. With 36% of all the business parks and commercial buildings, and 38% of all residential areas in the city of Lagos fall within a 10km radial catchment area of the shopping mall – ensuring that it is a key point of convergence and a go to destination for the people of Lagos.

“Digital Out-of-Home is a powerful medium in the mall environment as price and product can be communicated daily to the shoppers and can also deliver on furthering consumer engagement with brands by utilising dynamic capabilities. It’s an exciting space and we look forward to helping brands in establishing stronger presence in a mall environment”, said Tamara van Eeckhoven, Chief Operating Officer of Primedia Outdoor Rest-of-Africa. “We are delighted about the launch of our new eye-catching LED video wall. The screen is strategically placed in a prime location, targeting shoppers in the main concourse of the mall”, she added.

The rollout of this video wall further advances Primedia Outdoor’s Digital Out-of-Home portfolio across nine key markets in Rest-of-Africa and South Africa, offering extensive coverage in high-demand areas and key locations across roadside, mall and rank environments. With the addition of this LED video wall, Primedia Outdoor continues to deliver seamless, targeted and intelligent media platforms for all brands in key commercial and roadside environments.

Alliance Media partners with the Heart Marathon 2019 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

The Heart Marathon is organised to help children who are suffering from heart problems, and currently there are 512 children waiting to undergo heart operations at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JCI).

The Alliance Media Tanzania team not only provided financial support, but helped to create awareness for the Marathon which took place on Sunday April 28thin Dar es Salaam with over 3,000 runners.

“Supporting a charity that provides heart surgeries to children in Tanzania, allows us to make a difference that could not have been done without the support of our valued customers” says Greg Benatar, the Sales and Marketing Director at Alliance Media.

The Alliance Media Tanzania team were also proud to have put on their running shoes for a good cause.

Primedia Outdoor and Coca-Cola take creative execution to another level in Zambia

Primedia Outdoor continues to push boundaries in Sub-Saharan Africa after recently joining forces with soft drink giant, Coca-Cola, to install a 12 meter-high bottle in Lusaka, Zambia, as part of its strategy to drive innovation and create impact within the market.


“Our ultimate intention is to dominate and break through the advertising clutter in Lusaka’s inner city, achieving top-of-mind brand awareness in the biggest way possible. We always strive for innovation across all media platforms including OOH. This is one of the biggest innovative executions in Zambia, providing an opportunity to target one of the busiest nodes in the city”, Shem Oluchiri, Media Manager of Coca Cola ECAF said. He added that, “Collaborating with Primedia Outdoor goes to show our confidence in their capability to deliver exciting and impactful billboard campaigns”.


Located on the busy, four-lane Kafue Road, this massive structure is made up of steel – welded directly onto a structural upright of Primedia Outdoor’s billboard. Commuters traveling into and out of the city will be met by this larger-than-life structure, creating spectacular impact. Tamara van Eeckhoven, COO of Primedia Outdoor (Rest of Africa) said, “We take pride in delivering memorable campaigns that come with rich brand experience and appealing creative execution for our clients. The dominance offered by this structure entrenches brand presence and momentously provides greater visual stand-out, particularly in a competitive market like Lusaka”.


This campaign significantly raises the profile of Primedia Outdoor as a market leader in Africa’s Out-of-Home space, through its comprehensive portfolio of traditional and digital advertising solutions. With an impressive coverage across nine African markets, Primedia Outdoor has positioned itself as a strong media business, delivering high-impact locations and products to increase market reach and execute cost-effective campaigns for brands.


Alliance Media Namibia is proud to have been awarded as the overall winner in the OOH (Out of Home) category at the PMR (Professional Management Review) awards. The Alliance Media team scored highest out of all industry players at the ceremony held at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek on 26 February 2019.

The Alliance Media Namibia team has been truly committed to Outdoor and Airport advertising in Namibia, and the award further solidifies Alliance Media’s position as the market leader in OOH in Namibia”  said Greg Benatar, Group Sales Director.

The PMR awards are awarded through an independent survey. The ratings are sourced from top decision makers to identify leaders in all major industries who contribute to economic growth and development.

Alliance Media has been awarded as the best OOH media company in multiple African markets for the past 10 years; 2009 – 2019. In addition, Alliance Media was awarded the “Best Media Owner in Africa” at the recent 2018 South African Media Awards.


2018 has been a year of change for Global Out of Home Media – a division of the Provantage Media Group – in which it has implemented and put in place foundations upon which to capitalise on its market-leading position in the African market and deliver tangible results for its customers.

A key element in this change has been a rebranding of the division, in order to position the company for future growth and development.

With this has come a new logo that places Africa ‘at the heart’ of Global Out of Home Media, illustrating the division’s passion for the continent.

“The new look and feel builds on our legacy and heritage, but also offers a modern take on it, which complements the company as leaders in the out of home space,” says Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager of Global Out of Home Media.

Another important development has seenthe appointment of experienced industry professional Patrick de Robillard as Global Out of Home Media’s Head of Sales. De Robillard has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and is a specialist in the African market.

“This is a great opportunity,” says De Robillard. “I’m proud to be looking after such a highly-regarded brand and team and it’s great to be back at Global and working across Africa. I feel that Global Out of Home Media, together with PMG’s resources, forward-thinking and innovative approach, is going to be a serious force to be reckoned with in the next couple of years.”

With years of experience across Africa, Global Out of Home Media offers advertisers insight and key in-market experience, making it seamless to advertise across the continent. Its knowledge of the African market, continued investment, particularly in Digital Out-of-Home, including its unique nuances and the dynamics of how to operate, puts Global Out of Home Media in the perfect position to deliver best-in-class service, sites and audiences.

Ultimately, this means Global Out of Home Media is primed to service a host of multinational brands, media and creative agencies, in addition to the direct business it generates. It prides itself on delivering effective and results-driven campaigns, with a focus on service excellence and the leveraging of its position as an expert in the Africa market.

Estimates show that by 2025, almost half of Africans will be living in cities. This has positioned the continent as a major investment market, which is helping to fuel the GDP growth of many African countries.

This economic growth, together with media fragmentation, provides an ideal environment in which out of home media is able to play a role in providing a communication vehicle and access to sought after consumer sets. Effectively, the growth in urbanization and investment will lead to an increase in commuter traffic and time exposed to Out-of-Home.

Further to that, the business has taken a long-term view on Africa and recently demonstrated its commitment to the continent’s out of home industry by taking one of the leading sponsorships atthe Airports Council International Africa’s27th Annual General Assembly, Regional Conference and Exhibition, in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in October.


That commitment, coupled with the introduction of new opportunities and OOH innovations, means that Global Out of Home Media is in a position to provide agencies and multinationals with the opportunity to work with one company, and one that is able to deliver on their out-of-home communications requirements in key airport and roadside billboard locations across Africa.

Global OOH Media ramps up investment in Nigeria with upgrade to its Abuja roadside network.

Global Out of Home Media (Global), one of the largest African Out-of-Home media owners recently undertook a major refurbishment exercise of its holding in Abuja. The investment saw the media owner upgrading its entire network of 3mx6m and 7mx5m billboard sites across the city.

Abuja is a well-planned city with a population of over 2 million people, where transportation, housing and other infrastructure are among the best on offer in the West African region. To complement the rapid growth and highly desirable destination, Global embarked on a process in which it completely refreshed and internally illuminated all its sites.

In a city that’s sees large numbers of people taking to the streets as they head out into the  pulsating night-life of the city, the illuminated billboards add to the experience of an exciting and vibrant evening out. The illumination also extends the visibility of the advertising for brands, who now enjoy 24/7 exposure.

“Our investment in Abuja ensures that we are delivering a world class product in Nigeria, one of the fastest-growing markets in the entertainment and media universe. Last year it saw 15.7% growth, reaching a value of US$3.8 billion. With an 11.0% CAGR anticipated, globally only Indonesia at 13.2% CAGR is expected exceed this pace of growth,” notes Sylvain Rouch, GM at Global.

Abuja – considered one of Africa’s top 6 property investment hotspots – is experiencing a major housing gap as demand for luxury real estate soars due to senior government officials and expatriates seeking to invest in the city. It is also known as the start-up capital of Nigeria, with a host of technology investment and development start-ups calling the area home.

This is a city that is experiencing massive and rapid growth. With a number of booming industries including FMCG, consumer electronics, tourism and agriculture among others, Abuja also accounts for 10% of all new smart phone sales over the last year in Nigeria, Africa’s second largest mobile market, valued at over $4 billion. Abuja has an estimated GDP of $12billion, with an estimated GDP per person of $5,853. From an OOH perspective, CAGR growth of 7.8% is expected, providing for a healthy future, one which Global has already started preparing for.

“Abuja is a key market in Africa for any brand looking to enter the highly valuable Nigerian market, consolidate its existing position or grow market share. Our investment in the newly illuminated Glo-Lites, positioned in high-traffic locations, reaffirms our leading position in the market while through our holding, providing the coverage and scale advertisers seek in markets such as this,” concludes Rouch.

Alliance Media awarded East Africa Superbrand status for the 7th consecutive year.

On 16 November 2018, Superbrands East Africa hosted a distinguished awards ceremony at the Serena Hotel Nairobi.

The evening was dedicated to the celebration of exceptional brands in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Top executives from 50 companies were in attendance including the team from Alliance Media Kenya.

“There has never been a more exciting time to identify and celebrate the region’s top brands. As Superbrands continues to identify the cream of the crop, the brands highlighted continue to provide inspiration to those aspiring to create brands with a difference.” said Jawad Jaffer, the Project Director of  Superbrands East Africa.

Alliance Media sees the recognition received by Superbrands East Africa for the past seven years as a true accolade as it underpins the fact that Alliance Media fully understands the importance of creating a strong brand.

Alliance Media’s clients’ use outdoor and airport advertising to build their brands across the African continent and this Superbrands Award shows that Alliance Media is a partner who knows how to grow brands.

Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognising, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world. Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.



Global Out Of Home Media, which provides advertising solutions across Africa, continues to expand its footprint of quality sites following the renewal and extension of its contract with the Urban Community of Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The contract which came into effect in September 2018 grants shared rights along the highly sought after 23km long Presidential Road in the city. The road extends from the Palace of the President to Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport, including the new highway section which runs from the airport through to the centre of the city.

Says Sylvain Rouch, GM at Global Out Of Home Media, “In recognition of Global’s understanding and service within the Out-of-Home environment in the city, the renewal has been concluded with a longer than normal contract period of eight years. The city was looking to partner with organisations that would provide investment in the area, and deliver a long term vision that would see investment directed at an increased number of premium structures and solutions in key demand locations.”

In addition to media rights with access and visibility to highly desirable consumers segments, the contract calls for the beautification of the immediate area along the route. The inclusion of the above provides additional value to the city in its continued efforts to deliver a superior service offering to both visitors and residents, in line with its position as one of the leading West African capital cities.

Yaoundé’s built-up urban area extends over 231 square kilometres and is home to an estimated 3.2 million inhabitants who enjoy a relatively higher standard of living and security compared to the rest of Cameroon. In recognition of this, several zones within the city have been reclassified in terms of Out-of-Home advertising where only static and digital billboards, billboards and innovative street furniture may be installed.This strategy effectively streamlines and maximizes the effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaigns.

Yaoundé is one of Cameroon’s top tourism destinations, and home to most of the country’s national monuments, a number of museums and sport stadiums.The country is often described by as “Africa in miniature”, promoting its diversity of climate, culture, and geography. This label taking on an expanded meaning as the country plays host to the 2019 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the most prestigious football competition in Africa. Cameroon are the current title holders of the tournament, with the national team set to defend their title during June and July next year.

Yaoundé’s Paul Biya Stadiumwill play host to the opening game and tournament finals among others, and is joined by the city’s Stade Ahmadou Ahidjowhere Group matches will also be played. An expanded tournament, sponsored by some of the world’s biggest brands, sees 24 teams from Africa taking part, resulting in broader interest, higher levels of media coverage and more eyes on activities in this vibrant city, not to mention increased sports tourism from neighbouring states and beyond.

This city is a melting pot, one with a diverse consumer base who love watching football and listening to music. These are consumers that are habitual, often buying the same brand, where across all segments, brand loyalty and affordability are key purchase drivers. With over 40% of total monthly household expenditure going to consumer packaged goods, Cameroon, and Yaoundé in particular has the ability to deliver valuable return on investment for brands launching advertising campaigns in the market.

“The terms of the agreement between ourselves and Yaoundé Urban City reinforces the ability of Global to not only provide effective solutions for the city, but also to add value in terms of beautification and administrative assistance.  We are excited at the prospect of partnering with the city that hosts many key international and African events, such as AFCON 2019, PROMOTE International Exhibition for SMEs and Partnerships of Yaoundeand the PAN-Africa Health Conferencein the early part of the year to name a few. We look forward to increasing our digital footprint and providing more premium type offerings in the city and country at large,” concludes Rouch.

Primedia Outdoor launches Radio-to-Road synergy in Zambia

In continuous efforts to expand innovative product offerings in sub-Saharan Africa, Primedia Outdoor has announced Radio-to-Road initiative in Zambia, an integrated multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity allowing clients to create high-impact campaigns.

To build memorable content that is appealing and engaging, Primedia Outdoor has partnered with the local Zambian commercial radio station, Hot FM, to bring ad campaigns to life. The number-one news and entertainment broadcaster has an average listenership of three million people who tune in every day covering mainly the centre of commerce, Lusaka and the Copperbelt province.

Coupled with Primedia Outdoor’s digital footprint of six LED screens in Lusaka and two in Kitwe, this audiovisual innovation enables clients to significantly leverage on brand storytelling and extend their ultimate reach. Dominic Nyirenda, sales manager of Hot FM, commented on this revolutionary partnership: “Hot FM is very honoured to join efforts with the largest outdoor advertiser in delivering advanced digital advertising solution for clients to create captivating campaigns. This collaboration will certainly transform the OOH media landscape in Zambia and other large parts of Africa going forward.”

Following the successful introduction of this unique radio and urban digital network blend in South Africa, Ameer Isaacs, GM of Primedia Outdoor – Zambia, said, “This is a first-to-market advertising solution in Zambia which promises to enhance the impact of marketer’s communication by delivering both audio and visual advert for the same campaign, at the same time. We have encompassed our LED screens with the leading commercial radio station in Zambia to enjoy the synergy of a complementary radio and OOH campaign at a preferential discount.”

In true essence, this partnership purely represents a landmark collaboration to extend branding opportunities and open up all sorts of interactive possibilities for progressive brands to leverage more effectively considering the cluttered advertising environment in Zambia. With high levels of reach, this exclusive offering creates a pathway of future-forward means of running successful campaigns in connecting with audiences from all walks of life.