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Global OOH Media ramps up investment in Nigeria with upgrade to its Abuja roadside network.

Global Out of Home Media (Global), one of the largest African Out-of-Home media owners recently undertook a major refurbishment exercise of its holding in Abuja. The investment saw the media owner upgrading its entire network of 3mx6m and 7mx5m billboard sites across the city.

Abuja is a well-planned city with a population of over 2 million people, where transportation, housing and other infrastructure are among the best on offer in the West African region. To complement the rapid growth and highly desirable destination, Global embarked on a process in which it completely refreshed and internally illuminated all its sites.

In a city that’s sees large numbers of people taking to the streets as they head out into the  pulsating night-life of the city, the illuminated billboards add to the experience of an exciting and vibrant evening out. The illumination also extends the visibility of the advertising for brands, who now enjoy 24/7 exposure.

“Our investment in Abuja ensures that we are delivering a world class product in Nigeria, one of the fastest-growing markets in the entertainment and media universe. Last year it saw 15.7% growth, reaching a value of US$3.8 billion. With an 11.0% CAGR anticipated, globally only Indonesia at 13.2% CAGR is expected exceed this pace of growth,” notes Sylvain Rouch, GM at Global.

Abuja – considered one of Africa’s top 6 property investment hotspots – is experiencing a major housing gap as demand for luxury real estate soars due to senior government officials and expatriates seeking to invest in the city. It is also known as the start-up capital of Nigeria, with a host of technology investment and development start-ups calling the area home.

This is a city that is experiencing massive and rapid growth. With a number of booming industries including FMCG, consumer electronics, tourism and agriculture among others, Abuja also accounts for 10% of all new smart phone sales over the last year in Nigeria, Africa’s second largest mobile market, valued at over $4 billion. Abuja has an estimated GDP of $12billion, with an estimated GDP per person of $5,853. From an OOH perspective, CAGR growth of 7.8% is expected, providing for a healthy future, one which Global has already started preparing for.

“Abuja is a key market in Africa for any brand looking to enter the highly valuable Nigerian market, consolidate its existing position or grow market share. Our investment in the newly illuminated Glo-Lites, positioned in high-traffic locations, reaffirms our leading position in the market while through our holding, providing the coverage and scale advertisers seek in markets such as this,” concludes Rouch.

Alliance Media awarded East Africa Superbrand status for the 7th consecutive year.

On 16 November 2018, Superbrands East Africa hosted a distinguished awards ceremony at the Serena Hotel Nairobi.

The evening was dedicated to the celebration of exceptional brands in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Top executives from 50 companies were in attendance including the team from Alliance Media Kenya.

“There has never been a more exciting time to identify and celebrate the region’s top brands. As Superbrands continues to identify the cream of the crop, the brands highlighted continue to provide inspiration to those aspiring to create brands with a difference.” said Jawad Jaffer, the Project Director of  Superbrands East Africa.

Alliance Media sees the recognition received by Superbrands East Africa for the past seven years as a true accolade as it underpins the fact that Alliance Media fully understands the importance of creating a strong brand.

Alliance Media’s clients’ use outdoor and airport advertising to build their brands across the African continent and this Superbrands Award shows that Alliance Media is a partner who knows how to grow brands.

Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognising, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world. Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.



Global Out Of Home Media, which provides advertising solutions across Africa, continues to expand its footprint of quality sites following the renewal and extension of its contract with the Urban Community of Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The contract which came into effect in September 2018 grants shared rights along the highly sought after 23km long Presidential Road in the city. The road extends from the Palace of the President to Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport, including the new highway section which runs from the airport through to the centre of the city.

Says Sylvain Rouch, GM at Global Out Of Home Media, “In recognition of Global’s understanding and service within the Out-of-Home environment in the city, the renewal has been concluded with a longer than normal contract period of eight years. The city was looking to partner with organisations that would provide investment in the area, and deliver a long term vision that would see investment directed at an increased number of premium structures and solutions in key demand locations.”

In addition to media rights with access and visibility to highly desirable consumers segments, the contract calls for the beautification of the immediate area along the route. The inclusion of the above provides additional value to the city in its continued efforts to deliver a superior service offering to both visitors and residents, in line with its position as one of the leading West African capital cities.

Yaoundé’s built-up urban area extends over 231 square kilometres and is home to an estimated 3.2 million inhabitants who enjoy a relatively higher standard of living and security compared to the rest of Cameroon. In recognition of this, several zones within the city have been reclassified in terms of Out-of-Home advertising where only static and digital billboards, billboards and innovative street furniture may be installed.This strategy effectively streamlines and maximizes the effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaigns.

Yaoundé is one of Cameroon’s top tourism destinations, and home to most of the country’s national monuments, a number of museums and sport stadiums.The country is often described by as “Africa in miniature”, promoting its diversity of climate, culture, and geography. This label taking on an expanded meaning as the country plays host to the 2019 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the most prestigious football competition in Africa. Cameroon are the current title holders of the tournament, with the national team set to defend their title during June and July next year.

Yaoundé’s Paul Biya Stadiumwill play host to the opening game and tournament finals among others, and is joined by the city’s Stade Ahmadou Ahidjowhere Group matches will also be played. An expanded tournament, sponsored by some of the world’s biggest brands, sees 24 teams from Africa taking part, resulting in broader interest, higher levels of media coverage and more eyes on activities in this vibrant city, not to mention increased sports tourism from neighbouring states and beyond.

This city is a melting pot, one with a diverse consumer base who love watching football and listening to music. These are consumers that are habitual, often buying the same brand, where across all segments, brand loyalty and affordability are key purchase drivers. With over 40% of total monthly household expenditure going to consumer packaged goods, Cameroon, and Yaoundé in particular has the ability to deliver valuable return on investment for brands launching advertising campaigns in the market.

“The terms of the agreement between ourselves and Yaoundé Urban City reinforces the ability of Global to not only provide effective solutions for the city, but also to add value in terms of beautification and administrative assistance.  We are excited at the prospect of partnering with the city that hosts many key international and African events, such as AFCON 2019, PROMOTE International Exhibition for SMEs and Partnerships of Yaoundeand the PAN-Africa Health Conferencein the early part of the year to name a few. We look forward to increasing our digital footprint and providing more premium type offerings in the city and country at large,” concludes Rouch.

Primedia Outdoor launches Radio-to-Road synergy in Zambia

In continuous efforts to expand innovative product offerings in sub-Saharan Africa, Primedia Outdoor has announced Radio-to-Road initiative in Zambia, an integrated multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity allowing clients to create high-impact campaigns.

To build memorable content that is appealing and engaging, Primedia Outdoor has partnered with the local Zambian commercial radio station, Hot FM, to bring ad campaigns to life. The number-one news and entertainment broadcaster has an average listenership of three million people who tune in every day covering mainly the centre of commerce, Lusaka and the Copperbelt province.

Coupled with Primedia Outdoor’s digital footprint of six LED screens in Lusaka and two in Kitwe, this audiovisual innovation enables clients to significantly leverage on brand storytelling and extend their ultimate reach. Dominic Nyirenda, sales manager of Hot FM, commented on this revolutionary partnership: “Hot FM is very honoured to join efforts with the largest outdoor advertiser in delivering advanced digital advertising solution for clients to create captivating campaigns. This collaboration will certainly transform the OOH media landscape in Zambia and other large parts of Africa going forward.”

Following the successful introduction of this unique radio and urban digital network blend in South Africa, Ameer Isaacs, GM of Primedia Outdoor – Zambia, said, “This is a first-to-market advertising solution in Zambia which promises to enhance the impact of marketer’s communication by delivering both audio and visual advert for the same campaign, at the same time. We have encompassed our LED screens with the leading commercial radio station in Zambia to enjoy the synergy of a complementary radio and OOH campaign at a preferential discount.”

In true essence, this partnership purely represents a landmark collaboration to extend branding opportunities and open up all sorts of interactive possibilities for progressive brands to leverage more effectively considering the cluttered advertising environment in Zambia. With high levels of reach, this exclusive offering creates a pathway of future-forward means of running successful campaigns in connecting with audiences from all walks of life.


Alliance Media Mozambique is honoured to have been awarded the PMR (Professional Management Review) Golden Arrow Award. This year’s award was recently given at the award ceremony at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Maputo Mozambique.

The Alliance Media Mozambique team has been truly committed to Outdoor and Airport advertising in Mozambique, and the award further solidifies Alliance Media’s position as the leader in OOH in Mozambique.

The PMR awards are awarded through an independent survey. The ratings are sourced from top decision makers to identify leaders in all major industries who contribute to economic growth and development.

Alliance Media is Africa’s largest outdoor advertising company, operating over 25,000 advertising sites in 23 African countries. The company is also the largest airport advertising concession holder in Africa, having more airports under management than any other company.

For more information about how Alliance Media grows brands in Mozambique

Primedia Outdoor continues to expand its digital footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa

As part of growing its digital footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa, Primedia Outdoor has recently gone a step further to install new 4m x 8m and 3m x 6m LED screens in eSwatini and Lesotho respectively, marking its position as digital leaders.

Driven by demand and considerable content opportunities, these dynamic structures offer unique advertising for memorable executions with high creative flexibility and ease of updating campaigns at no production costs. Moreover, the screens create immersive consumer experience which can also be integrated with social media content to serve as a new avenue of customer engagement and feedback strategies.

With an estimated population of 2.26 million (World Population Review, 2018), Lesotho has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa with the country’s economy mainly dependant on mining, construction, transport, industrial manufacturing and remittances from migrant labourers in South African mines. On the other hand, formerly known as Swaziland, eSwatini has a population of 1.39 million inhabitants with tourism being one of their biggest industries on account of historic museums, festivals and national parks.

Adding to its comprehensive range of out-of-home advertising solutions, Primedia Outdoor has strategically positioned these high-impact dynamic screens within the commercial hubs of both countries to reinforce brand presence and provide an exclusive platform with complete control of advertising message.

Primedia Outdoor extends branding opportunities in the heart of Harare

In continuous efforts to develop new media opportunities for marketers, Primedia Outdoor has recently erected five innovative Prime Towers on the main highways leading into and out of the CBD of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare has a major population of 1.56 million people – making it the most populous city in Zimbabwe with a diversity of economic activities (World Population Review, 2018). Along with increasing urbanisation, these Prime Towers are perfectly located to extend the opportunity to reach large numbers of consumers and audiences on the move.

To reach the highest traffic of consumers, these enormous 4 sided sites are located within the commercial hubs of the city. Encircled by retailers, restaurants, banks, car dealerships and informal markets, these sites play an essential role in the path to purchase. The dominance offered by Prime Towers carry the capacity to entrench brand presence on the major arterials and are free to passers-by with an increased frequency of consumer exposure.

In essence, these five panels are separately sited in Rainbow Towers (paired), Simon Mazorodze(paired), Dieppe Road(paired), Msasa and Borrowdale to act as brand sentries covering the main entrances and exits to the CBD.

“As Primedia Outdoor, we have decided to bring an advertising format that has never been used before in Zimbabwe to give marketers a new platform to communicate and tell a story. Most importantly, we have placed some of these spectacular towers in pairs to dominate the intersections and create innovation in the market. These structures have a wide appeal and you can communicate a variety of products and services on them”, said Naeem Karbelkar, the GM for Primedia Outdoor in Zimbabwe.


Alliance Media All Women Power Team Wins Best OOH Company in Botswana

Alliance Media is proud to have an all women team that has achieved the highest accolade within their industry.

The all women team was awarded the Diamond Award at the PMR (Professional Management Review) Awards at the end of February 2018. This award placed Alliance Media ahead of all other Out of Home Media companies in Botswana.

Alliance Media invests in the local work force of all 23 countries in which it operates, giving the same opportunities to men and women alike.

The PMR awards are awarded through an independent survey. The ratings are sourced from top decision makers to identify leaders in all major industries who contribute to economic growth and development.

Alliance Media has billboards in all 17 Districts of Botswana. The company also holds the exclusive concession for all media at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport where they have recently installed iconic Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) sites which target key decision makers on the move.

Recognised as the pan-African leader in outdoor and airport advertising, Alliance Media has the widest coverage on the African continent with 25,000 sites. Operating in 23 countries, with over 20 years’ experience, Alliance Media has been awarded “Best Outdoor Advertising Company” in multiple markets for the past 10 consecutive years.

Kenya: X-Rated Condom Billboard Pulled Down After Public Uproar

By Lillian Mutavi

An outdoor advertising company in Nairobi have been forced to pull down a billboard with an explicit message advertising one brand of condoms, following public outcry.

The billboard advertising Kiss condoms, which had been mounted near T-Mall along Langata Road, caused a stir for its explicit message.

The billboard mounted by Magnate Ventures Advertisement Company displays the hands of a woman touching the chest of a man with well-toned abs. “Ni Poa Dame Akicome first,” reads the message on the billboard.

The Acting County Secretary, Nairobi County Leboo Ole Morintant confirmed that they ordered the removal of the billboard as it carried an offensive message.

He said that the county government was working on a Bill that will ensure that any person who puts up such messages is held accountable.


The Nairobi County government Urban Planning Chief Officer Justus Kathenge also said that the county had advised the outdoor advertisement company to pull it down due to the offensive message.

“We received complains from the public. Since we regulate billboards when the public perception on messages they carry do not go down, well we advise for their removal,”said Mr Kathenge.

This is not the first time the condom industry have faced a public backlash over billboard advertisement.

In 2013 an advertisement on a billboard near the Consolata Shrine Catholic Church in Nairobi by a US-based organisation — Catholics for Choice (CFC) — that deemed as offensive by the Catholic Church was pulled down.

The message in the advert read: “We believe in God, we believe that sex is sacred, we believe in caring for each other, we believe in using condoms and good Catholics use condoms.”