Adreach served notice on pole ads

THE city of Johannesburg served a legal notice to street pole advertising company Adreach. The company has been given 30 days to align itself with municipal by-laws after Adreach failed to comply with the Joburg Property Company’s notice of termination of its memorandum of agreement signed in February last year.

“This notice has been ignored by Adreach, which has resulted in the city issuing a final letter of demand, giving the company 30 days to comply. “Failure to comply will result in the city removing all street pole advertising and claiming the costs from Adreach,” MMC for department of economic development, Leah Knott, said. The first notice also required Adreach to remove its advertising and repair any damage to city property caused by advertising boards, within 90 days.

The city’s new by-laws regarding outdoor advertising will pass through council this month. The aim is to reduce the advertising clutter in Jozi and reintroduce control and regulation in outdoor advertising: “By reducing outdoor advertising, we will enhance its revenue value to both the city and the advertising companies. This will also give us the opportunity to open up the game to smaller players and ultimately create a more open and transparent advertising arena.”

Brad Fisher, ADreach CEO, says he disputes the content of the statement issued by the city and that the company believes the city administration is trying to violate its rights by refusing to honour commitments made to the company under the previous (ANC-run) administration. ADreach will defend its rights and show substantive evidence that the city had made a commitment to the company, which employs close to 150 people, that it could continue operating its sites and that a new contract would be forthcoming after the previous contract came to an end. That a signed renewal is not in place doesn’t dilute its rights, nor may the city move against its sites without having concluded a legal process in a court of law, which the company will defend.

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