In two separate incidents over the past months officials of SANRAL and officials of eThekwini Municipality took the law into their own hands and started removing advertising structures belonging to two outdoor companies. These illicit removals were recently stopped by the courts.

As long ago as 2002 a full bench of the KZN High Court ruled that city officials may not remove advertising structures without a court order.  In the case of African Billboard Advertising (Pty) Ltd v North and South Central Local Councils, Durban the  High Court ruled that:

“The principle applies equally to the rights of public bodies such as municipalities or provincial councils or any similar bodies, and even to State Departments. Individual members of a State Department normally cannot, in the interest of their Department, take the law into their own hands and enforce State rights without the State having made use of the assistance of its judicial Department in order to help it to acquire possession of property to which the State may be entitled.”

In December 2017 officials of the eThekwini Municipality took the law into their own hands and started removing billboards of Strawberry without a court order. This was despite an interdict awarded to Strawberry prior to the removal. eThekwini went back to court to have the interdict discharged without notifying Strawberry and then continue with the removal before they were interdicted again on 23 December where the court granted a temporary order. On 19 February 2018, the matter was again before the court and the interdict was made permanent. The said billboards were all on Provincial Roads and was installed in terms of approvals granted by the KZN Provincial Government.

In 2018 SANRAL followed the same unlawful behaviour where they start braking down billboards on bridges that belong to the municipality of Ekurhuleni who also approved the said advertising structures. The outdoor company was Jinja Outdoor who obtained an urgent temporary interdict against SANRAL on Saturday 3 February 2018 in the South Gauteng High Court.

There are more complex legal issues at stake like jurisdiction etc but this type of behaviour will not be tolerated by the courts. Both parties indicated that they have suffered substantial damages to their structures as well as the loss of advertising revenue and they are obtaining legal advice with the view of suing the state entities for damages. If such damages are to be granted by court it would be borne by the us, the taxpayers.

Golf Ads™ implements campaign for Garmin Approach S60

Golf Ads™ recently implemented a campaign for the launch of the new Garmin golf watch – the Approach S60 – making innovative use of the traditional clocks on the golf course. The creative was adapted to include the golf clock face into the design and engaged with golfers in a non-intrusive fashion every time they approached the medium. 
Taking frequency of play and high dwell-time into account, the campaign targeted an affluent market directly interested in golf accessories and wearable technology. Creatively, it illustrated the virtue of tailoring creative to fit seamlessly and relevantly with a consumer touchpoint; driving engagement and recall, and creating desire for the product.  
Johan Scholtz, spokesperson for Golf Ads™ says: “The golf course offers an environment that is free of advertising clutter, making it ideal for brands that want to launch a new product without having to compete for attention. Furthermore, brands are not restricted in terms of which formats to use, in fact the environment is ideal for multiplatform campaigns that reach both golfers and non-golfers alike.”

Primedia Outdoor extends branding opportunities in the heart of Harare

In continuous efforts to develop new media opportunities for marketers, Primedia Outdoor has recently erected five innovative Prime Towers on the main highways leading into and out of the CBD of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare has a major population of 1.56 million people – making it the most populous city in Zimbabwe with a diversity of economic activities (World Population Review, 2018). Along with increasing urbanisation, these Prime Towers are perfectly located to extend the opportunity to reach large numbers of consumers and audiences on the move.

To reach the highest traffic of consumers, these enormous 4 sided sites are located within the commercial hubs of the city. Encircled by retailers, restaurants, banks, car dealerships and informal markets, these sites play an essential role in the path to purchase. The dominance offered by Prime Towers carry the capacity to entrench brand presence on the major arterials and are free to passers-by with an increased frequency of consumer exposure.

In essence, these five panels are separately sited in Rainbow Towers (paired), Simon Mazorodze(paired), Dieppe Road(paired), Msasa and Borrowdale to act as brand sentries covering the main entrances and exits to the CBD.

“As Primedia Outdoor, we have decided to bring an advertising format that has never been used before in Zimbabwe to give marketers a new platform to communicate and tell a story. Most importantly, we have placed some of these spectacular towers in pairs to dominate the intersections and create innovation in the market. These structures have a wide appeal and you can communicate a variety of products and services on them”, said Naeem Karbelkar, the GM for Primedia Outdoor in Zimbabwe.


13 Billboards Call Out How Much Money Politicians Got From The NRA

On the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School mass shooting in Littleton, Colorado, billboards posted on roadsides across the country let local residents know how much money their lawmakers have accepted from the National Rifle Association.

On Friday, grassroots gun reform group Survivors Empowered launched a campaign called “30 Billboards Outside Cowardly Incumbents,” inspired by the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” The group bought ad space on 13 billboards in nine states, from California to Iowa to Alabama, and are fundraising for 17 more. Each sign lists the name of a local member of Congress and how much money they’ve received from the gun lobby group.

The campaign is meant to highlight the influence of the gun lobby on lawmakers and put pressure on members of Congress to cut ties with the NRA and pass gun control legislation.

The NRA spends millions each year on lobbying and campaigns in an effort to get pro-gun lawmakers elected and gun control legislation blocked. In 2016, the NRA invested $30 million in Trump’s presidential campaign and at least $20 million in GOP Senate campaigns, according to an audit obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Many Americans really don’t understand how the NRA works and controls politicians. People ask how come they won’t stand up and do something. Well, because the NRA is in their pockets,” said Survivors Empowered founder Sandy Phillips, whose 24-year-old daughter was killed in the 2012 mass shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

“We’re not afraid of the NRA,” she added. “What can they take from us? They’ve already taken our daughter.”

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Nour Raad back to the team!

Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce the return of Nour Raad to their Cape Town branch.

“With over eight years’ experience in the OOH sector and having worked for Tractor previously, we are extremely proud to have someone like Nour back at Tractor. We know that he will contribute tremendously to the development team, especially when considering what is in the pipeline,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Nour was employed as Western Cape Sales Manager at Havaianas for the last two years. Prior to that he gained significant OOH experience from his time as a Development Executive at Primedia.

He has built great relationships over his time in the media field and has comprehensive experience in working with property owners, landlords and councils. His overall thorough knowledge of OOH and development will be vital to the team going forward and he will fit right in with the Tractor family

Outdoor Network turn heads with new Digital billboard

Outdoor Network has unveiled its 3x6m rotating digital billboard at the intersection of Hendrik Verwoerd and John Vorster Drives in Centurion, Tshwane.  The roadside digital billboard forms part of Outdoor Network’s expanding national digital network rollout. The launch further enhances the ability of advertisers, at the flick of a switch, to implement a national digital Out of Home campaign across the entire network, with immediacy and great flexibility in terms of creative execution.

The network sees brands being offered a range of strategically positioned, digital sites delivering high-impact, high-recall advertising within geographically targeted environments.  Out of Home provides super-high-frequency, with significant exposure to traffic, which is enhanced in this case by the innovative technology where the billboard structure rotates, aligned to traffic flow and density, to maximise visibility and exposure for advertisers.

Strategically positioned, the LED billboard is expected to reach an audience of over 100 000 consumers. With a frequency rate of 12, the site will deliver more than 1.1m impacts every month (ROAD, 2016C). An ideal site for advertisers looking to communicate with targeted upper income consumers from across Gauteng and beyond.

With twenty-percent of the households in Centurion earning in excess of R600k annually, it is no surprise that the approximately 236,000 residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to retail and leisure options.  Centurion Mall, Mall@Reds, Centurion Lifestyle Centre and a host of upmarket motor vehicle dealers among others are all situated within the area.

As a result of its ideal geographical position for business and leisure, it is a regular destination point for many consumers, business people and casual visitors. Centurion’s host of corporate offices, business premises, retail outlets and regular major cricket matches attract a large number of non-residents virtually non-stop. Many of these visitors inevitably pass through the area surrounding the key mall and business destinations at the intersection of the N1 Freeway and Centurion Mall precinct where the new digital billboard is positioned.

Says Patrick de Robillard, Outdoor Network’s Head of Sales, Billboards: “The effectiveness of Out of Home is well documented, and now research is available that shows that Digital Out of Home delivers even greater impact and recall.  We’re excited about the launch of our 3×6 rotating digital billboard in the Centurion area as it positioned in the heart of one the most economically active and dynamic areas within Gauteng.”

Augmenting Activations through Digital

Peter KohlÖffel of ProActive™ explains that with the trend towards bigger, better and more integrated activations campaigns, digital interaction is evolving to become a critical element in the campaign mix.

Over the past decade, activations have become an exceedingly more integrated part of the overall mix. The trend towards consumers wanting face to face interaction, direct contact and experience with a brand and word of mouth is still on the rise. There is also little wonder that there is a direct correlation between this trend and the growth of digital marketing – consumers want interaction that is personal, they want to feel that the information they receive has been created and packaged especially for them. As part of this arc, consumers want tangible experiences that are digitally integrated.

There are many reasons for this.

Marketers are looking to maximize the big investments they’re making in experiences, and having a digital campaign running alongside the activations component can significantly extend reach, not only in engaging more of the target market but in extending the life of the campaign – it can live on for days, weeks or months after the experience has ended in the real world.

It also provides the opportunity to capture data, giving the brand a clearer picture of their audience and also a means to stay in contact with them.

Some brands may be digital to begin with, for example the Kick Off app, so their objectives are directly related to measurements – how many consumers downloaded the app, how many transactions were made and the like.

As touched on earlier, personalization is huge and is only going to become more important in terms of engaging with a desired audience. Also, what is being shared on social media – think Facebook, twitter, Instagram Pinterest, YouTube – is also becoming an increasingly important element of quotidian life.

Photograph and video sharing has already gained enormous traction and will continue in this vein. Videos and, even better, personalized videos will ensure that the brand activation experience is shared and experienced by those who could not engage with it in one particular environment – be it at a mall, an event, a concert or in-store.  A brilliant example of this is the Base Camp campaign implemented by National Geographic. The brand extended the Base Camp experience into social by making incredibly high quality videos for their attendees. Each attendee walked away with a unique biography in video format that could be utilized on their personal website or shared via social media. Which they did and to great success.

The integration of digital helps to make in-store purchasing and decision-making more efficient and pleasurable for the customer. This works especially well with electronics and products that need face to face interaction with the customer to explain how it works as well as its benefits and unique selling points. The activation needs to be seamless with brand ambassadors highly skilled and knowledgeable win terms of brand and product. Think the selling of the latest iPhone or iPad in tech and appliance stores.

The Take Out

There is a trend towards more integrated activations, with highly creative ideas that live on within the digital sphere. Brands need to take cognizance of the higher levels of personalization that consumers seek, and ensure that they are ‘communicating’ with their target market in a personalized, multi-platformed environment.

For more information on how ProActive™ can implement integrated campaigns for your brand, contact Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or or go to

Relativ excited to announce Katja Wellen as Sales Account Manager

Relativ Media is proud to announce that Katja Wellen has joined the team and will be taking on the role of Sales Account Manager. Katja will be responsible for managing a large portfolio of national and multinational brands, growing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and providing strategic sales solutions within the Relativ Media Group.

Born for the media industry, Katja is a passion fuelled, self-proclaimed fashionista, positivity ambassador and Pringle lover. She stated that, “I’ve spent the past three years in an energetic environment that has offered me many learning experiences and a platform to develop wonderful business relationships. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.”

Relativ Media’s Andrew Cooper is both proud and excited to welcome Katja Wellen to the Relativ Media team. “We are already enjoying the positive effects of Katja’s drive and intuition in the business and are excited to watch her career grow within the Group,” he says.

Relativ Media is a dynamic out-of-home media business covering a national footprint across both the urban and a broader demographic landscape.

Builders Warehouse books Oasis Digital Platform

Oasis is delighted to have its first booking from the Massmart group on its digital platform, with the booking we received from Builders Warehouse.

The bright yellow and clean creative is showing up beautifully on our digital screens and with a Builders bound to be close to our sites, we expect them to achieve great results. As we offer free creative changes, we expect the client to start using the medium for short tactical promotions as and when these happen.

The booking was negotiated by Tasneem Martin of Oasis Digital Networks.

Mera Hoardings launched the world’s first Billboard booking mobile App

Mera Hoardings launched the world’s first Billboard booking mobile App compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices at an international level. Multiple billboard companies and Outdoor Agencies can set up their own marketplace all over the globe at an ease. World badminton champion Ms. Carolina Marin inaugurated the multi-vendor mobile app at Hyderabad, India; is an Indian Outdoor Advertising online booking company eminent for innovation since 2015.

Pumping up in an Out of Home Advertising industry, Mera Hoardings introduced the world’s foremost billboard booking mobile app compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices. The word revolution is a bit overused these days, but it’s fair to say that the possibilities explored by Mera Hoardings. Outdoor Advertising online booking systems are far-reaching. Indian Outdoor Advertising AD-Space’s online booking platform launched in December 2015. It has been growing with tremendous development since its origination and expanding business worldwide. Today Mera Hoardings is India’s major outdoor promotion online marketplace company, operating in 20 states with a broad assortment of 30,000-plus Billboards/Hoardings across 15000-plus diverse vendors.