In two separate incidents over the past months officials of SANRAL and officials of eThekwini Municipality took the law into their own hands and started removing advertising structures belonging to two outdoor companies. These illicit removals were recently stopped by the courts.

As long ago as 2002 a full bench of the KZN High Court ruled that city officials may not remove advertising structures without a court order.  In the case of African Billboard Advertising (Pty) Ltd v North and South Central Local Councils, Durban the  High Court ruled that:

“The principle applies equally to the rights of public bodies such as municipalities or provincial councils or any similar bodies, and even to State Departments. Individual members of a State Department normally cannot, in the interest of their Department, take the law into their own hands and enforce State rights without the State having made use of the assistance of its judicial Department in order to help it to acquire possession of property to which the State may be entitled.”

In December 2017 officials of the eThekwini Municipality took the law into their own hands and started removing billboards of Strawberry without a court order. This was despite an interdict awarded to Strawberry prior to the removal. eThekwini went back to court to have the interdict discharged without notifying Strawberry and then continue with the removal before they were interdicted again on 23 December where the court granted a temporary order. On 19 February 2018, the matter was again before the court and the interdict was made permanent. The said billboards were all on Provincial Roads and was installed in terms of approvals granted by the KZN Provincial Government.

In 2018 SANRAL followed the same unlawful behaviour where they start braking down billboards on bridges that belong to the municipality of Ekurhuleni who also approved the said advertising structures. The outdoor company was Jinja Outdoor who obtained an urgent temporary interdict against SANRAL on Saturday 3 February 2018 in the South Gauteng High Court.

There are more complex legal issues at stake like jurisdiction etc but this type of behaviour will not be tolerated by the courts. Both parties indicated that they have suffered substantial damages to their structures as well as the loss of advertising revenue and they are obtaining legal advice with the view of suing the state entities for damages. If such damages are to be granted by court it would be borne by the us, the taxpayers.

World Out of Home Organisation confirms Toronto for inaugural Congress

The World Out of Home Organisation (formerly FEPE International) has confirmed Toronto in Canada as the venue for its 2020 Congress. The Congress will be held from June 3 – 5. 

WOO represents Out of Home media owners, specialist agencies and suppliers worldwide. Toronto will be the latest in a sequence stemming back to 1959, as FEPE. The 2019 Congress in Dubai attracted a record 450-plus delegates from all parts of the world, including the biggest representations to date from South America, China and India.

Toronto will be the first time Congress has returned to North America since being held in Montreal in the 90s.

WOO President Tom Goddard says: “Dubai in 2019 was a step change for the organisation, not just because much-loved FEPE became WOO to reflect its global stature.

“We had more delegates than ever and feedback from the Congress showed clearly that delegates valued the presentations as well as the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the world.

“Congress is unique among international media events in bringing all sides of the industry together and pulling in the same direction for the good of the medium. We expect Toronto to be another big step forward for the Out of Home industry.”

Primedia Outdoor Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

Primedia Outdoor, the largest wholly South African owned premier Out-of-Home media provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary throughout the month of July and on this notable milestone looks back on the evolution of the company and the accomplishments over the last 25 years.


Formerly known as Primedia Ad Displays, Primedia Outdoor was established in 1994 as an outdoor advertising company focusing on the marketing and sales of outdoor advertising signage for effective media placement solutions in the outdoor environment. Primedia Ad Displays bought a number of outdoor companies to become the biggest contender in the outdoor industry. The company was originally headquartered in Cape Town, and moved to the present headquarters in Constantia Kloof, Johannesburg in 1998 when current CEO Dave Roberts joined Primedia Outdoor as Finance Executive for Primedia Outdoor. 


During these years the outdoor industry saw a complete shift in regulation and control. Prior to 1998 billboards were only permissible on municipal property, you would never find a large format billboard like we see today on the N1 Highway. Third party advertising was prohibited on national roads in South Africa which led to the formation of The South African Manual for Outdoor Advertising Control (SAMOAC). SAMOAC ensures that authorities and organs of state are equipped with the guidelines to ensure control of areas pertaining to traffic safety; protection of the natural environment and commercial interest. Outdoor companies have to this day used this manual and the governing authorities utilise it to refine and amend their own bylaws across all provinces. Vlok Delport, has been with Primedia Outdoor since 2000 as the Projects and Legal Administration Manager and is undoubtably a wealth of wisdom on the bylaws and regulations of outdoor advertising in South Africa, he is an asset to Primedia Outdoor having been in the industry for over 30 years. Vlok has been remarkable in monitoring the adherence of bylaws and local government regulations to determine areas of control and ideal placements of billboards across South Africa.


The late 1990’s to the early 2000’s saw Primedia Outdoor grow from strength to strength with further acquisitions and new builds across the country. It was during this time that the 3mx6m rotational billboard known as Primelites became a formidable product in the industry. Primedia Outdoor ensured it secured the best locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and then later in Cape Town. Now retired, Piet Daniel started as the Development Executive and was later promoted to National Development Manager who was an integral part of Primedia Outdoor for 17 years and was then contracted for a further 3 years, states that “I still come across billboards that I was involved with in one way or another wherever I drive in our beautiful country.  Once I made the decision to finally retire, I took with me great memories of the other people that were involved and are still part of the team growing and cementing the Primedia Outdoor” legacy. Primedia Outdoor’s large format township holding known today as Mass Impact created a stir in the market. Our Development team secured rights across all major areas of South Africa, allowing the company to build a colossal holding of 6mx4m and 9mx6m structures throughout the country ensuring brands were big and bold, creating impact in the townships and rural areas of South Africa. Johan Erasmus, who worked for Primedia Outdoor between 1994-2015 as Operations Executive, now retired was the man who chose “Primedia Blue” paint for all our structures across the country. And to this day, our standing Operations Executive Ravi Naicker uses “Primedia Blue” to ensure our billboards are always maintained to the highest standard and quality. 

Primedia Outdoor had from 1994 developed an inhouse inventory management system known today as the Primedia Inventory Management System (PIMS). The original program available at the time consisted only of a list of site numbers with their corresponding addresses. All other functions were done manually. Over time the first version of PIMS 1 was established, where client invoicing could be raised from the program and supplied to clients from PIMS and exported to electronically for Debtors collection. The site rental program was also integrated whereby site rental accruals and remittances could be raised directly from PIMS. With the development of PIMS 2 major enhancements occurred on the program to the extent that all reporting, presentations and managing of all inventory as well as asset registers can be done directly from PIMS due to the inter-departmental programming of PIMS 2. Barbara Landman, who recently retired as the Business Information Centre Manager of Primedia Outdoor – with 43 years’ experience in the advertising industry, has been exceptional with the development of PIMS from day one. Barbara and the current Information Technology Executive, Barry Van Zyl have been true captains of ensuring one source of accurate and detailed information for the entire company and its stakeholders. Today, Primedia Outdoor has a total of 6 382 structures to sell – this constitutes a total of 23 140 advertising panels and digital slots all captured in PIMS.

2010 onwards saw Primedia Outdoor beginning to take form as a leading Out-of-Home media provider in South Africa. Dave Roberts was named CEO in 2012 and since then has led unsurpassed business growth and stakeholder value. In 2013, ComutaNet was officially consolidated into the outdoor business which brought about a whole new basket of offerings. With intelligence and research, Primedia Outdoor were able to understand the dynamics of the commuter market through WiFi measurement and qualitative research. Donovan Francis who has been part of the team at Primedia for 25 years as a Quality Controller for Operations, says his biggest highlight working for the company was “connecting the WiFi units to our structures in the taxi ranks to count the number of commuters within the ranks” as it was a leap forward in research for this market. Bhamuza, a product built out of market insights and intelligence in the previously known Bottom of the Pyramid market was completed in 2015 with 68 cantilever gantries erected in the densely populated towns of South Africa created further dominance in the outdoor industry for the company. A big milestone for Primedia Outdoor was the consolidation of the Rest of Africa businesses into the company in 2016. Today, Primedia Outdoor continues to be at the forefront of delivering engaging and memorable Out-of-Home campaigns across nine distinct African markets: Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. The consolidation of the Primall division of Primedia (PTY) Ltd in 2018, escalated Primedia Outdoor’s position in the Out-of-Home industry into the mall environments. Primedia Outdoor has just installed passive WiFi units into its malls to ensure accurate measurement and movement of shoppers across the markets. Here unique reach and frequency of shoppers will be established, allowing for accurate measurement in the mall environment. With over 50 malls in the holding, and across different markets – Primedia Outdoor has been able to complete the consumer journey, from home to store. 

In June 2008 Primedia Outdoor took digitisation of billboards by the horns and developed the first large format roadside digital billboards in South Africa. The Urban LED network started with only five sites in and around Sandton. In 2013, Primedia Outdoor launched the first large format highway LED in South Africa on the N1 Highway – today Primedia Outdoor has seven 4.5mx18m digital billboards along the busiest highways in South Africa. Spectrum, the Primedia company that was responsible for the technology and operations of the LEDs was consolidated into Primedia Outdoor in 2017. The Township LED network has recently been developed further into 5 locations across South Africa. This year saw the launch of the largest airport roadside LED in South Africa which was installed at King Shaka 

International Airport in Durban. In total, Primedia Outdoor has over 1000 sqm of digital roadside display. The powerful Rank TV digital product in the taxi ranks also continues to grow from strength to strength ensuring Primedia Outdoor delivers the best digitised offerings to clients and the public across all the diverse markets in South Africa. 

A level 1 BBEEE company, Primedia Outdoor believes in their employees and always gives them the best opportunities, as it is the people and their talent that shapes the future of Primedia Outdoor. Primedia Outdoor and its employees live and are led by 8 values that constitute how people are treated and how business is conducted as a whole. These values drive innovative and results-driven media platforms and business solutions. Primedia Outdoor is known to invest in its people in way of study assistance; training courses; skills workshops and wellness days. Primedia Outdoor is active in internship programs and learnerships on a yearly basis. The 25 years of Primedia Outdoor’s journey has been the time of intense commitment, positive initiatives and exciting projects, all of which was accomplished together with highly-valued talent. 

One of the many employees who have been with Primedia Outdoor for over two decades is Brenda Ndlovu, who has gained a wealth of experience by taking on roles in Reception, Finance, Business Information Centre and is currently a member of our Production team as the Senior Production Co-ordinator. “Primedia Outdoor has become my second family, it has opened doors for me that I have never thought were possible”, she said. Brenda is highly regarded by the team and clients – always going the extra mile making sure that posters are printed and dispatched for flighting as a matter of urgency. Supported by Primedia Outdoor, Brenda is one of the many staff members to get an opportunity to upskill their talents over the years, attending numerous training courses and workshops.

In 2003 Primedia Outdoor empowered operational staff working at the company to establish 8 dedicated teams and independent contractors across the country to manage operational processes in the different regions. They were assisted in starting their own companies and entered into service agreements with Primedia Outdoor. Today Primedia Outdoor continues to work together with these independent contractors to deliver outstanding service to all stakeholders and ensure our structures are always maintained to high standards. 

Talent has played a major role with the digitisation of Primedia Outdoor’s inventory over the years. Primedia Outdoor values the global affiliations it has with Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and World Out-of-Home Organisation (WOO) formerly known as FEPE ensuring that we are on top of global trends, innovation and best practices. With the powerful use of technological innovations and exceptional locations across all markets, Primedia Outdoor is positioned as a dynamic Digital Out-of-Home expert after being nominated in the Top 3 in the world for an international technology innovation award from the World Out-of-Home Organisation in 2019. Primedia Outdoor delivers intelligent, targeted and seamless offerings going so far as to integrate Out-of-Home, with Radio and Social Media renewing/establishing a new connectedness by creating interactive and engaging multi-channel campaign. Environmental triggers on all digital formats bring weather-based context to your message. Live feeds keep consumers in the know when they are on the go. Demographic triggered advertising in Malls ensures direct placement of campaigns to the intended audience. It is paramount to Primedia 

Outdoor and its talent stays on top of global digitisation, to ensure we remain a formidable contender in the media and communication industry. 

For 25 years, Primedia Outdoor has had the privilege of working closely with brands and clients, media agencies, local municipalities, as well as landlords, who have collectively contributed to the success of the company. The Primedia Outdoor team wishes to express gratitude to all the valued clients and stakeholders, for trusting the company to be the Out-of-Home media provider of choice, delivering on high-impact locations and innovative media and advertising solutions. Dave Roberts further expressed his appreciation, “Primedia Outdoor wishes to say “Thank You” to everyone involved in making our business a successful Out-of-Home media company. We look forward to continued collaboration and shared successes in the future”.










The Benefits Of Bulletin Billboards

You are probably already familiar with the use of billboards, but bulletin billboards may be an unfamiliar term to you. Bulletin billboards are the largest types of billboards used for advertising and display. They are typically found next to busy roadways and highways, and their size makes them easy to read from different distances and angles. The location and placement of the billboard are also vital to maximise visibility.

The first bulletin (or large-format billboard) was created in 1835 in the USA to advertise the arrival of a circus. The visibility that it created was so successful that bulletin billboards became quite commonly used practically anywhere around the world by the late 1860s. Until then, there were no standard sizes when it came to billboards, and advertisers leased and sized billboards according to the client specifications. Later they realised that it is a lot easier and cheaper to build standard sized frames and to display posters sized to these frameworks, instead of creating new posters and frameworks for every billboard.

In the beginning, bulletin billboards were hand painted. Nowadays they are created with computer graphics and printed on large PVC sheets that are pulled over the existing billboard frames. Advertisers will usually charge the clients for the location and the billboard, and the prices of bulletin billboards vary according to these factors. A smaller billboard in a prominent location with a lot of traffic may often cost more than a bulletin billboard in a less conspicuous spot.

One of the fun things that can create extra impact when using bulletin billboards is that an image can be extended over the top of the board. This means that the image, for instance, the front end of an aeroplane going upwards, can stick out above the billboard to make look as if it is taking off. These extensions usually must be built by hand, however, and there are limits in terms of the sizes one can use. They are usually expensive to put together, but they create highly effective visual displays.

The benefits that bulletin billboards offer include the following:

  • Their sizes make them highly visible, so they get noticed.
  • A marketing message, promotion, product or brand can effectively be promoted by choosing the correct locations for the brand.
  • The return on investment is higher than most other forms of advertising.
  • The initial capital layout is relatively cheap, and the billboard can be leased/hired on a flexible basis (depending on the contract with the agency).
  • You can have your message moved to another bulletin billboard to capture a new audience.

Industry Pioneer Mike Tyquin Celebrates 60th Anniversary In The Industry

FEPE International announces 2019 Awards winners

International Out of Home Association FEPE International has announced the winners of its 2019 Awards, presented at its annual Congress in Dubai on May 2.

 Creative Awards

 These are awarded in two categories: Classic and Digital.

 The Classic Award goes to Mexican beer brand Corona for its UK campaign for World Oceans Day,  a “Wave of Waste” sculpture at London’s Old Street Roundabout. Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Vizeum and Posterscope  organised a special build on Primesight’s Domination site.

 The Digital Award goes jointly to Clear Channel Sweden for its Stockholm Out of Home Project and the Open University Netherlands for its Platform College tour.

 Working with Prime Weber Shandwick, Clear Channel’s screens delivered real time messages for Stockholm’s homeless, advising them of their nearest emergency shelters. 

The Open University ran a rail platform campaign, through agency ZIGT and Exterion Media Netherlands, which was displayed to travellers ten minutes before their train arrived.

 FEPE International Executive Director John Ellery says: “These campaigns demonstrate the wide range of benefits Classic and Digital OOH bring to advertisers. The Corona campaign brilliantly highlights a key social issue in a powerful and dramatic way while the Out of Home and Platform campaigns illustrate the flexibility and dynamism of modern Digital OOH. 

The Runners-up in the Classic category were McDonald’s Canada in second place, with its Follow the Arches campaign, and Australia’s Outdoor Media Association in third place with a bold corporate promotion based on neurological science inviting Australian consumers to “Look Up.” 

Runner-up in the Digital category was Ocean Outdoor with its Armistice Centenary campaign for Westminster Council in London.

The FEPE Technical Innovation Award goes to Ocean Outdoor for its campaign Sky Rescue: the Ocean’s biggest threat, which triumphed after Congress delegates viewed presentations by three shortlisted entries and then voted for the winner. Ocean’s DOOH screens encouraged audiences walking past to identify the most menacing danger lurking in the oceans.

The runners-up were Exterion Media, for its transformation of London’s rail advertising estate including the live construction Crossrail environment, and Primedia Outdoor in South Africa, for its Road and Social Wall campaign.

 The FEPE International Leadership Award goes to Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor. Ocean Outdoor successfully re-listed on the London stock exchange and made a number of important acquisitions as well as pioneering advances in DOOH technology.

 The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Randy Otto, the pioneering President of Pattison Outdoor Advertising Inc., Canada’s leading independent Out of home company. As well as building Pattison into Canada’s largest Out of Home media group, he has made an enormous contribution to the development of the medium in Canada.

 The Rising Star Award for Out of Home executives under 30 goes to Victoria Hirst, Senior International Marketing Manager of blowUP media UK, who has played an integral role in the annual increasing success of blowUP media over the past seven years.

Executive director Elllery says: “We are fortunate in Out of Home to play host to many outstanding individuals and Tim Bleakley, Randy Otto and Victoria Hirst exemplify this in their different ways.

“Technical Innovation is vital to the progress of the worldwide industry and all three of our finalists in this category show that the industry’s development is in capable hands.” 



ProActive™– a division of the Provantage Media Group – has appointed experienced sales professional Andre de Langeas its new Field Sales and SADC Manager.

De Lange has a strong background in merchandising, particularly in emerging markets, and has previously held senior positions at Bromor Foods and Mondelez International, the American multinational confectionery, food and beverage company, where he spent 26 years and left as the country managerresponsible for Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

This portfolio meant that De Lange was perfectly suited to his new role with ProActive™, which will require him to develop field sales in the emerging markets of South Africa and the broader SADC region.

“In South Africa the market is more mature, but generally there is plenty of potential in all of the SADC countries,” says De Lange. “Fortunately, I have a good understanding of this market and how traders, wholesalers and spaza shops operate, making this a great opportunity for me and for ProActive™ to grow its presence and market share in the region.”

ProActive™ has recognized that in order to achieve these objectives in the SADC region, it has to have a significant presence on the ground, and to this end launched its Field Sales offering in 2018.

It also launchedRoute to Market, which sees ProActive™take products to areas previously not reached by traditional merchandisers. Through a turnkey strategy,ProActive™ stocks shelves, provides branding and trained brand ambassadors to promote the service or product, follows up with the shop owners, and restocks. Furthermore, in order to generate and support sales,ProActive™ implements experiential marketing campaigns such as Shoppa Shows™to further engage with consumers when they are most open to marketing messages.

“In the SADC countries a large portion of the population lives in rural areas and they don’t have the means to regularly visit urban areas to make purchases,” says De Lange. “So, those companies willing to make the investment and devote resources to getting their products to these consumers are best-placed to score and earn market share.”

Further to that, De Lange believes ProActive™ has its timing right, in terms of beefing up its SADC offering, with many multinationals now looking at growth in emerging markets.

“In order to get field sales working well, there needs to be a defined structure and this is where ProActive™ will play a vital role,” says De Lange. “It’s important to know what other countries have to offer, where the population is concentrated, what consumers need, and what type of products they want to buy.”

What sets ProActive™apart from other field sales providers is that research happens on the ground, as much as it does in the office. “While the traditional way of doing research has its place in terms of product development, the marketing and sales of the product needs to directly correlate with what is happening on the ground and this is where ProActive™has a unique advantage – team members have a deep, direct understanding of the markets they work with, and the aim is to develop this considerably,” continues De Lange.

De Lange’s appointment says much about ProActive™ and its desire to grow its footprint, expand its offering, and offer its tailor-made solution to brands in new markets.

Alliance Media partners with the Heart Marathon 2019 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

The Heart Marathon is organised to help children who are suffering from heart problems, and currently there are 512 children waiting to undergo heart operations at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JCI).

The Alliance Media Tanzania team not only provided financial support, but helped to create awareness for the Marathon which took place on Sunday April 28thin Dar es Salaam with over 3,000 runners.

“Supporting a charity that provides heart surgeries to children in Tanzania, allows us to make a difference that could not have been done without the support of our valued customers” says Greg Benatar, the Sales and Marketing Director at Alliance Media.

The Alliance Media Tanzania team were also proud to have put on their running shoes for a good cause.

Primedia Outdoor nominated for the FEPE International Technology and Innovation Award

Primedia Outdoor was nominated as one of the top three out-of-home media owners for the Technology and Innovation Award at FEPE International’s 60th Anniversary Congress, which took place in Dubai from 1 to 3 May 2019, with the theme of this year’s congress being ‘The Fame Game’. The FEPE International Congress is an essential event for the global out-of-home industry, recognising key players and technical developments changing the out-of-home landscape.
The three contenders, Exterion Media, Ocean Outdoor and Primedia Outdoor, were given the opportunity to present their technical innovation and for the first time this year, the winner of the FEPE International Technology and Innovation Award was chosen by delegates attending the annual congress.
Showcasing their ‘Immediate Integration of Other Media Platforms with DOOH’, Primedia Outdoor is at the forefront of harnessing new technologies and reimagining how marketers can effectively engage audiences through their latest technical innovative product offering, Social Wall and Radio-to-Road:

  • The Social Wall offering demonstrates the synergy of social media and digital out-of-home as an ideal pairing for an interactive and engaging multi-channel campaign, whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms to be displayed onto Primedia Outdoor’s digital out-of-home assets. This fully automated digital technical innovation serves to prove the immediacy and interactive capability of digital out-of-home.
  • Radio-to-Road, in collaboration with Primedia Broadcasting, is a first-to-market innovation. This offering is a powerful multi-channel solution that synchronises audio and visual channel to enhance the impact of advertising communication, by delivering both an audio and a visual advert for the same campaign, simultaneously. The synchronised process is fully automated through Primedia’s highly advanced media management system.

“It is an incredible achievement to have been selected as one of the top three nominees for this year’s Technical and Innovation Award,” said Dave Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of Primedia Outdoor.

“It serves to confirm that Primedia Outdoor is on par with global standards for technical innovation. We continuously strive to push boundaries to deliver engaging and memorable out-of-home campaigns, fuelled by technology,” he added.

Primedia Outdoor wishes to congratulate Ocean Outdoor for being selected as the winner of the Technology and Innovation Award at the 2019 FEPE International Annual Congress. Ocean Outdoor was voted the winner for their ‘Ocean Rescue’ technical innovation. Furthermore, we would like to thank FEPE International for the opportunity to showcase our initiatives at the 60th FEPE Annual Congress.

Face First Media enters the DOOH arena with its first Digital LED sign at the King Shaka International Airport

Face First Media has just completed the installation of its first Digital LED sign that would officially go live the beginning of May 2019. “This gateway sign was tactically chosen as preeminent launching pad of our planned digital footprint in South Africa. The sign is strategically placed at the main entrance to the King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) and exhumes a sense of gravitas that would offer our clients superior digital exposure, Stevan Wilken, Face First Media’s Managing Director enthusiastically explains.”


Perhaps not surprising as KSIA was recently announced as South Africa’s fastest growing airport. As reported in the Kwazulu-Natal Daily News of 19 January 2019, the soaring international numbers, together with strong domestic passenger growth of more than 6% for 2018, saw KSIA retaining its position as South Africa’s fastest growing major airport for a second year. Almost 5.9 million domestic and international passengers were handled during 2018, of which 372,543 were passengers flying on international routes. As reported, the new non-stop service between London’s Heathrow International Airport and Durban, introduced by British Airways in October 2018, appears to have been the key driver for the double digit growth in international passengers.


“We believe the critical mass of this fast growing transportation hub offers the perfect springboard to introduce digital media into the broader KZN market. There is endless opportunity for creativity, localisation and relevance which is not always possible with static displays. As the technology becomes more immersed in the next few years we could expect it to become even more impressive when paired with other modern technologies such as facial or number plate recognition that could start showcasing the dynamic matching of content to demographics”, Stevan pointedly emphasises. “Perhaps by integrating weather data, these digital signs could host campaigns that change content depending on whether it’s sunny or raining”.


“We are excited to be part of a leading group of media owners pioneering the phasing in of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in South Africa. At a time when traditional advertising is often seen as a nuisance, the introduction of DOOH becomes an even more attractive proposition. Contrary to at-home or online advertising, there is no way for the targeted audience to skip the ad, use an ad-blocker, or change the contents of the screen. We believe the new Gateway Digital LED Sign at the King Shaka International Airport is more likely to be noticed and will ensure that media campaigns get its full playthrough and persuasive punch”, Stevan Wilken concludes.


Primedia Outdoor and Coca-Cola take creative execution to another level in Zambia

Primedia Outdoor continues to push boundaries in Sub-Saharan Africa after recently joining forces with soft drink giant, Coca-Cola, to install a 12 meter-high bottle in Lusaka, Zambia, as part of its strategy to drive innovation and create impact within the market.


“Our ultimate intention is to dominate and break through the advertising clutter in Lusaka’s inner city, achieving top-of-mind brand awareness in the biggest way possible. We always strive for innovation across all media platforms including OOH. This is one of the biggest innovative executions in Zambia, providing an opportunity to target one of the busiest nodes in the city”, Shem Oluchiri, Media Manager of Coca Cola ECAF said. He added that, “Collaborating with Primedia Outdoor goes to show our confidence in their capability to deliver exciting and impactful billboard campaigns”.


Located on the busy, four-lane Kafue Road, this massive structure is made up of steel – welded directly onto a structural upright of Primedia Outdoor’s billboard. Commuters traveling into and out of the city will be met by this larger-than-life structure, creating spectacular impact. Tamara van Eeckhoven, COO of Primedia Outdoor (Rest of Africa) said, “We take pride in delivering memorable campaigns that come with rich brand experience and appealing creative execution for our clients. The dominance offered by this structure entrenches brand presence and momentously provides greater visual stand-out, particularly in a competitive market like Lusaka”.


This campaign significantly raises the profile of Primedia Outdoor as a market leader in Africa’s Out-of-Home space, through its comprehensive portfolio of traditional and digital advertising solutions. With an impressive coverage across nine African markets, Primedia Outdoor has positioned itself as a strong media business, delivering high-impact locations and products to increase market reach and execute cost-effective campaigns for brands.